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From the City of Truth

Life is spoken

Words of life spoken,

From the Holy Mountain

Words of life written

Spirit words of life written on my heart;

The gentle coo of a dove as a herald

Even while early morning birds move about

Quickly satisfying their hunger

Seeds and bugs and grasses, and more seeds.

The stream below the house runs swiftly

A few mallards carried quietly along,

The new sun rises brightly

Colors move across the sky,

A light wind stirs as a fresh breath of air.

The stress of yesterday melted wonderfully away

Words of the Spirit meditated upon

Thoughts of King David in his psalms

In soothing strokes of comfort,

Fresh encouragement rises with the sun

An inner warmth already satisfying.

What my spirit yearns for

What my soul constantly reminds-

Bread from Heaven greater than ancient manna;

True Bread from Heaven spoken and written and lived out,

The very life of Messiah indwells

Spirit that moved upon the lifeless waters

Moves upon my heart this very day as well.