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Who has listened

Has truly heard

With open minds and tender hearts,

Very few, very few indeed;

Lies are worshiped everywhere

Greedy liars prosper and are exulted

Politicians, business people, entertainers and actors…

Bitter for sweet, sweet for bitter

Darkness and light both the same.

Words of truth clothed the earth from the beginning

Bathed the Earth in Light before the sun and moon,

Every nation, every tribe, all creation as a witness

In personal accountability,

The eternal power and divine nature resonates, and resounds,

As Heavenly trumpets sounded loudly

Countless holy angels in joyful singing

Celebrate Messiah who walked the Earth.

Human nature proudly demands work,

To earn money, to lift up a personal trophy,

Crowns human effort as the highest ideal,

Daily striving for bread and what does not satisfy!

Everyone who truly listens

Who  listens to the Heavenly Father of all

And hears Him within

Is drawn to the only worthy Shepherd,

Lord of Life who can lead us

Who brings us safely home, His home,

Eternal shelter, eternal warmth

Eternal bread and drink

And the final rest our hearts crave, our souls seek.

Songs of beauty flow through the atmosphere as tender breezes

Joyful songs of freedom’s Spirit wind

Even freedom for every little bird caught in an impossible snare;

Every child born who longs after the deepest mysteries of life, of existence

Who searches through the thick veil of human reason, intensely in every direction

Will finally discover the old, heavy veil in the ancient Jerusalem temple torn in two,

From top to bottom,

Holy of Holies an open door,

A majestic gate to a narrow road of God’s love

Revealed fully in the One who faithfully showed His loves for us all.