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Love builds up,

Temples of peace in one another

Holy dwelling place of trust and rest

Inner revelation of the One who cares

Daily experience of the One who is able

His friendship, the priceless reward

Treasure of the faithful few

Who grasp with understanding

Who take hold of Heaven’s knowledge,

Reverent submission to the Living Temple

Messiah who nourishes the Body

Encourages each soul

Bread from Heaven as a continual gift

Living water the promised stream from within.

In our day truth has become scarce

True love even more so,

How great then the prize discovered

Value of our Father’s gift

Each confident step of encouragement

Each day fully lived out

From morning to evening

Watchfulness throughout the night,

The Lord jealously guards His own

Hovers as a mother hen

Precious chicks beneath the golden covenant wings

Angelic covering of the most sacred place,

Holy Spirit dwelling within.

Deepest pool of longing

Fed by purest waters of delight,

A Father for His sons and daughters

A King for His kingdom.