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They stand on the very sword edge of hope

Courage rises to trust

Courage to walk away from this world’s system

And into the invisible waiting arms of eternal peace,

To flee Babylon, to separate from the world.

The God of Heaven who waits for the faithful few

Hand of tender love held out for all His children

Ones so desired, longed for

More than a man’s love for a wife and children

Love for family and friends.

The Divine love from God newly birthed within each;

The Kingdom veil suddenly torn open, forcefully lifted

Gate for the sheep thrown wide open

Deepest mystery of all creation simply made known,

A light that once glimmered off in the distance

Now clearly draws,

What the soul yearns for

Inner being, all that we are,

Creatures, each known from above from the beginning.

The mind thirsts, the heart hungers

As fresh intrigue, mysterious and confusing inner sense of eternity grasped for

The young live as if they hold “forever” in their hands,

The old anguish in the cold face of death seen

Yet, tragically, on his or her own

No one seeks the true Living God who saves!

But the once icy grip was thawed,

All thick ice in fact melted away

As a new unfading warmth covers with a priestly robe of royalty

True hope gave birth to even more hope,

Hope found in the only Faithful One

The One who towers high above all,

Even our very own mountain of reality

Climbed with such determined human effort,

Revelation, a spiritual mountain of riches, treasures to be experienced in this life

The essence and flaming purpose of our eternal being held out,

Ours to simply receive

Generous gift to begin to believe, then to embrace with grace

Abundant faith to celebrate in praise and thanksgiving

Our hope burns even more brightly within.