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The final page written

Listed names among many names

Even precious ones gathered

Before time, numbered and ordered

As the stars that move above

The eternal from before time began

From before the moon and sun 

All from the hand of Him who is the Beginning and the End

Sovereign power and spiritual wealth beyond measure;

Life revealed to mankind

The cruel veil of slavery lifted

Natural self exposed for what it is

Human effort, human nature completely fallen, bound to the earth.

Separation from the world stands at last in freedom,

Oneness from the God of Heaven

Power and authority

Love given to build up another

Love to survive and to prosper

Love that conquers the world,

Triumph is written in the heavens

Reflected in the stars in patterns displayed

Seen in the purity of holy angels;

Predestined mercy reigns in the knowledge of God

Our Father from whom all things come,

Our Lord Yeshua through whom all things come.

The Divine order has been Spirit sealed

Only true Gate thrown wide open

The One narrow road brightly lit

Those foreknown hear His Voice calling,

Sheep of delight follow their glorious Shepherd

All the way home.