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Birds sing in the trees

Clear and beautiful sounds

As a breath of refreshment in the heat of the day,

The wind blows from here to there

In gentleness, in soothing power,

Though we may not understand how or why,

But the One who reveals mysteries makes simple and clear,

How the air heats and cools, rises and falls

How the ocean currents steer,

The rotation of the earth, magnetic properties

Pull of gravity, pull of the moon

Effects of the nuclear sun

The effects of mankind on the earth;

And of the many hidden things

Some secrets spoken out loud

Even Holy Words, wise Words from the King

Miraculously settled in the quiet of a human heart

A soul newly at peace with creation,

At wonderful peace with the Creator.

One man speaks to another

A woman to a man, woman to woman,

Children laugh at play in the background;

Understanding flows in pleasant ripples

Happy eddies in full streams

Then short choppy falls, large bubbling falls, even massive torrents.

But the stream of the Lord flows purely

Moves from spirit to spirit,

Seen in the other’s bright, clear eyes,

Embraces each soul

Enlightens each mind

Clear, crystal and precise, clean and true

The living Words of His Spirit

And a new song bursts out in a heartbeat

In the blink of watchful eyes.