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Rough hands of the world grab a white linen cloth

Toss the silver and gold embroidered robe about as a common rag

Something to clean the newest mess,

Wipe and smear the unclean things of the earth about;

Yet, one heart holds dear the heart of another

Most precious life given to each other

Soul and spirit to rise together in lasting beauty.

The depth of love sees the purity to come in clear vision,

Lifts up the lowly

Strengthens the wavering souls,

Many blown about by deceitful winds,

Takes hold of the weaker hand

With a most steady grip;

True love protects from the many snares

Pitfalls that face us all

Even undisciplined, wild youth

When passions of the flesh ruled

Rampant in reckless, thoughtless days.

Now, a man reaches tenderly for his woman in their bed of rest

A woman for her man

The pleasures of the fruit of commitment

Of confidence in faithful assurance

Of right love destined for each

The two become one in most delicate moments

Power surges in intimacy

Strength in love and life are honored in refreshing ways;

And the Creator is most satisfied.