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Temptations wash back and forth,

Of unbelief

Disobedience in the face of discouragement

In the face of failings in life

The rampant worldly disappointments

Crosscurrents of confusion and empty words of man,

Temporary fruit of this world never able to satisfy

Hunger remains hunger,

Gnaws deeply into the heart and  soul;

People of the world devour one another.

Trust becomes a fatal challenge

Right thinking slippery and illusive

Prayers call out but are often unanswered

Until finally the heart overcomes

And truly repents in submission,

And once more finds Kingdom fellowship before the Throne of righteousness.

Human weakness always weak

Strength from above alone sustains the will

Carries with Spirit wings, true encouragement

Brings through the flood of troubles.

The hard world grows even harder

People of this world bitter and cruel,

Yet, the protected few remain as at Goshen;

In the ark of God’s care

We move forward one day at a time

One small step at a time,

The vision that burns warmly within as zeal of perseverance

Compels the love that endures

Inspires the peace that remains Rock solid

Hope more than alive in a world already dead.