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An open door before us

No one can shut it

The Lord of Life

Has opened His heart,

To you, and to me

To everyone who will come,

But, few will enter;

His heart is very large

Room for the Universe and beyond

All the heavens

The earth and all that is on it

Birds of the air and fish of the sea

Things seen and unseen

Angelic host who carry holiness as a crown of love,

All children who draw breath,

My own grandchildren as a crown for my gray head.

The earth may shake

Trial upon trial to test

To refine and purge the remnant

World as a place of separation

Of choices and strength and victories.

The Champion of our faith

Captain of our path these few running days;

Clothed in flesh and blood

Shaped as Adam, as Eve our ancestors.

We walk the same earth clothed the new hope

Divine crown of the holy eternal knowledge,

Hand held tightly

Led through the very door to Heaven.