Our Shepherd rules the Universe

Lord over all

At the Father’s side before Creation,

The Light of Glory in the eyes of Angels of Holiness

Radiates from all the true and faithful ones

Who behold Eternal Beauty in endless worship

Who love in constant praise,

The Gentle Shepherd who we follow gives us each breath

His Voice the greatest delight in our hearts given each heartbeat

Spirit Words of Scripture our daily Bread;

His “Gate of tender Mercy” opened for me, too

As He took my hand and led me through

Before I understood

Before I could fully understand;

My prayers now draw me near to Him,

His Love draws me even closer.

“Mercy has triumphed over judgment”

For all His Flock

First the children of Abraham, descendants of Jacob

Then, the children of the nations

With good seeds planted by the Apostles

And many disciples

In the Authority of His Name spread over the Earth

The power of His Holy Spirit;

For the Shepherd’s Flock- abundance,

For all who listen to His Voice

Who follow Him alone

His Eternal Life of Peace ad Joy!


Divine kindness reaches out

Many lives to touch in righteousness

Both near and far away

Directly and indirectly

Through anointed Words and powerful prayers spoken,

So many waiting to hear the “call of everlasting Love”

Purest Love in gentleness from the Hand of God our Maker

Just as Yeshua often touched with healing and deliverance

The strongest Living Words of Authority ever

Given from Heaven above, and clearly heard

Brought to mankind in rich Mercy received,

Most tender compassion reaches out from the Throne of Majesty

In true Love for all His Creation

Love for the Earth and all who walk upon it

Those who will to believe in their Savior, their Redeemer,

Grace and Peace clothe them in cleanest Spirit robes of faith

Greatness in soothing humility receives in the Name above all

Goodness the ripest fruit of His touch that comforts;

In Purity and Holiness

The Light of Glory floods the Universe

And overflows from the hearts of all His own,

His servants now His friends

Who work steadfastly the fields in joy of our Shepherd,

My forever Friend from Heaven!

The new heaven and earth draw closer in His timely brilliance,

The Glory Light of Zion with Divine pleasure

With thoughts of when the New Jerusalem descends

In the Splendor of the Father’s Spirit.


Beauty of form versus beauty of the heart

All pure and clean

Committed to the Lord of Righteousness

Or so it would seem,

Outwardly dressed properly

The right words spoken to others

The images always bright and clear

But discernment of the heart was lacking in some women,

Light separated from darkness in the hearts and souls

To have Love for God without love for this world;

Wisdom and understanding at rest in the renewed mind

The renewed spirit in rebirth

The Shepherd’s Peace anchored

Holy Spirit Counsel in alertness

And watchfulness, ready in all ways.

But the double-minded are caught off guard

Without depth of perseverance and endurance

The minds clouded, compromised

The natural appearance clothed without inner knowledge

Spiritual zeal and fervor compromised at will

Watered down, diluted

Deception as a “true believer” like a game played out

With one hand pleasing good

The other hand yielding to evil;

The voice of a stranger listened to

While the Voice of the Shepherd

Is weighed on a selfish balance scale;

The dramatic reality of a gate that closes the Kingdom Door

Comes suddenly like a shock to those unprepared,

With tears of anger and screams of futility

From far outside.


A clear mind celebrates

Like a stream that flows with clean and clear waters

Gladness rests in confidence within

Even in a day of confusion

Times of distraction after distraction

False hopes promoted as real

Worldly ambitions driven

Deceptive worldly wealth as lasting goals admired

Desired for young and old, men and women,

Yet, emptiness is clouded

“Nothing” in the end only covered by sugar coated lies;

As in politics and the lust for power and control

Pride and prestige that can end in a moment

At the last breath taken

Or the final beat of the fragile heart.

Wisdom from God rests in this spirit and soul

My silence before God, stillness within in knowledge of the Holy One

The Joy of Salvation anchors in the Savior

I have discerned True eternal wealth,

The mind meditates on thoughts of Anointed Scriptures

Living Words written on many human hearts,

Treasures in the minds at Peace

Their spirit and soul at rest

In the bodies protected and blessed!

All thoughts are fixed on Messiah in faithful obedience

The Glorious One at His Merciful Father’s side

The Light of the World, the Light of Life

Our joy of being understood and understanding life

As a new creation in our Redeemer.


“The work of God is this- to believe in the One He has sent.”

The winds blow, the storm clouds gather

But few people understand the “how and why”

Just as our Lord has taught by His Holy Spirit-

Kingdom work is done by and through the Kingdom alone,

Like the Spirit of God who moved over this Earth in Creation

So the Living Word moves upon Mankind

The Glorious Merciful Father draws us to His Son

The Glorious Merciful Shepherd then brings us Home

Redeemed and sanctified to His Father!

Human effort alone comes alive in born again Spirit rebirth

And even then all good efforts are enabled by the Lord alone;

Human effort by itself drowns in the seas of water

New Kingdom efforts walk on the surface above the waves

And reach out only for our Shepherd’s hand.

Early Covenant Laws revealed human nature is weak in efforts

That always failed in the end,

Each honest person was shown their basic need for God,

Our Messiah was sent to give us Bread of Life in Himself

Living Water of His Holy Spirit,

To believe and receive Yeshua is to truly live

To reject Christ is to remain spiritually dead;

Rivers flow through the valleys

Then the same rivers dry up in seasons,

But “the stream of God is forever full”

And overflows with abundance

For all of His own.


The Sovereign Lord spreads the golden wings of His Temple

Heaven’s Mercy reaches out both near and far away,

Believers multiply as God’s Love is shown

Followers and disciples increase as kindness and compassion revealed

The Name of the Lord rises as the highest tower

Our place of eternal safety and freedom from the evil one,

Separated from the world and those who love it first;

“The wicked act wickedly; none of the wicked understand.

But those who are wise understand”, as Prophet Daniel shared!

The Light of Glory from the Temple of Holiness

Fills the Universe and beyond;

Our Maker saved us “born of water and the Spirit”

Our Redeemer rescued us by His Cross

Our Savior forever displayed the Love of God in His Resurrection

Done for all Creation.

Destiny Crowns Messiah’s foreknowledge

As many names are written in the “Book of Life”

Most beautiful, most powerful Authority displayed

As described, written about in the greatest Book-

Ancient Scrolls of the Living Words of the Living Light of the World

The “Word made flesh”,

Bible (Book) of Spirit of Life as recorded by disciples of Truth,

The Living One,

The Bible translations given for us all to read and meditate upon

Our Spirit Bread from Heaven

Our Living Water flows from beneath the Throne

Our Living Hope rests in encouragement simply before our eyes

And then written on our hears and minds-

To love Him is to love His Word,

To love His Word it to love Him.

-Gary Bertnick


Busy as ants

Who come and go

Timeless work, work, work

While the seasons ripen

So their harvest gathering continues

For soon the day will come

When all their work will come to an end.

Those who know the Lord understand

The One wo made heaven and earth in Wisdom,

Bees, ants and every living thing

Including us;

As King Solomon wrote Proverbs and more

He shared about a “time for everything”,

So the time for Kingdom Harvest will come and go as well

With our King always before us

The True Judge as His Father has commanded!

The end of the American “Empire” will one day be exposed

Others more powerful will seek to rule the world

Until even their fateful end at Armageddon!

While the earth waits patiently

Many Angels of Holiness ascend and descend frequently

Works of love and compassion flow out from Heaven’s Throne

For all God’s children

And others for God’s purpose in fulfillment of His Words!

The Spirit of Truth and Power Eternally busy

As our Lord of Hosts, Sovereign Lord Messiah Yeshua Reigns Supreme;

All works in his Name by His Holy Spirit

Done through His servants

Are of greatest lasting value!


A new song from a new heart;

Life had been difficult in the City

At times awful

Struggles within and struggles without

Suffering alone

And suffering with others the same,

Tears ended long ago with a hardened heart;

The end always seemed just a step away,

When the eyes closed at night

No sense lingered they would open again

For another day.

Then, he saw her at a distance

While walking along a street to work again

A barren path of dry boredom,

Yet, something different touched him

He stopped and looked again

Something about her natural beauty sparked an inner sense

As a sudden musical note struck,

The need awakened afresh

For something that is real, lasting

Beauty in his life was sadly missing

A dimension for depth far beyond mere existence;

And he watched closely as she passed by with some others!

Later, he took a Bible Tract from the hand of a stranger

Who always was humming a melody,

Someone he often ignored;

But he decided to try again

To seek Truth once more

Even after failing so before,

He would reach out for God

And truly try again!


The beauty of colors comes alive

Even hidden beneath the vast ocean waves

Amazing shapes and varieties of living plants

Of living creatures,

Certainly a treasure still waits to be discovered;

From a shoreline as the Earth spins slowly in peacefulness

The sunlight is seen fading as a spectacle of pleasure,

Then later the same light reflects from gemstones that dance

Jeweled radiance awakens the coastlines

With gladness and more energy to press on

And to seek to take hold of true life at last,

The “Light of the World”, the “Living One” we worship

Whose Eternal Beauty bursts from purest eyes

And joyful smiles of His Heart

That consumes with Merciful and Tender Love;

He captivates our hearts, souls and lives!

*He is our refuge and strength. -Gary Bertnick


His heart is always bowed before Heaven’s Throne of Majesty

In Peace and Rest forever

Committed to honor his King

To bring glory to the Almighty Father;

The Jeweled Presence radiant with Living Light

The Father who willed everything and everyone into existence

His purest Holy Angels without number

Mysteries of Creation beyond human understanding,

Far beyond any imaginations.

Humility stands before the Universe in Wisdom,

Endless galaxies and their stars

Reverent silence before the Earth, Sun and Moon,

The Son of Holiness, the Living One

Who spoke “infinity into being”

Seated Gloriously beside His Father, the God who is Love,

The Redeemer whose Words spoke all into Creation!

A new child grows into manhood

And discovers through studies “physics”

His mind matures and develops pride in intellect

Then, later in arrogance he grasps at “quantum physics”

Prized in his mind and thoughts, he than surges into “astrophysics”

All held closer in his hands and soul;

Yet, not even a hint of God or the Creator of sublime beauty,

Such a thought rejected, never to be mentioned to another!

But as a baby formed in his mother’s womb

With a new living human spirit created by the Maker

The new child came forth into this world

Tears of innocence ran down small cheeks,

A male, a little boy to one day desire to taste “mystery eternity from within”,

Hunger for inner joy needed by every spirit and soul!


Another male, a true servant who bows before his Shepherd

Carries Heaven’s Spirit anointing about

He often takes a golden cup from the Hand of the Universe Ruler

And impartially offers a sip of everlasting Peace to any and all,

Even to another predestined child of God!

Compelled by God’s Love, in zeal to honor Messiah Yeshua,

From his anointed mouth he again speaks Truth in Love

While in a surprise encounter with a college professor,

His own tears of salvation joy shared then trickle down his cheeks as well

For this unique man he found lost at the end of abstract intellect

His journey that led down an academic road to nowhere but unending complexities,

But he now hears and receives what and who lives beyond the Universe in Final Authority

Far beyond the clouds of galaxies, all the stars that twinkle,

Now a pure vision given to him of the Third Heaven-

The Throne of Glory and Crowns of Power!

*Living water streams from the hearts of the disciples of our God

Workers who plant and water good seeds,

Divine miracles that sprout

And bring forth fruitful life with Peace and Eternal Rest!