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One hand takes hold  of another

Even a stranger

A simple touch of kindness

An honest touch of care,

Transparent love gives birth to more love

Tender words are spoken

Hearts are stirred and soothed

A greater knowledge from above is invited

As one opens even more to another,

Full blossoms give off sweetest fragrances

Exquisite colors within are revealed

Unique forms and purposes and aromas

Meaning in purpose fulfilled

Good fruit with new seeds created

As rich pollen is lifted and precisely carried.


One stranger compelled by God’s love

Becomes no longer a stranger

Trust gently woos and opens the door to the heart and soul

Peace and rest gladly walk through,

Even in a lover’s righteous embrace

Intimate creativity

Deepest friendship as two become one;

The joy in life is found

Expressed in heavenly honor of bodies formed and joined

Uniquely in marriage covenant.


New life always gives birth to more life

And the Kingdom of Light grows,

Leaps of calves released from a stall,

Puppies and kittens dart about a farmyard

Children run and laugh and run some more in a park

Before the Throne a gathering of beauty grows

One life celebrated within many

Angels and children, numbers impossible to count

Eternal smiles watch over in radiant joyfulness

Abundance by design

In delight one life given for so many.