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A walk through the many fields of this life

Beauty easily seen woven into such mystery

Flowers and butterflies

Men and women and children, ourselves,

A hummingbird sips on a backyard feeder one cold and frosty morning.

The heart tugs at purpose and deepest meaning

Yet, the body, the mind of the world pulls away

Letting go of these precious moments when we marvel

Stand in awe as children, child-like once more

When hands of trust take hold of what draws us near,

Riches the world cannot offer

True wealth hidden in plain view,

Gift that patiently waits

Quietly as early morning dew

Jewels and silver and gold upon the earthly grasses,

Even time stands still

Then steps aside for a greater reality

A kiss of Heaven’s truth sweet upon the lips

A kiss of love upon the scars of this life,

Beauty that lasts, drapes like a robe about the shoulders,

Heaven’s clothing simply unmatched.


“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.”