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Heaven calls

And who has ears to hear?

Those who walk in the garden of the Lord

Well watered garden of purest delights;

We take simple pleasures

And hold sparkling jewels in our hands, new flowers at every side

Joyful gratitude at the abundance

At the soaring freedom

Place of love, place of living light

Fragrant atmosphere of peace

No memory of any fear,

The intimidation of cruel humans and spirit agitators

Lust of evil women, of evil men

Those who pretended to rule over all,

To selfishly control until they were thrown down headlong;

The curtain of false pretense opened on the earth

Wide as possible exposing every secret of man

Every unclean ambition and conspiracy, orgy of lies

Every nod and wink

Each selfish thought held for the briefest moment;

Everything exposed to the cleansing true light,

Every deceitful thing made known.

The stream of God is very full

From the Temple and down the wide street

Children play in the pure waters

Every good life form multiplies along its path

The perseverance of loyal disciples shines forth

The Spirit of Messiah who faithfully carried them as Shepherd

The suffering and anguish, the price laid down gladly,

These many found worthy and at rest in Him,

The True Vine and the Gardener

The Vine and the countless fruitful branches.