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From the beginning

Always in the Holy Presence

Before the Throne of the Almighty,

Servants of Light

These many compelled by God’s love.

The Angel of the Lord stands among the trees,

A lush forest on earth spread far and wide

Tallest Redwoods, great Sequoias

Oaks in the distance, a planting of the Lord;

Righteousness springs up from the hard ground

In the North, in the Tropics and in the South,

As a Heavenly firm kiss on the lips,

Loving kindness of our God of mercy!

Often through the touch of an angel

His messengers of joy,

Workers of the Kingdom above 

Through these many who descend and ascend

Even as Jacob’s ladder above ancient Israel.

The purest stream has become a crystal torrent that rumbles and thunders

Rises more than the Nile

Flood upon our desert world

Bone dry and lined with cracks of thirst about its many lips;

Soon, Evergreens impossible to count

Elms and Sycamores where there were none,

Willows and Cottonwoods and exotic more,

Even two special Olive trees.

Garden Earth to become a garden of delight once more

Filled with an abundance of children;

Angels everywhere to help sow and till and reap,

The fruit of their great labors

A glorious basket of fruitfulness offered in sacrificial love

Spread with gladness adorned with both sublime and  exquisite flowers

Placed before the only Throne.

Then, a mighty warrior, powerful Michael stands

A sword drawn for the enemies of Israel within and all about,

The entire earth trembles and quakes

At the voice of his shouts of authority.