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You shine,

You shine so brightly

Light that fills the Universe

Light from Heaven that fills a human heart,

Truth and beauty always before us

Simple purity, a hand that touches

A hand that reaches out for the children,

So many hungry mouths to feed

Bread multiplied beyond the horizon

Bread and fish and crystal clean water;

Joy, gladness and thankful hearts and minds

All that satisfies freely given

Our loving Father,

Our Lord of Love

Gratefulness meets the many gifts in a sweet embrace.

Through this body of flesh

Endless expressions of thankfulness offered

For every good thing,

Holy Word, Scripture written on scrolls

Spirit given to understand,

All strength and power to stand in wisdom

Now, as a true man and a true woman

Purest expressions of creation,

Born of the Spirit

Sustained and led by the Holy Spirit;

Messiah’s Spirit lifts up this common day

Our common path in the common world,

And makes it all glorious, wonderfully unique

Special vessels who sail smoothly, who see and hear and grasp,

Lives firmly carried, compelled by the flow of the greatest force,

The love of our God.