Alone in a vast sky tent of blue covering

Clothed with white, yet feeling very isolated

As a small island at times lost in huge sea waves,

Like the Prophet Elijah of old

When he fled far into the desert

Surrounded only by a barren wasteland

The blue sky as a harsh tent above

Scorching heat, cramping muscles below,

Hunger and thirst satisfied only by the heavenly Lord,

The Living One who sustains His own!

In the days of our present world

Circumstances overflow with conflicts within and without

Storms created by others swirl about

Endless people tired and worn out struggle

The many, whom are frustrated, discouraged and restless

Always tempted by anger and fear

Easily manipulated, even controlled,

The “evil one” as the constant predator at the heart of trouble

Savage and ruthless at all times

In every possible way

A “liar and a murderer”;

Compassion and kindness lost in the winds.

But anointed Elijah patiently endured,

Passed along his anointed role to Elisha, his brother and companion

Another zealous servant of his God Most High

Steadfast and faithful, true to his God of Truth, Lord of Hosts

And Israel’s eternal destiny!

Oceans seem endless and deepest to mankind

But fit within the Hand of the Lord easily,

The majestic sky goes on forever and ever

Yet, but a mere Breath of our Creator.

As the early Jewish Prophets and present Messianic believers

The Church, the Body of Christ scattered in nations

We are never alone,

Our Shepherd Creator remains intimately near

Even to our heart and soul,

Our Redeemer at our side constantly

Heartbeat after heartbeat, breath after breath!



Perfection in sight…Gary Bertnick





A. What can we say

He walked this world

Yet few even cared

He walked and talked and healed

But who really cares!

B. What can we do

He came in Love

To show true Peace

He came in Love for us

To show all His Way!

C. What can we pray

Mary cried out loud

Joseph paved a way

The life they lived in trust

As angels stood by!

D. What more to do

He cries alone

His Shepherd near

My heart feels the sorrow

Those lost forever!

E. What more to say

I’ve shared Your gifts

Given free to all

Yet very few say thanks

Their hearts far away!

F. Light of the world

His Light I see

His Life the Light

Arms reach out to love me

Once high on His Cross!

G. Beyond the stars  (Refrain)

His eyes of fire

Had eyes with tears

For all those He loved

Kindness, compassion!

H. He swallowed death (Repeat)

Lazarus but one

He spoke the Truth

Many soon to follow

His Love overcomes!





The Shepherd’s path made known clearly- Spirit faithfulness;

One step, one day at a time

Circumstances determined,

Environments and people predetermined.

Worldly troubles often near, even with a stumble or two

But the Hand of God reaches out

And keeps us moving forward,

There is no fear

But only love in honest measures experienced

The Peace of the Lord remains within the same,

From the very beginning Messiah’s Gift is unchanged!

The Hand of Protection reassured

Hope Rock-solid through and through

The “still, small Voice” is readily heard

As the Lord speaks comfort in guidance

Decisions wound about by whitest robes of prayer,

Sometimes only inner confidence needed to go forth;

To the very depth of the heart

We know who is in control!

Our footsteps never compromise Holy Spirit Truth in Scripture

Just as the inner Voice will never conflict with His Way of Truth

Holy Words written in our minds

Sealed upon our hearts

What we say and do to follow Holy Footsteps in Wisdom

With “zeal and spiritual fervor”

As the early Hebrew Prophets and Israeli Disciples

“True Jews with hearts circumcised by the Holy Spirit”;

The outer eyes see, the inner eyes discern clearly

What the Shepherd Lord desires in and through us

One day and new works, one step and new deeds

One person at a time touched with warmth of compassion in kindness

A prayer either silent or from our mouths

A Word of Truth spoken in love

Faithful obedience and righteous honor always given

As a pure offering to Messiah and our Eternal Father!



Perfection in sight…Gary Bertnick




Chosen by God alone-

The Way He works with us

Foreknown, predestined even before birth

The path to enlightenment set before your eyes and heart,

Desire given to believe

The deepest need to know the One above all,

The greatest treasure discovered

Most beautiful pearl of Divine Reality

Revealed by our Heavenly Father

Who draws us to His Glorious Son of Holiness

Holy Spirit Truth and Life made known,

Shown to all Creation as the Redeemer of Mankind;

Shepherd of remnant Israel,

Shepherd of remnant Gentiles.

High Priest forever as Melchizedek

Survivor of the Ancient Flood,

King and High Priest of an early Earthly Empire;

Even Abraham bowed and honored him after a battle for Lot,

In a foretaste of the Eternal King and High Priest!

I know a man who wandered aimlessly in youth

Torn within, conflicted thoughts

Frustration with anger, challenged through depression

A rough road leading to despair

In demonic activity wreaking personal havoc.

Then, the Father of Glory revealed His Son to me

His Peace instantly delivered me from the evil darkness

In an experience I did not yet understand with Scripture Words,

But an inner “sense of Life in Peace” entered my once shrouded being,

The Spirit of Grace when I was suffering in “spiritual death”.

In the depth of my existential being a choice was clearly given-

To serve Messiah Jesus in Life and Light as my Shepherd

Or to stumble and plunge forever into eternal darkness;

In full commitment I chose the “small gate” and “narrow path” of faith,

In Holy Spirit enabled, faithful obedience!


Perfection in sight…-Gary Bertnick







Rejoice all you who love the Lord of Eternity

Our King of the Universe

Messiah our Savior for today and forever

Who came in True Love revealed from Heaven to become our Healer,

Our Redeemer who purchased our lives with His Blood

The Greatest Sacrifice before His Father’s Throne of Justice and Grace

Mysteries within glorious mysteries

Shown through Sovereign Authority in Resurrection

As Yeshua taught the early disciples and Apostles to embrace life fully

And how to walk in His Spirit and Peace

The Foundation supporting lasting foundations

The “Rock that became a Mountain that filled the Earth”

Set before the narrow path of discipleship in splendor,

Chosen, gifted leaders of the early Church

Men who established the Body of Christ

Stood empowered, obedient to the Holy Spirit

As they followed the Shepherd throughout Israel, and the early nations

Then magnified His Peace over all the Earth,

His Holiness consumed their hearts with purity!

The One who made us as we now are

New creations for Himself and His Kingdom

Called to know His Love and Joy before the Glorious Father

Chosen to behold His Splendor and Majesty,

The Temple Golden Wings that cover beyond the Universe, into the Third Heaven

Strength of the Ruler of Creation patient beyond our understanding

Divine jeweled Authority that rises high above all mountain tops

Controls even stars far beyond our furthest technical sight;

His angels who love and revere Him with delight

Serve His works of Love as greatest pleasure and honor,

As we seek daily to do!



Perfection in sight…-Gary Bertnick








No place to go

Nowhere to hide

The body struggles severely with time

Heat of the day strains the mind

Thoughts become only tangled

What and who are important

It all turns inside out,

Even beauty of youth is forgotten;

A path once smooth with assurance

Becomes nothing but trouble

High points become low points

A thick wall blocks the garden entrance

Where flowers and good vegetables can grow

Things that satisfy the body and soul;

Rest and confidence far beyond the reach of the hand!

Neighbors appear the same

But more problems and distractions

Unfriendly looks, sweat marks streak the faces

Where tears of joy could be found.

The city, the state, the country caught in a net, a snare

Many places fallen into a deep, dark pit dug by their own hands;

Yet, a few hold a special Book near

Writings collected from long ago,

Distant voices of thanksgiving can still be heard

Though difficult for many to understand

Especially about a certain word repeated- “Repentance”,  “Repentance”-

Full honesty in complete humility before the Lord of Heaven and Earth;

The Book says from repentance comes deliverance

And with deliverance comes true refuge in salvation!

Many hear this and only groan and growl,

But a few do listen closely

And see more, much more,

They even believe and fall to their knees and pray to God

The One alone who can and will carry His own close

Into eternal refuge,

Protection and lasting care!






His Cross forever towers above Creation,

His Cross, our Cross

A mystery to so many- Death to the world

Unknown, hidden to most- Death to self;

To experience the “born again” life

With eternal sunshine on a day that lasts forever

As Apostle Saint Paul boasted- “The world crucified to me,

And I to the world”!

To “taste and see” the Kingdom of Light from Mount Zion

We must walk as our Lord did, separate from this world

A life of faith free from the evil one

Powerful Holy Spirit obedience rules

To keep in step with God’s Spirit of Truth

Free of spiritual darkness,

Our greatest satisfaction as Messiah’s Love compels us!

Servants of our Great High Priest- our Majestic King,

Followers of our Holy Shepherd,

Pleasure in the secret of prayers that mingle with Heaven’s incense

That rises before our Father and His Throne of Glory and Power

Treasured riches of sensitivity

Fully awake to the Word of God made alive

In the “Word made flesh” revealed and made known to each of us;

Prayers in His Name chosen to live by His Spirit of Power

His Cross of Redemption always before the eyes of our heart

Our soul bows in constant awareness of His Presence

In worship as we seek to walk this Earth

Like our Resurrected Messiah did

In kindness and compassion,

Humble and merciful in honor of our Father of Mercy

Confidence in Messiah’s Kingdom now our Kingdom!







To water the seeds

Do not forget

The sun scorches

The hot winds dry up the soil

Those who do not know

Who lack understanding

Even rebel and cause trouble like weeds,

They can harm others;

So, water the good seed within your heart

In the strength and beauty of the Word of God

The Holy Spirit of Truth and Life

Now at rest in our hearts;

Hunger for Heaven’s Bread

Thirst for Living Water to satisfy

To keep you healthy

At Peace with God

At rest in the Kingdom of Light;

Most precious Seed within

Do offer daily care

In meditation on Divine goodness with memories

In faithful honor of our Creator

In reverent love for our Eternal Savior

Our High Priest and Shepherd

Whose caring Hand of Love we forever hold near!




Higher than the heavens

Kindness revealed and now made known

His Love fills, resonates within the human heart and soul

He covers with Messiah’s unshakeable Peace,

My Creator’s Hand of unending Love

The One who “counts the stars and gives names to all of them”;

The unsearchable Greatness of His Father

“Who so loved the world”

And offered His only Son in Sacrificial Covenant

On the Holy Cross of surrender to humility and Eternal Justice

Shown completely in His Life of Love

Every droplet poured out for Earthly generations of sinful mankind!

To begin to be faithful like Him

To eat and drink His Spirit Life given

Hunger and thirst for righteousness a blessing

Oneness experienced in Love and Peace and Truth;

Divine Power of the Holy Spirit consumes, enables

Given to us

That we might live a new life

Foreknown for each one

The Kingdom of Light that surrounds more than any sunrise

The Holy Presence at rest in each person called, Spirit awakened

Each man and woman predestined,

Chosen to be a Holy Child of God

Things too wonderful for any of us to fully understand

Yet, daily we begin to walk closer to our Holy Shepherd

Our King and High Priest before the Father of Glory

His Throne of Majesty draws us near

Our hearts and minds begin to know His Love shown in mercy,

Saved from the darkest pit

And rescued from eternal cursed darkness

To escape the broad common road that leads to the “Lake of Fire”;

Our lives now- Children of Grace

Who stand strong, free and fearless in His precious Love

And now only begin to grasp, “to taste and see”

The height and depth of Eternal Truth

His joyful Salvation given and found,

Known in His endless Love,

The Words of the purest Book of Love come alive!


Perfection in sight,  Gary Bertnick





Gentle winds across the waters

Soothing waves,

Calming cool breezes on a hot day,

The God of Peace rules this day

Sovereign Master over the night as well

For “night and day to Him are the same”;

Messiah’s Peace rules the new heart

Reborn as in “John Chapter Three,

Heaven’s Gift of the Spirit of Truth in Love,

The Lord always in control!

But, why the confusion and chaos with violence?

Many rebel, more than stubborn

God haters, Peace haters

Who drink their own cup of judgment;

The few with wisdom and honor of the Holy One

Step back, stand free

Look always to the One above

Who gives true rest,

The Kingdom of Light radiates within

Their hearts made beautiful in salvation;

We see and hear, and truly understand

As the Sovereign Creator breathes fresh air upon the nations

And takes pleasure in His people.