The unique blue in the eyes of some of the angels

All servants of Love

Some of the true vessels of mercy in kindness

Who honor their Master the Lord

Who loves them and fills them with the Spirit fire of Heaven’s purpose;

Highest perceptions fill the sky of the Earth

With deepest and most beautiful shades of blue

Even while clouds move about

And radiant Light casts glows of more pleasure;

As a newborn child looks with innocence of purity from those eyes

Born into this world

Much more than sapphires as jewels

Precious in the sight of our God

And all His Holy Angels,

Children treasured above as Messiah’s Cross has proven to all

With the finished works of God

Who made possible for us the impossible!




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TRUTH written on many hearts

As salvation flows in newest gold

Highlighted with brightest silver

About perfected jewels accenting purity throughout;

Though long ago carved into stones

By the very Hand of God,

The Spirit of Messiah fulfills all TRUTH

Revealed by His new, eternally living Covenant

Made for all mankind!

The most powerful mountain that towers beyond Creation,

Sovereign authority covers far ahead and trails far behind

Shades beautifully from the sun’s intense heat of the day,

Ushers in rain as needed in abundance;

Joy rushes through the human spirit and soul

With a single drink from the crystal clear River of Life-

Living Words that move out from the Throne of Grace!

The TRUTH of Yeshua Messiah has triumphed as planned,

Powerful faith now overcomes the world;

In Heaven’s Gift of wisdom and strength

From the Heart of God, freedom pours out

Deliverance in the delicate aroma of Life overcomes death,

The scent of the greatest fragrance drowns the stench of darkness

Much more than perfumed plants in a rare old city park

Or the pleasure of a hidden ocean shoreline

With a private beach of whitest sand dotted with moments of secret delight.

The Name that towers above all

Always with kindness of eternal compassion given

Always Divine care by the eternal TRUE Lover of Jerusalem,

His chosen place on earth for Zion’s Temple of TRUTH

Throne of Decision

His love for His world, His world shown in the Light of Glory

Shared by all of His children

Reborn in “Second Birth” through the Holy Spirit of Messiah

Who is TRUTH, the Lord of Life!






Soon we will stand before Him,

Then bow in reverence before his Holiness,

Love will flow endlessly

From His pure heart to ours,

From our hearts in love to our Lord and King;

The Light of Glory consumes all

With the fire of Holiness,

Eyes that penetrate our being

And lift us up into clouds of lasting joy,

Our Salvation; our Savior!

Hope fulfilled

Our eternal purpose and meaning

Displayed in Splendor without words needed

Except- “Welcome Home my child

By your faithfulness

By your fearless love

Your delight in our Oneness,

Rise up before Me

My Kingdom is now Our Kingdom!”







The journey goes on

Another day follows

Then another and another,

As we seek the true Kingdom

And walk with our Shepherd;

Troubles and difficulties continue

Yet, are covered over by God’s steadfast love,

Our Lord’s strength given in perseverance runs into the arms of endurance

Whatever it takes to continue to draw near;

Our life of faith

Anchored in eternity

Empowered by Messiah’s Holy Spirit Presence

Peace rooted in knowledge

Living Words written on our hearts

By the “Word made flesh”,

The Way of His Kingdom our only Way,

The mind of Christ renewed daily

Eyes of our spirit look to Him alone,

This day and always tomorrow!

The Jerusalem Temple Throne is rooted within us

Where we will soon bow in worship as hope is fulfilled,

The Tree of Life we already taste!



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A new day of wealth,

A day of greater wealth

Flowing through your heart

Flowing through your hands

Streaming through your hands to others;

The sun shines brightly

Reflected in ways like the crystal clear waters

That will flow as the River of Life from God’s Throne,

A majestic display for Abram

In visions of power and authority

And as numberless stars above

His destiny in hand;

Abraham of true faith,

Divine strength to believe!

Oh, to drink from the Cup

Living Waters for all who thirst

The Holy Cup of Life,

Whether drops on a dry tongue on desert earth

Or long and deep gulps swallowed in joy on mountain tops

The riches of Messiah’s heavenly treasures indwelling

Heaven’s treasures so much greater

Wealth beyond the world

Riches that live within the human spirit

Given freely as foretastes,

Glowing sparkles of eternal Life

From the Fire Eyes of Splendor

Soon to radiate in brilliance from Jerusalem,

City of our Lord!




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From the beginning

At Holy Spirit rebirth,

A man and a woman, reborn the same

Different times, circumstances and people

Yet, who walk hand in hand

In step with their Shepherd,

The One who is the “Beginning and the End”;

Oh Sovereign King of the Universe

And the Third Heaven beyond,

Who humbles Himself with His Father

To look upon the Earth

And the Creation breathed out in Words spoken,

Even as the Redemption from the mouth of the Savior,

Lips of Holiness proclaimed- “It is finished!”

Love on greatest display for all mankind for all time

The Cross in triumph,

The almost infinite sins of generations covered

In most Divine sacrificial Life-Blood!

Our beginning and end stand before our eyes

Yet how few truly see,

How little the thoughts and efforts given to embrace

Our eternity

Purchased by God

And for God.

This final generation poised on tiptoes to taste and see

To know what so many of old longed for and prayerfully dreamed of-

The end of the present heaven and earth

And the beginning of the new earth and heaven

Promised from our Creator’s Words spoken

To be crowned by His New Jerusalem

And the reign of Glory

Before the countless children of the Lord our God.





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Patience rains down from above

Bright glowing clouds of perseverance and endurance anchored by Hope

Fresh from the Throne of the Kingdom of Grace

And the King who is “Patience”;

The One who waited generation after generation

A Plan of rescue in Hand,

The Wisdom of Salvation to be revealed

Worked through the family of Abraham

Tribes by Moses

A nation called Israel who “wept on the mountains”

Circumstances in most precise details

Spoken and written by ancient prophets,

A people to be separated from this world

Given a sense, an early grasp of God’s Holy Presence

The reality of Eternal Greatness

In the Creator, in the Lord their God!

Then, a Shepherd walked the Earth in humility

Sent to gather the scattered flocks together,

The God of Love

A Redeemer for all mankind,

After all the many years from Adam and Eve

Creation once lost, now found

As the Cross of Satan’s crushing destruction towers high;

Today we walk as true believers

Live out our days in supernatural faith

Led by Messiah’s Holy Spirit

Empowered to know the Truth

Strengthened by even more patience to wait with Hope

Our destiny in foreknowledge

To look upon our King, our Savior

In His Beauty and Glory

From His Jerusalem Temple Throne!






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Beauty that lasts

Settles deeply within the soul

Radiates from within the human spirit

Glows as a brightened countenance from the body;

The eyes of heavenly Peace shine, Peace full of eternity!

As angelic stars move from high above

To bring a small taste of Heaven on Earth

Holy Spirit power lives out in reality shown

The Resurrection Life of Messiah Yeshua revealed

In another one, in many others the same

Most exquisite qualities of character,

The Shepherd Himself indwells His mankind

Lives within a reborn man, a woman’s spirit rebirth,

Kingdom oneness on supernatural display

While the Body of Christ rises to new heights

The Gift of Faith overpowers, overcomes the world

Darkness fades as Light engulfs all

The fire of the Holy Spirit zeal consumes

And a new heaven and earth begin to unfold

Within eyes filled to overflowing with wisdom and power

Strength in faith unmatched

In the Divine Beauty now made known;

One chosen person at a time

Drawn into the Holy Presence

One generation at a time gathered, clothed with whitest white

In the fragrance of our Messiah’s Life

Holy Spirit aroma of our King from His Jerusalem

Our King of Majestic Beauty in Truth,

Now and in the New Jerusalem soon to come,

One day to descend from His Father,

From the very Throne of Creation of the Third Heaven!



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The Word of God pours forth Living Light

Eternal Truth that lifts the heart

Gives Spirit wings to the soul

Hope to the entire new being

Encouragement of Living Bread and Living Water

Life within where there was none,

Lasting Peace from above,

Divine strength that carries through each day,

Greatest wealth more than silver or gold, houses or land,

What the world can never give us!

Scripture stands crystal clear, translated from ancient Hebrew,

Even from ancient Greek

Words guided and refined by the Holy Spirit

Nurtured and cared for hand to hand

Generation to generation;

The High Priest of Heaven preserves and deepens

His own spoken Words

By His mouth, by the mouths of His servants,

He fills a human man or woman with Holy Spirit discernment to receive

Divine wisdom, understanding of new treasures in Heaven

Graciously poured out in kindness on the common Earth

Ready for any and all, the humble ones to feed upon

To bask in Kingdom Light

As showers of purity and holiness rain down

Even the Radiance of our Redeemer

Savior and Ruler of Creation!







As a golden ribbon of prayers

Wraps about your new Heavenly body

Clothed in a robe of whitest white

Embroidered in delicate silver threads,

God’s beauty glows forever on display

In another of His “Chosen Ones”.

A golden metallic luster seen on the skin

In radiance from the King’s Throne of Holiness;

Kingdom joy has no limits,

Experienced in Heaven and on Earth.

While Messiah’s Peace moves as a Living Fragrance

Carries within and without,

Angel wings powerfully lift the winds beyond

Tenderly caress the waters of streams, of oceans,

Pure Love completely covers the sky above

True Love covers the ground below.

Our Lord’s Kingdom patiently waited for this one,

And now waits for so many others to be soon gathered

As a delightful bouquet of splendor

Flowers of majestic pleasures that soar

Made ready in simplicity, made known in gracious humility

To be set in the places of greatest honor,

One brother or sister lost to the world

But found in Heaven’s gain

At lasting rest before Eternity’s only worthy King,

Before Eternity’s  Royal Creator!