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Lord, help me to see as you see

To see you with eyes of faith, of pure wisdom

To hear some of what you hear

To begin to know as you know.

To truly understand a moment in earth time

Your mercy worked out

In a lifetime of moments

A human life mercifully worked out;

My “thank you” always offered as a holy sacrifice.

We hold our open hearts out to you

Creator of tenderness and kindness,

We offer all that we are

Or ever will be

As a gift of humility

A gift of joyful gladness

To return a small portion of your love

To you, and to our neighbors

To ourselves,

All freely given to us in the face of your compassion.

Messiah, divine Morning Star, burst of revelation,

The sun fades as a mere shadow

At the brightness of the only One

Our only Living One

Majestic in the light of true beauty,

Be fire within us our Lord

As the fire within the bush never went out

Be King Eternal, be my radiance

A reflection of You,

The essence of our being, our creation before You,

Before your glorious throne in your Light of Life.

My Shepherd, carry my family in your Spirit arms, those near to me

As lambs close to your heart;

And send your Breath as a gentle wind to those many far away.