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Truth enthroned

In a quiet place, in a temple, in a human spirit at peace

Body created as a temple.

One life on earth lived out in honor

One good seed planted

Often in the face of doubt and scorn

Lies and deceitful scheming;

Persecution always sown as bad seed

Grows from internal gossip to clenched fists

Mad cries of revenge and religious justice,

One whispers to another in the shadows

Then a wild mob rapes an innocent woman.

Yet, higher power and authority transcend all,

Forgiveness clears the narrow path of grace

A divine love often misunderstood

Heavenly rest seen as a lack,

A “lazy mind” drifting off, not engaged in the realities of this world.

The true Shepherd watches over His flock in zeal

Even as a relentless enemy circles the mind and body

With hungry wolves that drool and growl and curse.

The Spirit life lifts above this common dust

Raises the soul beyond man’s reach

Encloses with hands that touch beyond human understanding

With kindness and gentleness and purpose,

Laughs at the Luciferians, at Satan’s “dark secrets” rotting in their mouths.

Messiah’s knowledge, taste of earthly death becomes our heavenly life,

Radiant City raised high above in a distant vision

Zion of New Israel glows supernaturally;

The light of Yeshua’s New Jerusalem already shines brightly,

Seen in our clear eyes!