Clothed in delight, blanketed in comfort

The Earth at rest at last!

Our hearts and lives in final harmony

Robed within praise, wrapped in gentle, tender love,

The pure Kingdom Fire of God’s purpose burns within all,

Ruler of the Universe, Lord of the Earth comes to His people

King of Jerusalem seated with His own

Triumphant stroll of Majesty from the Mount of Olives;

He walks up past throngs into His “City of Rejoicing”.

This one in the crowd meets the Eternal Eyes,

The most intimate touch,

And I bow low in reverence…

His city, City of cities, full of gladness

His own beloved people throughout the Earth

Joy in every nation;

Time of jubilation for all who have believed

For all who bowed to His Mercy

And became precious children forever

Who trusted Him for life and breath,

The true path of honor and trust

Holy path leading upwards to life

Far away from death!

Now the celebration continues

Purest joy of all the Earth

Messiah revealed to all Israel at last, His inheritance

King of all the Earth, worshiped by all nations

Lord Yeshua triumphant on His splendid Throne;

As wolf and lamb, and a small child alike romp through tall grass

We will serve His Love forever in Peace.


Seed within a seed within His Seed;

The best for last

Aged and delicious wine eternally new

Above and beyond Eden,

The Ancient chosen City of Grace and Splendor.

Your multiplied mysteries Lord, have woven knots about many

Silver webs of spiritual destiny snaring the double-minded-

Justice served on Mystery Babylon the Great, consumed by lust and fire,

To become ashes at Your feet!

Antichrist and false prophet alike

Swept away as common dust at Your purifying moment;

Joy and gladness call You home,

Sacrificial Seed bearing so much fruit

The harvest baskets filled with those knowing fully,

Who are fully known,

So many hearts bask in the Holy Radiance of Light

Temple of Beauty crowned by His Presence

As the River of Life soon to flow tenderly, gently from the Throne!

Oh how hearts and minds have yearned and longed for the day,

Suddenly upon us when all nations will come and bow

They cling to the skirt, hem of the robe of triumphant Jews of Israel,

Descendants of Jacob, of Israel all bring honor,

Descendants of nations who all worship continually

All who fear His Name in reverence,

They now sacrifice New Covenant praises in His Holy Temple!

The Majestic One, Messiah Yeshua, and His Majestic City, Jerusalem His Throne

The Oneness of His Heart, with our hearts,

City of rejoicing, City of His beloved

The Source of Beauty reigns for all the Earth

Jewel of purity on His Crown of Perfection

Sovereign Love and Authority for all His children;

They often play at His Feet

Much laughter mixes with His own

As delight forever rules this most powerful place on Earth.


He has made us for Himself

Human creatures of His delight

Children of God as His great pleasure;

Parents who take intimate joy in their own children

Have begun to understand this;

Why the world was made

Designed for humans to dwell in protective environments

Heaven and earth for mankind to live in wise prosperity

A long season in a special vast playground.

A huge park with endless gardens, full streams of water

Many flowers that bear good fruit

Flowers for fragrance and aroma,

Beauty in shapes and colors

With the sunlight to brighten the new day

And nourish mankind’s body and soul;

We are loved greatly as shown fearlessly by our Savior

Our Sovereign Lord who paid the infinite price for our Rescue

He is our only True Hope in life, in Redemption,

In our present, in our endless future.

So, we “press on” in our lives to draw closer to Him

To love and honor forever our Lord of Praise

Who alone cares for our being and details of our very existence,

To be faithfully brought to completion,

Prayerfully in His Majestic and Splendid sight!


As the Lord has spoken

And the Holy Spirit from the Father shares through us as well-

“Love covers all transgressions.”

The Mercy of our Lord has triumphed

He has overcome all evil darkness

And has delivered each of His Chosen Children

Caught up into clouds of beauty,

New songs of praise and joyful worship heard

They fill the sky and the heavens;

Our thoughts now of the Third Heaven

Minds filled and fixed on our Savior

The King of all true Jews and Angels

Ruler of Creation, Messiah Yeshua

Who alone fills the Universe and beyond

Overflows with His crystal river of Kindness and Compassion,

His Peaceful Presence soon to be established completely

Throughout the Earth and World,

Sovereign Wisdom fulfilled!


We are blessed forever as new creations in Messiah,

The work done by the One who is our Trust

His Love foreknew us in eternal Truth long ago

His Love formed each of us uniquely;

His Love covers us as “objects of Mercy”!

Our purpose and desire is to seek Him always

And to find absolute meaning in life through our Creator;

We seek and find as we ask and pray

To fill our hearts with Living Words of Holiness,

Spirit Truth in Words that will never pass away;

Messiah’s Hand guides us in His Flock

His Sovereign Throne oversees all with unending care

Comfort in Spirit touches that lift our human spirit free

And draw us even closer to the Heavenly Home

Into the Father’s Presence,

Kingdom Glory revealed in His Son of Glory

Now shared with mankind generously

Each person who believes and trusts

Every man and woman who knows His Love,

Every faithful child of God joyfully before Him

In our life journey soon to be brought to completion

The Path of Perfection known.


Truth reigns supreme

Sovereign as revealed and made known by our Maker

Holy Spirit Truth received in Grace from our Creator’s Throne of Compassion

Honest reality of our existence

Foreknown as heaven and earth were formed

Angels made even before,

Then followed by humans;

Time itself established for balance and stability,

True Knowledge of the Creator as Life itself!

Our God of Love powerfully willed all

And His Son our Savior powerfully spoke all into existence,

Then our Redeemer faithfully made His Father known,

And faithfully gave the hopeless Living Hope!

The Way of Truth in Life

Most generously shared in the Cross of Sacrifice and Blood;

Justice forever fulfilled for all mankind.

As “Mercy triumphs over Judgment”

We who believe and follow, now belong to the Shepherd Lord of Hosts

Who took your hand and mine

And will never let go.


Thoughts of the past, memories

Friends and friendships remembered

Things we shared in circumstances

Laughter in fun together often

As our early years skipped along even through troubles;

Some went in other directions

Others joined in experiences developed

Honest and sincere,

Simple trust and care practiced.

But years fly by in the winds of the world

Blown here and there

Just as turtles waddle along, steadfast, move forward;

We often are caught in surprises

New circumstances unexpected,

Until the One who awakens the human spirit from death

And enlightens men and women,

Some who were already friends

Some who were not but have become so,

Mercy of the Merciful One revealed

Fills the hearts and souls with goodness

As the meaning and purpose of true life is made known forever!


Merciful kindness

From the Sovereign Throne of our God of Love

Gentle touches of tenderness

His Favor rests upon us

And what can we say,

What can we do but bow before Him in reverence;

His knew us before our birth

Those who would seek Him

And those who would not,

The men and women who grasped humility

The many others who embraced only pride and selfishness;

The Hand of Enlightenment received with tears of gratefulness

Peace of Messiah the greatest of treasures

The riches of His Love more than any worldly wealth;

The infinite complexity of Creation at a level simply understood

As trust in God begins

And trust in God never ends,

Heavenly Knowledge of our Lord and God

The One who has become our Eternal Life!


Peaceful winds blowing this day carry songs of rest and trust

Kingdom melodies of praise,

Most simple, most pure, most alive

With new strength to lift a heart in rebirth

Courage to carry along a difficult path, a “Narrow Road”

All tears met with our Father’s comfort

Worldly stress melted away by a loving touch,

Divine, Holy Love gives in the most tender, secret place,

The secret temple within the unseen human spirit

The place of timelessness within a soul

The place of creation, made by the Creator;

A mystery that only true revelation unfolds to those “born again”.

The King stands at the shoreline of time in Sovereign Power

Prayers move as sweet incense with light wind across the waters,

Gentle waves lap the clean white sand of eternity at Messiah’s glowing feet

Rhythm of a moment of Majestic Beauty

In the deepest and most fulfilling breath of unending calm

Quiet and rest as clouds boil off in the distance

The self-destructive race of mankind,

A whirlwind soon to be upon us all!

The sheltering Spirit of Messiah a tent of protection

Yeshua, the covering of Peace we know,

The Living Peace we can trust

Just as strong arms full of small children

Keep safe on a dark stormy night-

All those men and women “Born of the Holy Spirit”!


We pray for peace

For the enlightenment of our Lord, the “Light of the World”,

We know He is the only True Peace;

Make us rich in our Savior

Revelations from Your Throne our God

And keep Your Hand of Favor upon us and our family,

Neighbors and those we meet in our lifetime of the body;

Clothe the man just met with Mercy

And the women seen recently here and there,

Sanctify them all through and through;

Lord, help me to see as You see

To hear some of what You hear,

To begin to know as You know;

To truly understand a moment in time

In Your Mercy worked out for good,

In a lifetime of moments

A life of meekness, humility worked out in salvation.

We hold our hearts out to You Messiah Yeshua

King of all Jews, Creator of tenderness and kindness

We offer as a sacrifice of thanksgiving all that we now are

All of what You have made us to be. today and tomorrow;

We praise in joyful gladness

Even with a gift of songs of worship

To return a small portion of Your Love in praise

To You first, then love to our neighbors, even a stranger or two,

What Your Spirit has freely given to us in the face of Your Compassion;

My Shepherd, carry my family in Your arms

And many friends as lambs close to Your Heart.