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Angels stand to serve

Powerful beings, humble before the Holy Throne

Look upon the Face of Majesty

Then look to the Earth,

Purest expressions of the joy of life

The joy of creation,

As words spoken, names given

Birthed from the will of our Heavenly Father

Through the exulted Son, joy in authority

Joy in power, Creator forever praised,

Rock of all seen and unseen, every good thing.

Man in rebellion, weak as ever

Woman often an enabler in selfishness

Both emotionally wound about what is lost,

Foolishness of youth excited

Preyed upon so easily,

Many casualties strewn along every path.

Generations come and gone

Worldly stars shine for a tiny moment

Then points of light are faded and forgotten.

Those angels experienced in my own life

Lift and encourage, protect and honor

Guard my coming and going,

Frail human soul

Such a delicate embrace of eternity;

But the great price was paid, ownership Sovereignly established

Redeemer’s hand grasps tightly

Messiah’s finger of the Spirit touches,

All the eternal forces of light

Drive off the earthly parasites of darkness.