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Flower planter,

Seeds scattered near and far

With most tender hands

A love shown for the earth and its ways;

Natural beauty unfolds as varied petals

In rich dark colors

Secret fruit discovered

Ripe fruit good for food

Lovely to the eye,

The wonder of planting and harvest

Delight of a well watered garden.

Pleasures of such abundant beauty, a joy to hold near

Satisfaction found in simple things, in simple ways

A treasure that always remains at hand.

How often we stumble

How often the peace we seek,

The inner rest slips through anxious hands

Hearts and minds distracted by so many things;

Worry eats through as hungry worms

Snails munch away, grasshoppers devour as a hoard,

Anxiety over what we do not control

The grasp for worldly wealth and fame but a snare.

Gladness waits patiently

To take your hand in sincere kindness

To stroll together in the evening coolness

Through a natural garden of delight,

With supernatural beauty the Earth is revealed at every turn

Kingdom fruit trees with heavy branches

Vines full of large grapes,

Berries fat in the bright light,

Thimble berries and Himalayan blackberries, blueberries and strawberries

Flowers all about that seem to sing to us

A song of continual gratefulness

Songs of thanksgiving for being alive,

For being completely awake to our good destiny,

For existing in such a wonderful place made for all of us,

Fully awake for such a time as this

The aroma, the strong scent of divine revelation in the peaceful winds

That calm and soothe the soul.