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A man stands and looks towards a sunset

The beauty of streaking colors

Mix of mysterious creativity

Light plays with teasing darkness

Yet, the wonder of another day passing by

Has lost something.

In the place of honest needs shown by empty hands, rough and callused

He stares, at a loss,

What has seemingly overwhelmed

Waves from a churning sea of needs

Have washed over from all sides.

The heart aches

Mind more than weary

Thoughts tumble aimlessly, recklessly,

All love dimmed and then faded away

Peace not really peace after all!

Finally as eyes wander in the darkness

Hunger and thirst from a hidden place rise up,

A once secret awareness begins to cover

Tears reach out to the God who must be there

The only One who can always stand near;

A Heavenly embrace at last bows low

Humility in new life carries

A simple human life draws near once more

And those needs are met creatively.

Brighter eyes look with new wisdom as even more waves wash from nearby

Always more needs cause to look above

To lift up fresh words of prayer and praise,

Every day in our earthly bodies

Human needs unfold to keep us near to Him

The need to love and to be loved a most compelling force;

In a sea of needs is discovered an ocean of love.