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Forgiveness in the stream of life

A constant flow of sacrificial love,

Bitterness blocks this peaceful flow

Steals what should be

Hardens the heart

Deadens the soul

Ties the goodness of life into merciless knots.

From the depth of the soul freedom cries out loud at last

Release from this unforgiving snare

Where the mind agitates

Emotions replay over and over,

What should have been, what could have been

Ugly twists of thoughts and emotions

Anger and doubts grip the will

Tears the limits of patience

Fear always looks over the shoulder

Resentment, anger, envy and worse,

The mind becomes clouded

Sensitivity dulled

Until a sudden cry to come back to your senses.

To faithfully weigh what is right

What carries lasting value in lasting Light

Truth in reality,

Family, friendships, love and comfort

Hearts that are near

Ones who care for you, who prayerfully carry you.

Bitterness is driven off as a wild dog,

Calm with a clear mind, quietly returns

Forgiveness shifts the dramatic balance

The heavy weight moves onto the other’s head,

Freedom returns in lighter steps

Confident steps of renewed assurance

Along a narrow path of familiar Spirit rest.