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“Laughter” chases each other in circles when they run and jump

Wrestle and play, then cry, finally to sleep in a bed of innocence;

What really counts, what truly matters

The small children to be gathered

Drawn into the warmth of our Shepherd’s arms

“As lambs close to the heart”;

His Love always pours out, the greatest desire with the greatest care

All needs of the little children forever before the Throne;

The Sovereign One longs, He yearns for the children

To know Him and to taste His Bread

To drink from His cup.

He who watches over all

And meets the special needs of the “little ones”,

Angels sent to help when parents fall short

To wipe away tears when circumstances overwhelm,

Heaven comes even closer, eternal fulfillment stands ready at hand!

Pure delight with all the children demonstrates the Divine command-

“Unless you change and become like little children

You will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

We must simply believe and humbly receive as a small child

And Heaven’s Gifts and purest pleasures will be ours

As one of God’s children!


*Christmas blessings to you and your family!





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One kiss given in love begins

Covers the heart in tenderness

Bathes and soothes the soul in Peace

Comforts the spirit with gentle assurance;

What was always meant to be

Fellowship in friendship and more

So much more in covenant love

An unbroken flow of the Crystal River of Life

From beneath the Throne of Holiness;

Even two created to be one

As a marriage of stars joined together

Heaven’s Temple tapestry

Purest golden drapery stretched over lives of delight,

Robed treasures of wonder uncovered

Revealed to eyes that can pour forth Eternal Light

The things of God just too great to simply hold,

Too wonderful to even fully imagine

Now clearly held closer to the heart

While more is becoming known

With even more to “taste and see”

The Kingdom of Glory set before us all who call upon His Name

Who call upon His Name with the kiss of Truth

The Gate, a path, a narrow road, a journey, the endless walk of His Love

Our Savior’s kiss of salvation

Sealed upon our foreheads!



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The quiet shadow of a hand

A gentle presence now sensed drawing near,

Without any fear the head turns

And the eyes search, gaze as the hand moves ever closer

Kindness radiates and tenderness surrounds

A new warmth surges forth

The heart flutters like a small excited sparrow,

Until the hand of Love touches

And eyes meet those eyes…

An unearthly fire floods within

From the joyful blazing eyes on the brilliant majestic face

Set off by whitest flowing hair,

And a Voice rushes within saying-

“Wake my beloved, in whom I delight;

The revelations of Heaven are now yours!”



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Our Sovereign Father,

His Gift to believe

Though surrounded in an atmosphere of deceit,

Truth in Messiah Yeshua always more powerful

Cleansing and gripping the heart with Divine strength,

As the mind battles for disciplined honest thoughts

While the lying winds of darkness and perversion move about,

Sometimes in a roar, sometimes in a whisper with a melody

The enemy’s war on the mind rages forth!

Holy Words always a much sharper sword

Common thoughts in daily languages often fall to the ground

Yet, Rock solid Scriptures quoted and meditated upon surge forward

From the very beginning the “Evil One” was crushed beneath the heel,

Prophetic Words written through Moses long ago fulfilled!

Authority of the Name above all now written on our foreheads

Messiah’s eternal seal of holiness more than tablets, inscribed on our hearts;

Inner knowledge of  our Shepherd Lord has already surpassed simple belief

As faith in Messiah graciously grows and matures in deepening Peace

Our Spirit Love reaches with broader, longer touches in tenderness

Caring as our Savior, rich kindness and gentleness flow out,

His Spirit Wisdom rises within, wings of brilliant Light lift very high

As we begin to see as He sees, to walk as He walked;

Pure belief in Yeshua a good seed sown has already grown more than expected,

More than even prayed for!




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A butterfly so beautiful

Shades of elegance with striking colors-

Blues and reds, yellow and black, golden orange, greens and purples

Intricate lines, streaks and spots with splashes

In bold and subtle simultaneous patterns

That glow in sunlight and darkness,

It flies with the wind or against

Soars as if floating from flower to flower,

Enhances the image of each captured in a heightened glance

A moment held close

With a sharpened memory that lingers;

Just as countless Monarchs cover a tree

Then, startled in a sudden gust and sounds

In a surprise touch each set apart

Much like the unique beauty of each woman in a crowd

Those to delight in with individual honor

To take righteous, pure pleasure in a human creature

Every person appreciated for who they are

Respected as a being formed in eternal purpose to reflect eternal beauty,

Even though the outward beauty drifts away in a heavenly wind

A steady breeze that changes the outside

While the inside hopefully glows brighter

In knowledge and prayerful wisdom

The only beauty that truly matters, that lasts

Like a fine treasure becomes even more so,

The priceless gift of Life from the King in His Royal Beauty;

Her eyes will soon behold Majesty in Splendor.

As more than any worldly or earthly blossom

Any and every flower that blooms with butterflies fluttering, dancing about

Each chosen Kingdom daughter radiantly clothed more than many lilies in a vast field

Covered by exquisite moths among breathtaking butterflies.




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She looks at herself, her life

And sees the hand of God with true satisfaction,

Jewels of creation drip from her fingertips

A multi-faceted diamond rests within,

The steadfast walk of love in life gladly poured out

Kindness in tenderness

Footsteps of divine order a pleasure discovered often over the years,

Purposes sought, purposes found

The warmth of unhindered friendship always held out

Spirit comfort expressed freely, honestly

Just as winds of heavenly peace

Move easily through her long flowing hair,

Soothing confidence, joy seen clearly

Recognized even from far away in radiant smiles,

The refreshing Light of Eternity as an aroma

The fragrance of Life surrounds

Reflected, shown in those beautiful eyes!





Little bird flies so high

Goes so far

Fragile, vulnerable

Yet, knows no fear

Little bird above the clouds

Near the moon

Among the stars

Across the waters of any ocean,

From a land of cold

To the far land of warmth.

Little bird, how so strong

How no fear to weigh your wings down

How no wind can fight against

As you fly, and glide and soar so high,

Little bird, how do you fly?

Then a small, shiny angel cloud shaped like a hand

Moved in from the North,

Moved up from the heart

Dropped into the mind,

Unseen, invisible hand that cups this one

And tenderly carries it always along

Even as it races wildly into the newest harsh earth wind!



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Our shared, common first need in life

Even from before conception

On through our formation in “Mother’s womb”

To the unique path we each walk

Until our days in the body come to the end,

We all have the same need-

To grasp the Presence of the Lord

And learn to bow in worship before Him

The most intimate relationship prayerfully in honor of our Savior

Our Creator who loves us and watches over what He has made;

Even as He guards Israel with jealous love,

Pure and Holy love for all

Justice and love that see the end from the beginning

And the new beginning from that end.

Care encloses infinite details

A bug that moves about, unseen microorganisms and an ant working away,

The colorful petals from a forest plant hidden from sight

Leaves that drop from trees once lush,

Rivers that flow, then dry up with desert sand,

Creatures in the oceans yet to be discovered by Marine Biologists,

Birds that fly, birds that walk, birds that swim;

Mysteries still hidden in the endless stars

Most sublime mysteries of the human body designed to honor God like a temple

Blended intrigues of soul and spirit,

The majesty of heavenly voices singing praise before the Throne of Purity

Music and melodies of instruments to be discovered

And flowers of beauty that literally sing with scents of aroma.

We each are born to know the One Lord of Life

We live to embrace Him first by faith in the Son revealed

Then to submerge into the crystal baptism of the Holy Spirit,

To remain there in the splendor of our God of Life

Who freely gives us true desire, longing and eternal need

Of Him alone!





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The Light of Eternity shines brightly

While many are still fast asleep,

Worldly fatigue has gripped the hearts and souls

As the world simply tires us out;

All the coming and going

Work, play and work, work some more

Wheels of entertainment often spin in place

With little really done

Less truly accomplished;

Food and drink to survive

While fruit rots on the trees.

Many seek to understand some things,

Yet truth balances only on their own terms

Sought in their own ways,

Most often reach base desires

To feed only themselves.

The wind continues to blow about

Clouds are formed

Rain falls here and there

As many plants grow and then just wither away.

Above it all a clear call often goes out

Spirit Voice from the Highest Heaven-

“Be alert!  Be watchful!”

Yes, always be Kingdom ready

Dressed ready for service

On Holy Spirit tiptoes

Even prepared to stand alone in faith,

But never alone!

Some day that “7th and last trumpet will sound”

A day certainly coming, though it lingers

For more time means more salvation for others

The Father’s delight for more to taste and see His Kingdom

To grow and to know His Creator Son!









Fig leafs have fallen from the tree

About to be uprooted,

And we stand and watch

Hearts and minds begin to understand

We begin to know with deeper knowledge;

Our Lord reigns in Majesty

His Kingdom now truly within us

We rest in His Holy Spirit Presence

As the world rotates

And day turns into night,

A new sunrise to follow soon after!

Our trust in a “Greater Power” strengthens,

“Man in his pomp yet without understanding

Is like the beast that perishes”;

Holy Words of God written on our minds

Goodness flows as a clean stream within our hearts,

We have grown in grace

Through years of faithfulness

Lives of Divine Revelations given in love,

Our Lord is always near to us

The most beautiful King on His Throne

His Glory Light radiant throughout the Universe

And beyond!

As the worldly rebellion continues to be seen in His blazing eyes

And moves towards Satan’s “beast kingdom”

And stubborn, corrupt “beast rulers”,

We all stand in confidence

Our eternity secure

Our Peace anchored in Hope

A Rock that grew into a mountain that fills the earth.

We see what is now

We see and understand what is coming

What will quickly pass as a light morning dew in summer heat,

Evil humans like vapor in a sudden breeze;

But we will always stand in faithfulness

Like our Lord Messiah, the Faithful One

Our Shepherd always before us!