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The hour when darkness reigns

When evil people rule the masses

Justice completely lost;

Numberless souls drink wine until drunk

Later wake up with a greater appetite

Pleasure the god worshiped,

Lovers of self overflow with hatred,

Despise others as well as themselves.

Children of the true Light are hunted

Chased from town to town, village to village,

Moral purity and right thinking scarce

Treated as garbage, as body waste;

American leaders dance a perverse dance

They bow openly to the “prince of darkness”,

Whether knowingly or note

Their last hour of lust has come.

Silver wings of enlightenment carry the few

Safe passage for the remnant vessels of pure water

Boldly hidden within the heart of their God,

Son of Man holds their hands

Faithful Shepherd triumphant through the valley of darkness

Death to self, death to the world,

Even death to the temporary earth vessel

Jar of clay with priceless mysterious treasure inside.

The wicked act wickedly,

Military guards beat and mock the naked, hooded prisoners,

Yet, Messiah stands triumphant through all the suffering

Watches, eyes burning with fire hotter than the sun,

Zeal beyond eternity.

Soldiers of Mystery Babylon intimidate and torment,

As mere lowly tools of arrogant leaders,

Spiritually dead instruments that abuse the poor sons and daughters

Humble of many nations

Soon to trample them as dust at their own feet.