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Pure and holy

What human eyes cannot look upon

What human ears cannot hear

Secret place of holiness

Secret Kingdom of sovereign dominion

Forbidden entrance;

Then the Earth was shaken

Thick Temple veil torn in two

Doorway as a pathway, a gate thrown wide open

Mercy in a giant single pearl

Gateway to the narrow road

Grace that ushers each one into the glorious presence of the King of Eternity.


Pure and holy

Living stream of God

How wonderful the Presence

Spirit of freedom, Spirit of truth;

How often a lonely soul wonders,

Wanders the Earth’s landscape

She seeks what heart’s hunger for

But are not satisfied,

Many stumble in fear

More out of common ignorance

As too many grope along in darkness.

The Living Word was spoken long ago

Words of creation from the heart and will of God

Goodness openly revealed for all

Impartial love, indiscriminate gifts

Air that we breathe

Water that we drink

Earth soil to grow food and to walk upon,

And the only Son made known to us.

The Merciful One who forms in the womb

Who set the planets in order

The molecules as well,

Who walks in glory before us

Faithful witness to show us true splendor in life.

When eyes of perception were veiled

Thick scales, eyes so blinded,

We all walked in darkness;

But now we see Him, and Him alone

Pure Light radiates, rises within this new day,

The false kingdom of darkness, the deceived kingdom of man

As nothing before us.