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Vast empty spaces

On the moon, the planets

In oceans and deserts

Mountains that stand alone

Forests of Canada and Siberia,

Ice masses north and south that run on forever.

One soul bows low under great stress

Alone at work,

Alone at home or on the street

Financial, physical, emotional pressures

Heart desires unfulfilled,

Needs and dreams never to be realized.

In the end the head is barely lifted

Weak hands difficult to raise

Lips move, a voice quivers

Desperate prayers go out somehow, somewhere,

At the lowest moment

Face in the filthy dust of this world,

Helpless, no hand to grasp;

Then, suddenly comfort streams down

Love revealed from the only One who cares,

Who is able to care

Shalom in abundance for another child rushes down from above.

Encouragement that really works,

True encouragement that lifts and fills a life

Places another human life upon a high Rock,

Eyes begin to see very far 

Rebirth in wisdom and peace flood the being,

Eternal purpose rides high

Strength to stand fearlessly at last

As a man, as a woman,

Strength to stand in the earth winds

Strength to face the heat or cold

Strength to stand and live fully in supernatural faith.