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The clouds thicken above

Sky grows a little darker

A chill wind blows about

Darkness lingers

Light  of day fades more quickly

People stand together on city streets

Anxious and often perplexed

What should not be has become

And what should be has turned away,

The abundance once at hand.

A farmer grits his teeth

The land itself has changed

Worn out much as his own soul

He looks at a handful of new seeds and wonders out loud-

“What is their worth?  What is mine?”

Changes have come upon many lives, even a proud nation,

Changes have come upon the earth itself

Nations in turmoil

Evil prospers, wickedness grows

The righteous struggle, cling to endurance

Clothe themselves daily with perseverance.

But then eyes of wisdom look with confident strength as the prophet Daniel wrote,

What has been spoken by many others over the years

Things written, things recorded from of old,

Even the Holy One who said His words would never pass away.

The earth wobbles and staggers in judgment

Everything to be shaken, even the sun and moon;

Israel in growing birth pangs, remnant Jacob

Many stand firm in new faith drawn together

All these things seen from afar

Visions, dreams, Scripture revealed,

Even physical death a fearless passing.

All as Heaven and even a new earth wait patiently

Draw near in open hands held out,

The well worn and tested hands of our only Messiah!