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The warmest, the strongest embrace

Most soothing, gentle caresses

Satisfaction complete in absolute tenderness

Fulfillment in lasting strength of comfort,

In the very moment when the heart and mind realize

When the soul is purely covered with the most beautiful blanket

When eternal Sabbath rest settles in revelation deeply within the spirit

True freedom is born once more;

The revelation of Divine love has just begun,

A relationship of righteous love dances about

In purest displays of worship

In delightful expressions of joy

Praise songs, a fountain of youthful movements

Honor wonderfully birthed within,

Even as Mary at her Lord’s feet that day

Looking and listening

Love’s intensity reflected in her eyes

Drinking in experiences without words to quicken understanding

Adoring and so quiet before the Holy One,

Mysterious Lover of her soul.

All she ever longed for

Everything she ever yearned for

Peace and fullness and true shalom;

Every possible provision

Every true need simply unfolded in a living, precise moment of eternity

Source of creation always before eyes that can see

Ears fully opened to hear

All soon to be revealed

All soon to be made known, as she was known

Rest and peace in glorious vision,

Israel’s King of destiny and High Priest of foreknowledge

Clearly before them all,

Seated in splendor on His majestic Jerusalem throne.