A peaceful wind blowing this day

Songs of rest and trust

Kingdom melodies

Simple, most pure

Strength to lift a heart

Courage to carry along a difficult path

Tears met with comfort

Stress melted away by a caring touch

Divine, holy love in the most secret place

Secret temple within the unseen spirit

Place of timelessness within a soul

Domain of creation by the Creator,

Mystery that only true revelation unfolds.

He stands at the shoreline of time

Prayers as sweet incense, light wind across the waters,

Gentle waves lap the clean white sand

Rhythm of a moment of ecstatic beauty

Deepest and most beautiful drink of eternal calm

Quiet and rest even as clouds boil in the distance;

Destructive race of mankind,

Whirlwind soon upon us all.

Sheltering Spirit temple of Messiah

The covering peace we know

The living peace we trust

The confident peace that carries

As strong arms full of small children

Safe on a stormy night.