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The Eternal Words spoken

Never fade or pass away

As the Spirit of the Lord moves on,

Creative power from the Sovereign Throne of God

Expands and then the Universe expands;

Just as the Holy Spirit moved over the Earth

And the waters that stirred in darkness

Incubated, waited

Lifeless and undefined

Then, suddenly grew more clear when the Father willed

And His Son spoke and acted,

Most Beautiful Creation below the Third Heaven was revealed!

Things too great to fully know

Far beyond all human grasp of understanding,

The natural mind so limited

Set apart from true Wisdom in a weak hold on reality,

By itself, spiritually dead;

But then the Father draws a man, a woman to Himself

Kingdom children through His Son and His Cross

And the Redeemer carries another child before the Throne of Justice,

Lovingkindness flows out freely in Truth

Washes and covers this new creation,

As the Shepherd goes forth

Guides His sheep in Holy Spirit counsel of the Flock

Even remnant Israel His inheritance;

The most powerful Spirit of revelation

Pierces the heart and soul

Enlightens the mind and human spirit,

The Breath of Heaven plucks out another one from death itself

In human spirit rebirth!

These many live out their lives of faith on earth

And are finally lifted up by angels

To appear at last as living sacrifices of worship

In praise and thanksgiving before the God of Love

Our only Trust, the God of our life.







I stand and watch as darkness flees

Looking out my window in quiet pleasure

The new morning light fills the earth and sky with delight,

Then the iridescent red on the throat of a hummingbird glows

Zooms past and stops at the feeder on our back porch;

The Earth continues to rotate

Night turns into day and back again

Simple things become most profound

As peaceful calm settles into the Rock Solid Presence within;

The God of Creation

Rules over all

Stands with arms outstretched

Welcomes all the children Home

Those many reborn by water and the Spirit

Kingdom children of the King Most High,

Knowledge that is Life rests within this heart

A humble man who stands and feeds as well

Drinks from the written Words of God read daily and meditated upon

From the Holy Spirit who moved upon the earth in the beginning,

Creative power of the Father’s will

Expressed infinitely

In greatest artistic delight

Exquisitely more than sublime,

Unending pleasure in what He has made

Jealous love for His own

Zeal that consumes His Son,

Zeal that swallowed up death for all time

And forever conquered darkness

And the “evil presence”

With purest, all powerful eternal Light!




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To stand alone in this dark world

And yet bask in the Light of God’s Kingdom,

“Bold and fearless”

A mystery to many others fascinated, drawn near

Who sincerely search and seek

Even try to pray and ask

Then knock on the invisible Door suddenly revealed;

But to others who scoff and look with pity and scorn

Mock and deride,

Reject and brush off any worth of such a one-

A believer in this Messiah, unseen Yeshua;

They hold little value in a slim view at best

Only a person “who escapes and hides from reality”

And refuses to be part of their world’s reality,

Their coming and going

To work, submit and build up their lives in a world of success

And even to become wealthy

To become a strong force in life today,

To be appreciated and seen by many others the same.

But those who separate from this world

Who seek the eternal Kingdom receive enlightened satisfaction

Stand apart from others, reach out with hearts of love and mercy

Minds that can embrace the weak and poor the same

Even those who clutch onto temporary riches

Male and female, young and old held closely in prayer

With Godly compassion;

Yet, often hatred rises and is returned

Disgust turns into persecution easily

By those who reject a Creator

Who will not repent and follow the Shepherd, ever

As they stand on top of a proud and selfish tower

Arrogance the light that brightens who they choose to be

Who they are to themselves.

The “sheep and the goats” will stand before the Judge

Even though their eternal judgment is already known.




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Clouds of doubt tumble about

As temptations and deception parade with false motives,

Though the Surveyor’s line runs straight and true

Still men rationalize about absolute Truth

Women compromise what they know

Even Sovereign and Holy Words written and spoken-

All out of nothing

In the Book of Genesis from the Father’s will

Creation through the Hand of His Son, the Ancient of Days;

And the Holy Spirit still moves over the entire Earth

Sky above and depths below

Nothing hidden from God’s touch;

A pool of crystal clear waters set before the Throne

And the Lord humbles Himself to gaze into it.

Falsehood rules and has become more than pandemic

Grounded in the “father of lies”

Rooted deeply in human nature

A man’s selfish motives, a woman’s base desires;

Even the best fall short as “self consumes self”

And both remain empty, spiritually dead

Lost in “nothingness”, forever!

Fog drifts continually across the city

Blocks the early morning sunshine

Carries pollution, chemicals and worse

Darkens the eyes of the soul

Dirties the body, suffocates the human spirit.

But Spirit Truth rises above

Cannot be held back

Stands high above the dark clouds of deceit

And self-destructive poisons of humanity.

A Savior stands True with most powerful deliverance

Always seeks the one who is lost

Who cries out at last with her heart laid bare,

His emptiness revealed in Heaven’s honesty;

Salvation for them both waits at their door

Yeshua’s Voice calls in faithful Truth as He knocks!



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How long Lord,

The heart yearns;

How long Lord as Your plan unfolds,

Your Glory is made known?

In quiet humility

Prayers in the Spirit rise up

They seek the Holy Presence

The High Priest on His Throne;

The heart and soul bow in worship

Then, a Hand reaches out to touch.

“Patience my child in new strength;

Your day has come.”

Wisdom that indwells has birthed much fruit

Even in old age,

Yet much more waits on the vine

Ready for your days left to work the fields

Though the Harvest is great

“And the workers are few”

Many are gathering now

To share the joy

To experience the Divine pleasure

As love is poured out freely

From one to another

Good seeds planted already sprouted

And the flock multiplies,

The sheep grow more mature in faith

Stand strong as disciples

And continue to reach out in the Spirit of Power

Filling the baskets with new fruit of eternal Kingdom harvest

Until the baskets overflow with a heavenly abundance,

Then the end will come

In the beginning of new life

For those many too difficult to count.







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The inner glow of Messiah’s Holy Spirit

Godly character steadily developed

The body temple cleansed and bright with Heaven’s Light

And the Redeemer’s Blood,

The work of the Father, the work of His Son!

Along the narrow road to eternal purity

Human nature always stumbles

But a hand nearby lifts and returns to the wise path of peace;

The Kingdom Gate waits wide open for us,

What an enlightened mind already perceives

True Hope sees more and more clearly

New life unfolding in each footstep-

“To love You Lord and to know Your love for me!”

While the old life fades away.

Many pretenders try to force their way ahead

Foolishness parades in selfish pride

Deceived and deceiving themselves even more;

A Gate made out of a single pearl

Remains far out of reach.

A soap box opera of lies, plays out

Drowns much of America through media deceit

In government, in banking, in business

Too many noses bow down into media cesspools

Daily chew on Internet, television propaganda

Dance along often on a garbage pile of feathered control.

Yet, how blessed are the people near and far

Who hear the “still small Voice”

The joyful sounds that flow with the Living Word,

The peaceful sounds of the Holy Spirit who indwells them!




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*I believe we are at the very beginning of the last seven year period written about by the Prophet Daniel.  Also, I believe America is at the beginning of a powerful harvest revival as taught by other servants of our Lord.





This concerns our Christian spiritual perspective, perception as a true believe of Messiah Yeshua in America, our present day.  Some write and speak of imminent terrible days coming upon us all.  Very soon, as related to God’s judgments and the rise of the anti-Christ and the Beast Kingdom written about in Apostle John’s Book of Revelation.  Clearly at the midpoint of the seven year period prophesied by Daniel that leads up to the Lord Messiah’s return to Jerusalem after destroying the Beast Kingdom, “the power of the holy people(Israel) is broken” and anti-Christ seizes Jerusalem and over throws the sovereign Israeli government authority.  The reign of darkness then begins a 3 1/2 year worldwide rule and terror for true Christians, for true Jews with circumcised hearts.

America has elevated itself above all nations, especially since WWII.  We have aggressively sought to hold the world’s economy in our hand.  This is true through our military and intelligence security bodies spread out across the globe.  We have become “Mystery Babylon the Great” riding on the horse of all other countries.  In the Book of Revelation chapters 17 and 18 our country’s fate is distinctly portrayed.  As we weaken and begin to fall, the Beast Kingdom rises-

1. First will be our economic ruin which is already beginning to happen.  This will foment much civil unrest met with police state forces.  Living in the wrong location will be a liability.  Basically a Christian must be where the Lord wants him or her to be!

2. Our military will become more scattered, divided and weakened.  It will grow weaker over the years to come.

3. Eventually, stronger nations will invade and carve up parts of our American land.  Led by China and Russia, America’s sovereignty will fail.  Survival of citizens will be by the hand of the Lord God!

4. Towards the end of this final seven year period, America will be physically nearly destroyed.  Before that the “Rapture” rescue will have happened.  The end for American Christians will have become a new beginning.  They are the survivors as the Lord Messiah spoke- “Those who stand firm till the end will be saved.”

5. So, as this very difficult time unfolds, how should we be; what should we do?

A. We should seek to become real disciples of Yeshua reading His Spirit Word, learning to pray without ceasing as Apostle Paul and to become completely sensitive to the Holy Spirit within us by the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Our own personal, intimate Pentecost!  Then to fellowship with others as we can.

B. Then His Spirit will guide our footsteps and determine our circumstances.  Messiah will make us awake, alert and watchful.  We will become wiser as well as shrewd and cunning.

C. We each will become completely dependent upon our Lord and Shepherd for survival till the end, whether through the Rapture or earlier body death.

D. Har Megiddo will happen.  The anti-Christ and the False Prophet of Satan will be destroyed along with their armies after nearly 3 1/2 years of forced reign of political, economic and religious tyranny and brutality.

E. The Lord Messiah Yeshua will walk triumphantly into His Jerusalem to establish His Temple and His worldwide thousand year Lordship of the earth.  All His faithful ones will be with Him.


REVELATION chapter 3, verse 10-

“Because you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will keep you from the hour of trial that is about to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the Earth.”


Gary Bertnick









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So many voices

Hard to hear each one

Clearly listen

To sort out all the noise

And sift the distractions

Weigh each in the golden balance of Truth,

Filter with the inner Peace of the Lord

Judge only by the Holy Spirit;

The Living Words were spoken long ago

Our Creator who made all things

Who spoke the earth into existence;

The Holy Son, the Redeemer finished all true work,

And what more can be said

After- “It is finished!”

Many pretenders work the Internet

Self-centered ones who use social media

Double-minded believers act out a script;

The One who separates sheep from goats

Flashes the fire of purity

Gospel Spirit Words refined more than silver

They rumble with thunder from the Throne of the Absolute Presence,

Holiness of God is the “line drawn”

In our hearts

In our minds and spirits;

The Lordship of our Savior honored

In each breath, every heartbeat given us

As time moves from day to day

And the Rock of Eternal Life remains the same,

Unmoved from the Father’s Glory!

A woman here and another there claim to be prophetic

But are not, though others are,

A man even parades about as an apostle

But is not, though another may rarely be;

Pastors claim to guide sheep

But do not, though a relative few do.

Often words written proclaimed as anointed

But are not…though some are,

“The Spirit and the Bride say ‘Come’;

” Let him who hears say ‘Come’.”

Now, who in your life,

In your own Christian experience

Can honestly act and do the same?





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The patience that comes from God

A steadfast gift, eternal reward

In an enduring Presence within of the Most High,

A quality of life that only matures

Grows in knowledge more deeply within your spirit,

A fountain of wisdom that bubbles joyfully all around

Confidently along each of our unique paths.

We grow stronger while waiting

Love grows wider and deeper and longer,

The good seed planted in tender love

Swells and grows

Bursts up through the earth

A sprout unknown, unseen before,

The Seed Planter looks with satisfaction

Moves about in loving trust of the greatest harvest plan;

The proven ancient practice of the Master Gardener,

From the beginning fruitful in His work

As He walks the fields, gazes at the many rows

Plants graciously sway in the breeze

Continue daily to grow

To mature in all ways

Prepared for the joyful harvest

Waited on, for so long!

Yes, time is lost in enthusiasm

A happiness in wonderful blessings

Good pleasures celebrated

When “soon” spoken of so often

Becomes the “now”

Seen in faith from the beginning;

The great freedom experienced

On your knees before the Lord of Heaven and Earth

Bowing in worship to our King of Beauty.




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The roots of our needs

In a human life,

In all mankind,

Compel good choices of lasting commitment

An enduring life of covenant with what works;

The body must be cared for

Food and drink, exercise and activities

Challenges for growth

Things to do, work places to go;

The mind must grow in strength and depth

Godly things meditated upon

Unique abilities developed, nimble and quick,

Concepts grasped clearly

The abstract daily made into the practical,

An imagination that soars

While footsteps walk this earth;

Yet, the human spirit often remains dormant, undiscovered

Until finally the Voice of the Divine One speaks

And suddenly our ears hear

Sensitivities begin to understand at last

Perceptions with wisdom held close, treasures to the heart!

The world breeds only an overwhelming abundance of needs

Troubles and difficulties

Time always wrestled with;

Other men and women cross your path

And stir your reason for being

Sometimes friendships build up, sometimes others tear down,

The struggle to grasp and hold what lasts, reality remains fleeting

And deep yearnings continue on,

Needs clothe the body and soul

Too thick and heavy in the summer heat

Too thin and frail in the winter cold,

The minds grows weary

As the needs grow larger

The lack, the dilemma grows clear;

Yet, how and where and who can satisfy,

How can these deep things draw comfort

And something called “inner peace”?

Then the path is led to a closed door

An invisible, small gate becomes visible

The heart chooses to bow and enter like a lost sheep,

Enters the freedom and fellowship of the Shepherd’s flock as another one found!