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“Come as a child”, the Voice commands,

No pretenses

Every vulnerability laid bare

Humility as the only simple clothing worn

Easy laughter, easy tears

A tender heart in a brutal world.

Complete trust and total dependence

As a small head cradled against the breast

A weaned child content

While a stream of comfort soothes

Certain strength lifts up in freedom

A small child in the arms of his parent

Even tossed into the clouds in joyful play;

Goodness carries throughout the day

Until the evening hugs

And toys and books and pillows,

Finally into the cozy bed of warmth and rest and stuffed animals.

How strong the foundation of true love,

A father’s presence always near

Mother’s love and faithfulness settled calmly;

Caring arms so very strong

In the face of dark shadows and sudden sounds,

The deep darkness and groaning over all the earth;

What choice remains

But to seek light that is truly light

Light from Heaven, enlightenment within

Light that is life in Messiah’s face, a glow, a radiance

Eyes that burn with holy love,

Eyes that look upon you while you sleep

Eyes of tenderness, gentleness

A pure heavenly jealousy just as walls of Spirit fire about Jerusalem.