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A clear voice calls into our desert world

Yet, most only hear the howling wind

And feel the searing heat

A lizard scoots here and there,

A few snakes and scorpions, others as well

So many plants with all kinds of thorns await us;

Mysteries of their survival revealed

A way to stay alive eventually made known.

Every expression of truth

Every reflection of true life

Waits quietly with eternal patience,

While each soulful traveler trudges along

Barren hard ground stretches to the horizon

Wind and water shaped rocks tower oddly,

Cactus and the toughest of shrubs, stunted trees

Scrub grass and small rocks scattered with sun bleached sand;

Thirst drives the will towards near desperation

And perhaps the noble pursuit at last of what only can satisfy.

Footsteps follow many winding trails,

Many seemingly lead in pointless circles,

Others crisscross in the vast wastelands;

Distant mountains always distant,

Numerous bones found scattered about

Mixed with fallen dreams,

The waste of desire and imaginations and purpose.

A lone bird moves high in the sky

As another question goes unanswered

Unasked by a heart so very dry and weak;

But that Voice still speaks

A word goes out in steadfastness

Just as the sky above and the earth below,

A Living Word still reaches out

To any who will listen.