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Truth flashes on the edge of the sharpest sword,

Right balance in life

Even as the planets about the sun

The earth and moon in a precise, disciplined dance

Move steadfastly through determined cycles;

The stars all watch, both near and far away,

Celebrate with songs of worship.

A clear mind with self control

Divine character worked into a man’s life

Revelation of truth, the Creator and His creation

Including me;

Gift of understanding

Strength in wisdom to take hold

Courage to stand fearless till the end,

Confidence to praise even as many dark shadows move about

To pray and speak in love in the face of hatred

To walk the earth in true peace

When the world is filled with violence and those who love war.

Messiah’s love and peace keep a clear vision

Bright eyes with a fresh focus

Ears trained to hear the Holy Voice

Discern the quiet winds of the Spirit,

A gentle breeze in the midst of any storm.

Truth carries powerfully with golden covenant wings,

Things written, things spoken

All thunder with eternal power,

Shake heaven and earth once more

As a fruit tree shaken for the remaining good fruit

Then, consumes with unquenchable fire in the end,

Until the New Day dawns

And the Morning Star rises over His Jerusalem.

The newest Temple overflows with creative Light

Brightness of the King and His Kingdom

Precisely settled into perfection designed

Crown of all nations

Balanced perfectly, majestically

On the Royal Head of our High Priest.