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The heart hungers for more than food

Confused mind torn by stress

Merciless money pressures of the world

Conflicted relationships

Systems and ways of men and women

Weak, foolish and most often not satisfying;

Appetites stirred but never completely filled

Thirst agitated but never fully quenched.

Mind and thoughts of man without peace

Soul of a woman without true rest

Who can find lasting comfort in what human hands have made!

The colors of a sunrise or sunset dance

Stir a few moments of external pleasure

offer calm, and soothing comfort,

Waves along any shore invite rest and wonder, even the Lost Coast,

A pleasing time at the footstool of an invisible throne

Majestic images of something greater that must be.

Eyes close into the peaceful wind

Ears begin to hear something, something more

The search begins as the heart is drawn

A greater purpose, a deeper meaning

An ultimate reason, passion for being alive

That mysterious inner desire for eternity that pulses on,

God given hunger to seek Him

Perhaps one day to even reach out and find Him in belief

Destiny of eternal desire

To one day know our Creator

And find ourselves in Him.