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Wisdom calls

True wisdom from the mind and heart of God

Sacrificial love of the only Son

Faithfulness elevated high above the heavens

True wisdom of seeing as God sees

A sharing in the eternal knowledge gifted

Of communing with divine understanding,

The Father revealed by the Son

The Son made known by the Father.

Voices cry out

Angelic powers beyond earthly description

Trumpeted proclamations

Zeal of fearless young lions

Fellow servants of the only Throne

And the only King

Roaring as great thunder

Touching as with consuming lightning bolts;

They surround our enemies as a great host

Even as our enemies pretend to surround us.

Foolish men strut as leaders of a nation, self-destructing,

Arrogance far beyond a Universe of grace;

Foolish women driven by lust for wealth and power

Dead even as they walk along their chosen path.

But wisdom is proven true

Her children dance in cleanest, purest worship

Majestic praise rings the brilliant Throne

Eternal life as a continual celebration,

The humble and contrite of the earth

Breath joy as new air

In the atmosphere of Shalom.