Drawn together in God’s compassion in Love

Pure in fellowship as true believers

In loyal friendship as followers of One Shepherd

A heavenly Kingdom family marked by His “Royal Spirit Seal”

Psalm 23 Divinely experienced fully by many.

The Holy Spirit Truth and Love joins two together as one

Like in Sacred Covenant Marriage,

But a reflection of ancient Adam and Eve

Divinely created and Divinely brought together;

Faithful overcomers of the world

Even through troubles and pitfalls

Victorious in every day challenges

Triumphant through gracious and zealous commitment lived out daily,

To love and serve our Lord Messiah first!

“He and she” steadfast in seeking Truth

Even Yeshua’s Holiness revealed in Israel’s early days;

Truth in new life given,

Spirit Truth in death to self

New life begun through the Gate of Messiah’s Cross.

The endless heavens above declare the unsearchable Glory of God

While the infinite details of the Earth and mankind

Uniquely show the complex Creative Artistry of His Hands of Perfection;

His “Tent of Love” covers us all as One Body

The inner need revealed in hunger and thirst

To know Him more and more;

As King David clearly shared and fully experienced

To become one with the Resurrected Faithful One

And with each other as His Living Church

His eternal Body of true disciples and followers,

Believers powerfully, wisely drawn together!


Sequoia and Redwoods tower above and remain so

We stand nearby and lift our heads and eyes in amazement;

The Ruler of Creation tells us to also “stand firm till the end”

Even in the face of aggressive hatred

And violent persecution through spiritual darkness!

Our life is precious in God’s sight

His Sovereign protection and care forever remain True,

His abundant care in kindness soars high above the Earth

Far beyond those who love only themselves and this world-

The selfish many who have chosen the “prince of darkness”,

As for one reason or another, they bow before their “father of lies”!

An eagle seen glides far above in the sky as a reminder,

Our greatest pleasures in life-to honor and serve our God of Love

Who reigns from high above

And calls us to sow seeds of Truth in love for others,

Then to water them faithfully

To encourage those near and far in prayers

Through pure Holy Spirit Gifts freely expressed

Generously shared as we walk in our Savior’s Peace

And do what our Teacher has shown and taught us to do,

Just as He walked in faithful kindness and compassion

To love first His Father in obedience,

Then laid down His Life for all mankind;

Our Redeemer, our God of Mercy takes our hand

Enables us to look into the heavens

And guides our footsteps along His Narrow Path,

The One who gives us His Strength to patiently endure while in our body

Until we stand free at last in the Towering Presence of His Name

Eternally secure, protected and untouched

Until in fellowship with countless Angels of God

We stand firmly in Gracious Eternal Love before the Throne of Glory!


Human nature has fallen down

Those who long ago stumbled from the purest Light of God

Into the consuming darkness of the world,

Fear instead of love

Anxiety in place of Peace

Then, only hatred follows,

The sins of rebellion and stubbornness

Self-destructive at best,

Blinded even to our Creator’s Reality-

His will for us to become Holy and Truly Beautiful;

A scorching sun bursts upon the heads and hearts from the beginning

And only continues to this day drawn out!

Yet, the Love of our Maker has found a True Way for Life-

“Mercy has triumphed over Judgment”

In Holy Spirit Truth and Power

As all Justice has now been met

Fulfilled in the Eyes of the Almighty Father

When His only Son swallowed all death

In separation from His very own Life!

The “eternal sacrifice” of our Redeemer

More than can be understood completely by humans

Yet revealed and experienced in Divine Mercy

Only by “enlightenment” from above;

Forgiveness in repentance before the Throne of Sovereign Authority

Becomes he Joy of Salvation

In rescue, deliverance from darkness and the “evil one”

The aggressive, ruthless destroyer

The “father of lies” to Eve(life) and Adam(man),

And to all generations of human beings!

But Majesty in Glory now made known to mankind

Salvation birthed in our Savior

The Beauty in a New Life through HIs Greatness revealed

New sanctified bodies, souls and spirits to be freely given;

The sacred cup we now drink in humility and honor,

The cross we daily carry in faithfulness

Transparent honesty with our Royal Shepherd

Who we forever love and follow!


“We live by faith, not by sight.”

As we keep our shrewd distance in Wisdom

From the darkness of the world,

Cunning with understanding as we come and go

As we “rise up and sit down”,

We have learned to Trust our God alone

And to be patient with all other people

While covered within and without by Peace,

The Gift given to each of us by our Messiah!

Each one chosen, called to Holiness

Sealed by His Name on our foreheads and His Spirit within

Our name in the Book of Life written forever in Heaven!

A life of love is faithfully lived out by His children

His most powerful Anointed Words our “Daily Bread”

Prayers from our heart stream up before the Throne

Our desires, Holy Spirit moved and stimulated

And our Father’s delight at what is spoken!

The sincerity of pure motives

As Yeshua’s Love compels us all

Our yearning to be obedient and honoring to our Maker

Worship of the One who showers blessings upon us from above!

Our future, our Eternity rests in His pleasure;

Though “not of this world”

We make every effort to encourage, bless and even rescue others

Many who are unknowingly enslaved by the “prince of darkness”

The father of worldly lies

Soon to be cast far below,

Then later destroyed!


As humble servants of our Lord there is much work to do,

Kingdom children all need encouragement

Friends to build up in love

Living Words to share with other in Wisdom and discernment

Men and women always with other human needs.

The Name of Messiah Yeshua to speak freely, openly to strangers

Any and all who come across our paths;

Always honoring our Maker in our bodies

Meant to be kept clean, moral and purely self-controlled,

Merciful to others as His Mercy lifts us up

Even after we trip, or often stumble along our different circumstances;

Our narrow road to perfection is not easy but hard

But our Perfect One is always near to help us!

The Shepherd takes our hand in kindness

Forgiveness ready to cover, and to encourage us to “press on”;

In gratitude and thanksgiving we gratefully do move on,

Our Lord knows what we are made of

“He remembers that we are but dust” in our flesh!

Yet, we know He will beautify with Holiness His own

He will strengthen us in Holy Spirit power,

Soon we will be radiant with His Majestic Light,

Our High Priest and King will show us His True Beauty,

The Joy of Salvation will forever be ours!


White fluffy clouds drift on by,

Cooler winds blow about below

As a hot day becomes pleasant,

Gladness once held back is released as inner freedom rejoices;

The “God who is Love” looks upon us in kindness

True Compassion rules over all, even generations of Israel,

Often the stubborn and rebellious nation until justice in discipline

Washes over and cleanses;

Repentance again finally settles all back down into a new rest.

The descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Remember who they were and who they are to be

Now objects of Gracious Mercy from above.

Adam and Eve were delivered from serpent Lucifer

Then later Abraham’s descendants through his son Isaac and Israel’s sons

Are delivered from darkness as well!

The fresh strong winds moved across the Sea of Galilee

Yet, Messiah spoke for calm, and it was so;

Another day Yeshua spoke- “It is I, do not be afraid.”

While He waked over the waves to their fishing boat,

Soothing, calming Peace ruled that day,

The same Peace now rules our days tenderly

The winds of any storm become gentle breezes in confidence

For our Sovereign Lord rules completely our never ending days!


Strength to endure comes from the Lord

The One who is our strength,

The God of Peace looks upon us

All that His Hands have made

Generosity always in Kindness

Abundance of “new bread” for the body and soul

As nothing is wasted

But everything is preserved for good to “press on”;

My chosen ones before Me

Kept safe and protected day by day

To grow up and mature in faith

And to learn the Godly dimensions of My Love!

All until the vision is fulfilled

And their mission complete,

The work given to each unique person

That My Kingdom may prosper

And My Purpose be clothed in robes of holiness,

All My children gathered before the Throne of Glory

From day to day since birth

Strength of each heartbeat

Strength of each breath of air drawn within

Strength of each footstep taken

The strength of oneness in fellowship love that endures

Like a marriage with the fruit of children and grandchildren;

The remnant stronger with growth in knowledge

The Anointed Church, the Body of Messiah, My inheritance Israel

Together until the Day of Joyful Destiny

When the Heavenly Eternal Wedding is celebrated

And Sovereign Strength is Majestically displayed

In the radiant Light of Kingdom Glory

“Strong in the Lord

And in His Mighty Power.”


No in between concerning the Way of Truth in Life,

New Covenant Love already given

Made known to all true Jews

Then shown to all the world

From generation to generation on display for all nations,

The Cross of Redemptive Sacrifice

The “empty tomb” of Resurrection Authority,

Eternal Life- the Holy Spirit anointing of God’s Blessings

For any and all who turn from this world,

And seek only God

All who believe in their Creator

Any who love first their King and High Priest, the Living One!

Each person is called and enabled to listen within

To look and see with hearts open

To search for Heaven’s treasures, to seek, pray and find

And to come at last to spirit and soul rest

In Peace and Divine revelations given.

God’s Truth is Absolute

His Mercy teaches Grace and Faith

Justice flows as well only from the Majestic Throne

Judgment upon all nations the same-

Armies, military and intelligence warfare will come to a sudden end,

They will wilt as wildflowers with the scorching summer heat!

Each person who closes his eyes in rebellion

Who stubbornly refuses to listen and look

Who rejects the Savior and the Redeemer who is “Truth”,

Is cast away into darkness

And consumed later by eternal fire.

A miraculous bridge crosses the great divide from death to life,

Only the faithful ones to the Lord Messiah

In humility can begin the Journey with Him,

And only the faithful to Israel’s Shepherd Yeshua can ever finish it!


The Cost measured by our Savior

Who left His Throne of Glory

And the Majestic Light of His Father,

Countless Angels of beauty and power

And His Sovereign Authority in Oneness of God!

The Faithful One consumed by Kingdom zeal

In selfless obedience to the Almighty,

As He walked the narrow path He Himself created,

Entered the small gate He had formed,

Spiritual fervor on the narrow road of Holiness He lived as the Redeemer!

His Father draws us near in our need to believe in Yeshua,

Enlightenment from His Throne alone begins our belief and faith in His Son

Grace carries us into the Shepherd’s Flock

The Shepherd’s Peace and Holy Spirit Truth oneness

Raises each of us to the Throne of Heaven;

Holy Spirit Strength and Messiah’s Beauty and Power

Clothe each man and woman purely in new internal spirit rebirth,

Anointed Gifts of Knowledge and Strength

Enable us to walk in Kingdom Faith,

To turn away from the selfish world of material possessions

The egocentric life experiences that fall short

And prideful motives and evil desires, lustful and greedy;

Messiah’s Cross consumes us in Justice

As we die to self and then steadfastly follow our Faithful One

We carry our own cross in knowledge of our God of worship and praise

Revelations of Wisdom and understanding have just begun,

And thankfully will never end!


Those who truly believe and know the Living One

Humans chosen, enabled by the God of Mercy;

They walked the earth before but did not really understand,

The sun radiant upon all plant life

And on every form of animals

Plus the birds above, the fish below,

Then all unique men and beautiful women who come and go

Some stand out but most only fade away

Yet, new children born a most wonderful delight;

Many do stand in awe of the night sky

With countless stars in heavenly beauty beyond the earth.

The heart tells them there must be more,

More to their life than what is now seen, heard and done

And their heart begins to seek

Their mind searches for what is real and lasting

As they honestly look and begin to hunger within

The heart and soul only thirsts

They read what they can, listen to others who share,

Then reach out to another who seems to know, but does not,

They journey about the earth but return empty!

Finally new words, and an old Name is heard differently

And suddenly the deepest need is met, discovered as a mystery solved

The Way of inner Perfection becomes His Peace given!

The Holy One from above spoken with honor

Knees are bowed, arms lifted in prayers;

Another person has been chosen by the One who made us

Given freedom to follow and learn more of True Love

Belief that matures into Eternal Knowledge that become inner strength

Wisdom in humility for another true believer

Who can stand firmly in God’s Kingdom Light!