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In the end

When money runs out

And friendships disappear

Those once close now far away,

As the last heart beat

The last breath draws near, loneliness haunts,

Nothing in this world is left;

What remains

What transcends human understanding

Surpasses all human knowledge,

Only Divine love remains rooted in the heart

As a supernatural seed

The love of God poured freely within an empty earth vessel,

Spirit knowledge of the holy words written

Given as food and drink to carry on

To burst through the veil, the constant shadow of death all about,

The temporary false reality that swallows whole.

Messiah’s peace lifts us up as Abel

Fulfills the deepest yearning

Desire that consumes the inner spirit,

Need to know the Living God- our Creator, our Father.

Yeshua who walked this earth, His earth

Yeshua who is able to lead the first fruit of His flock in triumph

In fearlessness through this new garden path of life;

To know Him

To truly know His eternal words expressed by His Spirit

Majestic life that experiences the depth and height of the cross of redemption

And emerges through suffering always newer and brighter.

Glory fills in foretaste

Body of death as a seed planted

Soul and spirit spring up into new life revealed

Even when Adam and Eve looked upon Seth;

As the new promised day dawns on our new earth

A different Light radiates from Mount Zion

Glory from Israel’s Jerusalem

The city of beautiful truth

The city of most beautiful love.