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As the Lord of Heaven and Earth approaches

The land radiates, pulses with glory

Anything and everything unclean is consumed,

Holy fire leaves only holiness

And honor to the Holy One, the Redeemer.

The newest temple in Jerusalem waits His presence

Each human earth vessel made for that purpose as well,

Each man, each woman destined to be called

To be bathed in light, ears filled with new songs

Blind eyes opened at last.

From the distant stars

To the wonders of earth’s created sun

Divine reflections of eternity, of infinity blaze

Even the desire, a flame born within every true seeker

Who sincerely asks and graciously seeks, and finds;

Common needs driven to embrace humility

Full realization of human emptiness

The destructive, lonely forces of self inborn,

Human nature at best stands stubbornly only to fall.

The Temple that is His Body,

And the destined, soon to be rebuilt temple in Jerusalem

Holy temple, sanctified temple

Bought and cleansed forever by the blood of the Lamb;

Though to be defiled once again,

Bought and cleansed by the blood of the Lamb.

In the beginning, the One through whom all things were made, even Israel

In the end, rightful owner, just possessor and sovereign King in Jerusalem

Uncompromising Lord of Truth on Mount Zion,

Glorious One before time began

Fills His new earth with new Heavenly Light