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Many pretenders walk about

Arrogant in self confidence

The latest spiritual fad on their lips

Digital expressions of importance

Hunger for some control

Thirst for earthly fame and wealth;

Hypocrisy waits the final word

When the game is up

The cloud of deceit finally lifts

And the lies run out

As the Lord of truth stands up,

The “highest  Tower” above all

From the only Throne, power goes forth

The penetrating light of truth and love,

And in a blink of those fire eyes

The deceivers stand naked, completely exposed.

The weak and foolish followed as stray sheep

Eating strange bread, drinking false wine

Suddenly to see their own emptiness.

Hopefully a Godly shame and conviction and change

Bring all senses, all inner intuition home again in time

A chance to return to the first and only love

A rekindled discovery of pure and absolute foundational truth

To drink once more from Heaven’s cup of peace

To fully embrace confidence in the eternal hope anchored.

The pretenders continue to pretend

To spin as sorcerers

To control as witches or warlocks

Until their final step

As they fall headlong into the darkest, bottomless pit.