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Who truly lives

Stands strong and confident

While compassion and peace rule the heart and soul?

The mysteries of life are hidden deeply within what cannot be seen,

Words are spoken that the natural ear cannot hear;

The human spirit withers,

Walks a barren desert alone, overwhelmed with thirst

The sun beats down

And the evening chill grips without mercy.

Then the Hand of Grace in Mercy reaches down

Lifts the man or woman in need

And reveals waters that revive

Truth that covers with cleanest warmth

Bread that is more than food

Life that rises above the common earth,

Soars with angels among the stars

Walks in humility the roads that lead to streets,

Streets that lead to homes and places of simple dwelling

Where human needs are gathered

Often in desperation, often in poverty of despair

“Without hope and God in this world”.

He stands as a new vessel in strength and walks by faith

A heart freely poured out

Offered with no cost to anyone, everyone met

Prayers of love pour forth, spoken and unspoken

Compelled by Heaven’s Holy Spirit Love

Forever steadfast along the only Way of Truth,

His Shepherd’s most narrow road for Life

Walked so long ago

Footprints of footsteps always fresh to follow;

Like many others he walks by faith

Gift to believe by the Savior given

Supernatural strength to move forward along the Kingdom path.

Humble prayers offered for many are heard

Those who will someday, somehow embrace good change,

Enlightened, plucked from the fire, saved from the “second death”;

These too will fall to their knees in repentance and in worship

After sudden waves of revelation from God

Just like Paul, Thomas, Peter and many others of their day,

Emerald rainbows will encircle them like James and John

And even remnant modern Israel!

Eyes formed by their Maker will see with full enlightenment

Ears made by their Creator will hear with clear understanding

And new Light will glow from within their being as well;

They too will live and walk by faith in Messiah Yeshua

Standing strong till the end.




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“Love never fails…”

Love always carries another close to the heart

Strong arms that embrace

A steadfast will in commitment,

The hand of God upon you;

Nothing can distract or pull away

The body, soul and spirit anchored in solid Rock

Authority of the Holy Name of the Lord

Most secure in Godly refuge;

Forgiveness covers with freedom

Birds flock to seasonal homes far off

And freedom returns in more fearless, shameless love,

A Peace settled forever within a strong Tower

Untouchable, high above this world.

As a glow from above descends

Goodness encloses another one chosen

Nothing can separate what God has joined together

Eternal fellowship of sacrificial love

The fragrance of Life poured out,

Never to be held back

Though a most fragile, delicate beauty.

Honest eyes look into the pure eyes of another

They take pleasure in what is sensed

Like in covenant marriage, the other always first

Freely offered continually

Lived out daily;

A “Kiss of Truth” often shared as minds are renewed

Hearts are enlightened

Wisdom from Heaven calms as the future waits in Hope,

Kindness in such brightness from Messiah

Grace that draws each closer,

Closer and nearer to You.


Christmas Blessings.





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The center of the world

Land of all destiny

Focus of true purpose and lasting reality

Chosen from before creation

Home of spiritual revelation

Home of eternal Kingdom rest,

Throne of the Jewish King, Lord of Hosts

Place of eternal Covenant Peace.

One day the Lord will walk down the long hill,

Mount of Olives covered with his strides of Glory,

To cleanse the Temple and the Temple Mount,

Multitudes to line the path with purest worship

A celebration without end

In triumph of our God of Truth,

Majestic abundant fruit of our God of Love!

A thousand years of wonder soon upon this Earth, His Earth

As continual jubilation

In anticipation of the New Jerusalem,

The most beautiful Bride to descend from beyond the stars.

His chosen place of triumph from ancient days on

Good over evil

God’s Truth over Satan’s lies

Light over darkness

Human spirit rebirth over hopeless selfish slavery to sin,

Splendor and abundance over emptiness

Hope fulfilled over any hint of despair

Eternal Life over existential death and nothingness in torment!

I and my family will be there to bow before the Ancient of Days

Yes, along with many times many others

Prayerfully including you and yours!


*Have a blessed month of December 2017.



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GRACIOUS  WORDS- Testimony of Youth



In a troubling circumstance

Long ago, gracious words were spoken

A breath of sincere goodness

Through a friend’s kindness in honesty

And through the mystical work of the Lord of Mysteries;

Things were said in a moment

Simple questions were asked in humility

And suddenly, a cloud of numbing despair lifted

The light of true understanding began to break through;

This cloud never returned.

Beauty of a new quiet, a new calm settled within me

A warm blanket of comforting peace on a cold night;

With little understanding, I stood amazed

Enlightened by the simplicity of such Truth

Shared openly by a newly discovered woman friend,

Freedom offered from beyond my own grasp;

Something good entered my heart and soul

A “Seed of Promise” never to leave.

I stood that night in mysterious calm

After battling internal conflicts for years

In numerous relationships and youthful circumstances

Struggles that ebbed and flowed

Pulled and tore at me finally into weak inner shreds;

My youth abused and nearly stolen.

Yet, the dark force disappeared in an instant

As the Name above every name was revealed

The highest, the greatest authority,

To believe in Him,

And receive His gift of faith!

Jesus, the Door to answered secret prayers opened

Before I even knew how to pray;

Finally, I took hold of the Absolute One

Messiah’s Truth later slowly read,

Tasted daily, then seen and heard,

Soon to always fill and flood throughout my being!

His Holy Spirit led a continual Scripture feast

Words written from the very mouth of God,

What our Creator had spoken,

Our Redeemer, the Living “Word made flesh” made known to me

One day, one step at a time

Year after year after year

My new path, a narrow road into an endless future;

Sure Hope, richly alive in me

The Way of eternal Life,

The King of Truth now my Shepherd

My God of Trust,

Who begins at a moment of need by honesty

In your unique circumstance,

Among special caring people, special new friends.






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To experience His Cross

Is to eat His flesh

And drink His blood,

To daily know His Sacrifice in our loving sacrifice,

We kneel in prayer, hands lifted to the Father

As we live by His Spirit, Messiah’s spoken Words;

Oneness alive through the Cross

Ceaseless prayer as Paul before the Throne

New Covenant Life shown clearly, purely in the Holy Spirit.

To be miraculously joined together with another

Even a man and woman in lifelong marriage,

A most beautiful bride given completely to her groom

Just as the new husband lives first for his wife,

Two become one in a mysterious way.

The Heavenly Father of all creation has given His Son,

Over centuries and many generations

The Son works to gather His Bride

To bring Glory to His Father

All joined together in the Holy Spirit

The Kingdom Body of Christ, His Church,

Born to walk as He walked

A life dependent, lived in and through His Father;

Likewise we live in and through the Son.

Our human spirits feed as He fed

With constant prayer, the Living Word and faithful obedience,

We eat His Bread

We drink His Wine

As Kingdom Life faithfully lived out in eternal fellowship;

A natural walk becomes a spiritual walk

A Kingdom walk that no longer belongs to the world,

Joined in New Covenant oneness to Israel’s Messiah

Our Savior.

Holy Spirit food for one and for all,

Flesh and blood sacrificed on the Cross

Now experienced in death for Life,

Our cross daily carried

Light for darkness in death to self

Death to the world as it is,

Life only by the Holy Spirit

His Words written on our hearts

His Name sealed on our foreheads

As Yeshua’s Cross we taste and see;

Now joined forever as one

Brothers and sisters united

Both near and far away

Always together with our Lord,

Expressed in a foretaste with a marriage covenant-

The bride made ready

The groom prepared, ready and waiting

Like their King, on radiant tip toes.



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They walk the sands of a long shoreline

Beauty and power collide with each strong wave

As it rushes over large rocks,

Sunshine steady and clear

Low mountains nearby

The bluest sky as a majestic canvas above

A pleasing wind moves through the hair

Caresses the body;

They hold hands in love

Joined together years before

Now, daily refreshed with inner calm and gladness,

Passion in deepest trust while growing together;

And here, nearby a natural setting of delight

A living mirror that magnifies what their hearts already know!

Bare feet easily move the sand about

A rich blanket of warmth all around

Goodness bursts through moments that stretch on and on

Much as the shoreline of  this isolated California beach,

“The Lost Coast”, unique and truly captivating.

Again the waves rush in powerfully

Yet, reach their boundaries

And quickly retreat;

Like memories from long ago linger, then are forgotten,

Love has triumphed over worldly troubles

Mercy over judgment

Forgiveness over bitterness

The waves of the past come and gone

Blessings from high above numbered as the grains of beach sand,

Like stars up beyond the sky show the endless Source

Even as the many children of the Father of our faith, Abraham;

Ah, the beauty of the ocean, the beauty of this beach,

And the vibrant beauty of a man and woman glowing together

Two who have become one!.





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With thanksgiving closer to You

Today more and more with a thankful heart

Closer to You Lord;

Father, draw me with Your loving Spirit

Nearer, closer to Your Son

Messiah, my Holy Shepherd

My “first love” forever;

Oh King of my life

Peace of my inner being from my youth

Your Presence, my refuge,

Creator of all essence of human purpose

A woman’s life and beauty

And a man’s path and strength.

Give encouragement I pray, for all the children in need

The homeless, the orphan and widow who wander alone,

All those who know they are lost in this world;

Savior pluck us all from the fire of justice

Even ones snared by dark spirits of lust

Pornographic appetites and delusions, acts of desperation

And every self-destructive perversion.

Cause me to shine brightly with Heaven’s Light

For my brothers and sisters, the strangers I see on the street as well

Some glimpsed at on the Internet,

And to walk in fearless love with faithful acts

By word of mouth

Even things I’ve written and shared in love

Gentle things, tender and sensitive things.

Lasting treasure, to touch another heart in need with goodness

A mind with thoughts in knots

Those pulled at and toyed with by this world and its evil prince;

Lord of my prayers keep me in step

Led by Your Holy Spirit of power and authority

Sealed by the greatest Name;

Equip all your servants, enable them to see and hear

And to walk in confidence, with constant assurance.

Lord Yeshua, Master of the Universe, Ruler of all creation,

As Your humble disciples, keep us at Your side

Persevering, steadfast in love, enduring

Thankful, faithful to You, to and through the end.







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My new body, heart beating and blood flowing

Your unique body, hormones and thoughts and breaths taken,

Now clothed with purpose

Wrapped warmly in divine meaning,

Meant for the Lord as a vessel of honor;

Grown within a mother’s womb

Spirit created by the Creator,

Shape and form made by invisible hands

Foreknown, most intricate, most delicate

Mysteries of beauty in treasures developed

Even respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems

Yet to be fully lived out

Or understood.

Another human temple meant to honor the Lord of heaven and earth

To stand in strength

To rise above this world

And walk the Way of Life in Messiah’s Truth

The Shepherd’s walk of triumph

Victory in faith just as the Faithful One,

The path of life over death;

Purity of spirit, soul and body

The beauty of a woman’s form

With inner strengths and sensitive intuitions,

A man in stature and wisdom with favor;

Eyes to see and ears to hear the heavenly Voice

Daily revelations cover both as clothing, whitest white

An embroidered gown, jewels of holiness inset

Diamonds of a renewed mind

Powerful inner strength of the heart,

Gems truly refined in Heaven’s fire.

Sanctified, cleansed in true lasting beauty and function,

Radiant light from the eyes

Bursts of glow from the soul,

These human beings alive in Yeshua

Glorified body in waiting,

Exquisite resurrection body to overflow with love,

Resonate with Divine Peace

Now safely sheltered, a refuge and a hiding place

Within your Kingdom destiny.


INNER  BEAUTY (repost)



The spirit, the heart so radiant

Love in beauty draws near

A growing desire to become closer than friendship,

The work, the beauty of a True Artist sown into a woman

And, into a man’s form

In a supernatural work of splendor reflected,

New Life of the Holy Spirit given

The great Gift of Love from our Father through His Son

Foretaste of the promised Resurrection

With new ears to hear

And new eyes to see

And a reborn human spirit to know!

Oh, the Majesty of our Lord

To receive the Shepherd’s eternal touch and care

Each person,

One at a time chosen

All redeemed to taste and see

To fully experience the Kingdom joy of salvation;

Our Savior’s blood

Our Savior’s sacrifice of love poured out for each one of us

Each man and woman, each child clothed in purest white

With the greatest intimacy before Him,

Then purity in fellowship with many millions of others.

Our King of abundant mercy

Our King of Destiny

The One who chose us in foreknowledge

To be truly beautiful in His sight!

All of us with Messiah’s glow reflected

The Light of Heaven’s glory

His Holy Spirit radiant

The jeweled Light of lasting inner beauty from deep within,

The exquisite work of the Greatest Artist

With creative power beyond human words

Yet, spoken in the language of Abraham and Isaac

Even Israel His covenant people from of old;

The Presence of His Life now within us

Our human body, soul and spirit

And soon a new “glorified body”,

Resurrection Life given

When the world, when we each had nothing.







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GOSPEL (repost)



The Holy Sword is sharpened

Words from the mouth of the King

With all power and authority

Kingdom of creation rests in His hands;

The Living Word

Word of eternal Life, both now and forever

Spoken and written, given freely

By complete Sovereignty of the Holy Spirit.

The “Word made flesh” walked the world as human

Our Redeemer in obedience to His Father,

He became like us

So that we could become like Him;

New life from the “Breath of Heaven”

Spirit Life flows from the mouth of our God,

Sharpest golden arrows  of purest fire fly from the Throne of Holiness

Every target of deepest human purpose and meaning,

Each man, each woman pierced through the very heart of their being.

All creation by the hands and work of the Creator,

Reality spoken, rises from nothingness

Barren emptiness of a natural soul

The universal dilemma of mankind;

“He spoke and it became,

He commanded and it appeared”,

And who among us hears

Who really hungers for Truth

Who yearns for understanding

Who longs for earthly grasp for heavenly things?

Vessels of Messiah’s authority go forth

True servants led by the Holy Spirit of power

Spread good seeds of peace and healing both near and far

As the Shepherd of Love reaches out through them

Seeks the repentance and revelation of all

Salvation to be given by the only Savior.

Heavenly passion awakens in another

New freedom to approach the Holy God in humility,

To daily begin to discover the hidden treasures

The pearl of Kingdom wealth

Found in our Lord

Seen in the Lamb of God

Received from the King of Israel,

The King of all true Jews.

Remnant Church, Body of Christ throughout the nations

Radiate the Gospel, the Living Words of our Lord within us and about

We are His children carrying the Kingdom jewels of Truth

Shared by our own mouths from our new reborn hearts

His Holy Seal upon our foreheads

His Name forever written on our spirit and soul.

A humble farmer walks through his fields

The ground about dry and weeded

He shakes his head and simply prays-

Father, in the Name of Yeshua

“In wrath remember mercy”.