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A wave of the Holy Spirit moves gently across the hearts

Flows into the soul

Warms with true spirit enlightenment,

The mind sharpens as a ready sword

Double-edged and radiant!

Things shown early

Now made fully known;

The King in His Majesty

The High Priest enthroned in Kingdom honor in faithfulness,

All purpose, all meaning in human existence soon to be realized

Joined together forever

In the Savior

In His salvation poured out

The oil of anointing upon us

As King David wrote, cool drinks of Living Water

From a stream and a river and a glorious fountain,

Disciples as Apostle Paul who boasted only of the Cross of Messiah-

“Through which the world was crucified to him and he to the world”.

All the faithful from all generations

Forever His Kingdom children

Who will know as they are known!



“We know that we are children of God and the whole world is under the control of the evil one. We also know the that Son of God has come and given us understanding that we may know Him who is true.  And we are in Him who is true, even in His Son Yeshua Messiah.  He is the true God and Eternal Life.”   1John 5:19-20




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The sun rises with bold and subtle colors painting the sky in beauty

Eyes are fixed, pleasure wraps about the mind, the soul

Simple things, as ocean waves wash the shorelines;

A weak, yet sincere prayer spoken in humility

Was listened to, heard by the One God above all who cares

Far beyond me, but closer today somehow,

As a search begun

Easy, plain Scriptures to daily read

At first over and over like a novel

Then more precisely as guided,

A pattern of heart prayers spoken

Always “talking to God” in honesty.

His Son truly known to be “the Key”

Certainly the “Door to Heaven” to enter,

The “Gate to the Kingdom” He shared often those years He walked the Earth;

And the entire Creation along with the earth shaken!

New life sprouted in Israel

A powerful Vine spread into the nations, all the tribes,

A seed planted taken root deeply

And now the same in me, a good seed taken root

Work done by Divine hands, joined to the One Messiah,

My prayers often- to grow and to bear much fruit in his honor.



“Do not love the world or anything in the world.  If anyone loves the world the love of the Father is not in him.  For everything in the world- the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and his pride in possessions does not come from the Father but from the world.  The world and its desires pass away, but the man (woman) who does the will of God lives forever.”   1John2:15-17









Like a sharp bolt of lightning streaks across the dark sky

Followed by thunder that shakes the ground beneath your feet,

I step outside the back door searching for quiet moments alone

A crescent moon set high above

Numberless stars sprinkled thickly from horizon to horizon;

Thoughts of being alone vanish

Swallowed by the physical presence of such greatness!

“Who I am, what I was and what I ever will be”,

Lost completely in the wonder of standing silent

And quietly looking at last, with an empty heart, a numbing vacuum

My soul yearns, longs and begs for a little more

That must be there.

In a moment, as a small child once again

I even kneel and gaze as far as I can

Then pray to God who somehow must hear,

And groan from within the emptiness I know-

“Dear God,

I do believe”;

“Show Yourself to me”.

And tears form, deep breaths of night air taken,

And I begin to feel something stir within

I sense that I am free, truly at last,

A difference that remains

A difference I know will grow!



“The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.  When a man found it, in his joy went and sold all that he had and bought that field.”   Mathew 13:44-46




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A faithful prayer that does not let go

But hangs on purely

Strength to endure given

To hold tightly about the waist,

As arms about one loved

In the Holy Spirit, from the heart,

Both near and far away;

A common trickle of needs

Can grow quickly into a stream that floods,

Our troubled and deceitful world

Traps, snares and pitfalls

Physical weakness and financial struggles

So many ways to stumble,

To trip and fall down!

But our Lord watches constantly and sees all,

Picks us up and steadies

Lifts up and brushes off

Cleanses anew as we continue to move forward

Eyes that are now fixed on Him in Truth

And do not look to all the sides and distractions

Or turn to the right or to the left,

An honest gaze firmly set in steadfast love

To live in peace as much as sincerely possible

Peace that rules from within our spirits

The Peace of Messiah who powerfully rules

From the only Eternal Throne of Glory.






My love only grows

Closer to my Savior

Nearer to my God,

Faithful through the Cross

Obedient to the gentle Spirit of our Shepherd

High Priest upon His Throne

Humility shown in greatest love for us!

As we each walk our unique path

A path of Truth

A robe of confidence covers our nakedness before the world,

Lord, Your gracious hand of favor upon us

Fearless with courage

Steadfast in love more and more

Perseverance and endurance,

Many sisters loved and brothers met who share this Narrow Road

Who also choose first a life of love in Truth

Peace that radiates out from within

Proof always of His constant Presence

Confirmed by love that compels;

In this life, in this day of troubles

I’ve chosen love first

And to walk as Messiah walked

On the roads and paths, city streets in Israel

So very long ago.



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Honest words rarely spoken today

Seldom sincerely shared,

As the hiss of a viper upon lips is heard

Bitterness chokes the throat

Painful honesty without courage

Without integrity

Without Godly character

Absent a Godly Presence,

Like chewing gravel

Before spitting out more lies.

Government leaders serve themselves

Corporate leaders the same

Only lust and greed for more

Idolatry the parade about cities,

The banking centers, even Old London,

And others in our America!

Many religious leaders most often worse than mere hypocrites;

Goodness talked about

While Divine character forever lost,

Salvation and Glory no longer rests on God alone.

What waits in our future?

Pray, then open the Book and read-

Among other true Prophets, John faithfully recorded what he saw and heard

The “Book of Revelation” clearly shows the near future

Of the West and the East,

Of the North and the South, the Islands of the seas

Of Russia and China

Of Europe and of Mystery Babylon America;

And of Israel.

But who will take it to heart

Bother to look and listen;

How many have “ears to hear”

And eyes willing to see,

Even more, hearts willing to believe?






To give with nothing held back

All that we have

All that we are

The true value measured only by the heart,

Depths of love reach out

Cleanest, freshest waters from the deep cool well,

Even when all strength is thought gone

Pure spring water rushes up into a fountain;

Personal needs weigh so little on a scale.

To give with a loss in the eyes of the world

Is to receive greatly with Kingdom riches

Jewels that sparkle with eternity

Treasures unknown to most

Yet fully embraced by those few who carry their Cross!

Daily we experience redemption

Death to self and eternal new life in Messiah;

A heart reborn is free to be very generous

Holy Spirit enabled,

The favor of our Heavenly Father rests upon us

Authority of Yeshua’s Name carried as most precious.

To give as He gave

To love as He loved

To know Him and His greatness

As we walk the golden streets of New Jerusalem one day,

Riches unimaginable in Heaven’s treasures soon to be revealed

By One who loves to give

What the world never can!







The dishes and pans are dirty

A smell hovers in the air

Old food on shelves, empty “refrig”

Expired dates rampant,

Rugs and even walls a problem

Sinks and toilets as well,

The outside of the house

In ways worse than within!

Somehow he finally looks and begins to realize

He sees as hands hang limp,

Feels the weight of so many needs

Helpless, despairing until he remembers what he once heard

From a stranger who acted like a friend

What was spoken

And he thinks of God

And His Son,

Then he cries out, too…

Tears mix with sighs and groans;

The God of Compassion hears and reaches out

Touches another one known before birth

Loved from the very beginning.

The heart and soul are cleansed

Much is forgiven and washed away

New life begins to sprout

The shell of the body becomes the house of his reborn spirit

And later as a “temple” preserved,

Habits and laziness are changed

Appetites ebb and others now flow

The cloud of deception fades away

Truth comes more alive in the new Shepherd’s love

His work grows more pure

His ways are changed

Character glows in righteousness

The house neglected, abused no more

Life daily a new pleasure to honor the King

To learn to worship in Spirit and Truth

A life of praise and understanding

The Light of Life in thanksgiving.











When we stumble or even fall

Trip over ourselves or others

In what we think, what we say

What we do or don’t do

And silence suddenly grips;

Yet, when you’re down it becomes much easier to bow in humility

To humble yourselves before God

In the honesty of true Light,

A heart opens, tenderness exposed

Common weaknesses shown, the thread we all share.

What we reach out for just beyond fingertips

Always out of touch,

Frustration can turn to anxiety or anger and back again,

But if a simple prayer is spoken

Help asked for from above

Needs openly  shared,

A new day dawns and we stand up straight

Cleanse and dress ourselves

Then move again through that “door”

Step out onto the path of confidence that always waits,

Sunlight shines brighter

People easier to look at

Some even to smile with and speak to,

Laughter shared;

The Lord of Life renews our strength

Brightens the sidewalk, the street and the road

The Way of goodness seen again more clearly,

New challenges await

Satisfaction to follow

A portion of fulfillment to grace our new day!

We are fully reminded who we live for

Who Shepherds each day

As we live out our numbered days,

Salt and Light given to all

Love for ourselves and our neighbors,

The strangers we see with eyes of wisdom

Maybe to sow a good Spirit seed

And water a few seeking to grow;

Each day we start again

Closer than before to Him

Closer to the Lord

And His Kingdom of Fellowship and Oneness.





Asleep in His mother’s arms

At rest in His Eternity

Child of Heaven

Endless Gift to the world

A sleeping baby without a worry

Without a worldly care

Settled forever within His Father’s will in Sovereign Peace

Greatness in absolute simplicity of trust

Greatness in humility shown to all,

Even the One “who humbles Himself to look upon the Earth”.

Sleeping baby without a need

In His Father’s comfort and care

In His Father’s Royal Shalom!

A tiny hand clutches the Universe

As the Kingdom opens wide arms to all little children,

And a tiny fist set to crush all spiritual darkness-

Its evil prince and all who follow him

In willful rebellion

Evil for good,

Hatred for the greatest love given and displayed

Lies for Truth;

But a New Jerusalem is prepared for a new Earth

As both wait on the glorious wings of Divine Destiny!