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Sleep as a wonderland of peace

Pleasant dreams given

As a warm blanket of true peace on the mind,

Like friendships that hold real value

Even as earth time flows along

The pull of gravity strong on the body;

Eternal rest within a soul lived out daily

Eternal Sabbath rest as truth reigns supreme

Words and deeds, thoughts and acts of Yeshua

More rock solid than the earth below

Longer lasting than the heavens above,

Life of Messiah, shalom at rest within each one

Even in the face of every possible stress

Every pretending fear,

The peace of His presence remains

True to His Name, true to His temple of love about us.

The rough jewels of our life on earth

Even in the clay bodies tried and tested

Heated repeatedly

Refined as silver, purified as gold,

In the end seen from the beginning

Faithfulness triumphs in the “land of the living”

Long ancient silver trumpets sound loudly, repeatedly

Dreams manifest in goodness, seen and even tasted,

Gentle ones hold out kind hands to all

As the just fulfillment in each being

Races towards their destiny.