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Large fluffy clouds paint the blue sky

The comfort of surrounding love

Warmth as a smooth, soft blanket on top of cozy sheets,

In familiar assurance

What is real

And what should be true;

Everything and anything expected

Yet, always shielded by stable, ordinary change

No surprises to catch you off guard

Even while expecting the unexpected

Always ready in the Lord of Peace,

The bright flames of Divine Hope never put out!

Trust in God, the God of your life

Trust in greater power and authority

The One who made the eye so that we could see

Who created all we can behold

Who gives our spirit rebirth so that we can know

Even prayerfully touch His heart;

Ears to hear

Hands to touch

Emotions that begin to sense all greatness

Mind and soul to grasp the abundance our heart can seek

The search for discovery in treasures of mystery;

Those who love us and care

Those we can love and offer care

To help bring growth in quality of experience

Whether in the shelter of a nest

Or on the road

Or walking an unfamiliar street,

Endless trust in Divine guidance carries with Holy Spirit wings,

Many angels also guard our paths

The Family of God, His Church reaches very far and wide

Our Heavenly Home we can now taste and see;

Good will be worked out in our lives

Each step of your way

Our personal good will be worked out

As we continue to travel Home.



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All power

All authority on display

Before the Universe was spoken into the most complex motion

Before the sun and moon in union

Long before the Earth was given shape and substance

Most artistic, intricate forms and functions,

As a tapestry of delight

Exquisite beauty before the Kingdom Throne,

A large standing pool of crystal clear water

That blazing eyes look upon

Behold all of creation set before Him,

Infinite details captured in a glance

The incredible wonders of endless circumstances

The excellence of humanity

With sense of eternal being

Desire to know perfection

True fellowship as we fix our thoughts

Look first only to Him

And then honestly look into the eyes of our loving neighbors,

And again we see the beauty of our Lord’s radiant Light!



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Garden of my delight

Good seeds planted in abundance

Watered freely

Often each with a touch of love

Just as Living Water flows from the Great Throne

Tenderness, strength nurtured deeply within

Rises in our love shared as my arms and hands reach out to you,

Just as my heart radiates with care for you

To draw near, to embrace

To hold close;

The soil made so rich

Turned, stirred and fertilized with natural purity given from above

Ah, weather just ideal with sunshine and rich moisture

As the sun shines with a blanket of warmth

The light of the day stretches long into the brilliant sunset

A pleasant breeze soothes,

Then the rain falls from the generous sky

All in  melodic times

Like a special song from innocent youth remembered

Uplifting, caressing the soul and invigorating

Oh, the moments of refreshing honesty expressed,

The listening ears, the caring eyes, words of kindness spoken

Depth of Rock solid commitment

The true love that bonds,

Bodies and souls joined

While spirits soar together

The Winds of Heaven breathe life covering all

Even the nakedness of innocence,

In greater love from the God of Greatness

Poured out upon all the Earth,

Even upon all the willing of the world;

Poured out upon each of us because we know

Such gifts of lasting beauty

Such wonders of the Heavenly Kingdom

Fully made known to us in faithfulness

From the Majestic One

The King of Faithfulness now alive in us both;

Most radiant, beautiful fields of flowers spread out on all sides

Shapes and colors and sizes beyond human imagination

Most beautiful fruit displayed by the hand of our own Creator,

His delight, our Lord of the Harvest.



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If surface beauty enthralls

What of the beauty that moves out from the soul

Refreshes life all about,

Rises up and outwards from the spirit

Offers richness to the world;

If what can overwhelm, engulf the senses with appearance,

What of the true splendor of royal majesty

The King of Creation in His beauty revealed?

Our eyes capture images of mountains

Fields of California wildflowers near Yosemite,

Streams of water that become rivers

Displaying waterfalls of greatness

That finally rush into the waiting oceans of delight

Bodies of water with waves as hands

That calm and wash the shorelines of nations;

Evil stands and looks out from the same to destroy,

Good bows in gratitude to God for showering such beauty.

Truth always seen in lasting beauty

Beauty seen always in the Spirit of Eternal Truth,

In God’s sovereign timing

The beauty of a new child

The beauty of a flower blossom

The wonder of a woman’s beauty

Glowing eyes of enlightenment

Even an elderly woman resting in confidence,

Or the radiant eyes of spirit rebirth

In a young beautiful woman who walks in Yeshua’s peace

Fearless in Divine Wisdom

Strength in complete freedom.



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A. Here I am

In all my weakness

Here I am, on my knees

Struggling to just hold on

Here I am alone

Reaching for your mercy

Here I am, with tears again!


Chorus-I need you

How I love you

Day after day

Moment by moment

I need you, my Lord!


B. Here I am

Poor in heart and soul

Here I am hands held high

In all my weaknesses

A rough hardened stone

With nothing good to show

Here I am, to touch again!


C. Here I am

Your mercy covers me

The shame of selfishness

Without a thing to say

Except please forgive

Show me new Light of day

Here I am, to pray again!


D. Show me Lord

Your touch of such kindness

Gentle with my spirit

So tender with my soul

My body struggles now

But your Words are so pure

Here I am, to love again!



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Walking in faithfulness

Like the Master

Guided from above

Spirit led,

In the circumstances of life

Overflowing with Divine purpose

“Meaning” that anchors each day

Carries often with angelic wings and swords drawn

Soars through the common earthly ways

Even through daily difficulties

Conflicts and challenges,

Tensions and stresses all too common to this place

And to all people.

When you hold the Savior’s hand

You walk with His Peace indwelling

A stream of pure living waters flows

A greater knowledge wells up

It enlarges the heart

Enlarges your footsteps of our faith

The Heavenly Gift in powerful actions

Yes, even prayer as the most “practical work”

Ready on tiptoes

Fingertips move mountains

Shake the valleys

Straighten the crooked things

Smooth the rough roads,

All that Prophet Isaiah did and wrote

Lived out in his amazing life

With a “glory cloud” all about,

A servant of servants

Faithfulness fully celebrated

On display for all souls then and now

His obedient prophecy for all times,

Even our own, today!



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Two are better than one

In the warmth of friendship

Hands held tightly in comfort

Assurance as hearts drawn together

Close in understanding

Closer in sharing and caring;

Each held above the other

As love supports,

Even while the tent of the Lord covers

Spread gently over and around

Such beauty of Truth glows brightly

In Zion, the wonder of new  life together;

A comforting Presence anchored in Hope

Love proven true and faithful

When steps in honesty are taken one after another

Up one mountain  of trial

Then down another in confidence

The test of humility through the thick forest,

Along a river’s mystique

And into and out of elegant valleys;

Landscape lush or landscape sparse

Sands of the many seashores

Sand of a desert trek

Pleasant sun or scorching heat,

Two are always better than one.

Loneliness flees away

Weakness and vulnerability calmed and quieted,

Abundance chases all “nothingness” into intellectual abstractions

Assurance peacefully prevails with strength

Reassurance towers high above

As we both move forward, together in life,

Always forward in covenant love

Pressing on hand in hand, closer to the Lord.



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Spirit walk, to keep in step,

We see the finish line revealed before us

In the race of true peace we run

Grace the holy Gift that carries

Swift Spirit wings of our Father given

Footsteps of the Great Shepherd clearly before our eyes;

Loud commands, gentle whispers within our inner ear

Ancient translations to read

To daily feed upon simple, pure Bread

Drinks of worship to follow,

The discerned plan of sensitivity and obedience made into a pure, clear stream

Living water, the Way of Heaven, a glowing silver cord

In sublime honesty to always honor the One above all

The Lamb who is worthy to be praised

The purest religion of worship our souls created for

To always love the other first

In prayer brothers and sisters above ourselves,

Covenant love that escapes the sting of the first body death,

Then escapes the second spirit death;

A powerful eagle that soars

Even a tiny bird that flies tirelessly along,

Away from the “lake of fire” that now waits for judgment’s final call!



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The Shepherd’s power woven within authority

In the pure flame of Divine zeal

Holy fire of the God of Love;

Nothing is hidden from the sight of the Lord

Every thought, every action

All details of infinity seen and remembered,

Then, in foreknowledge, Justice stands to consume

Thunderous winds roar about the Throne

As coals of fire are flung by angels to the Earth,

Mountains melt

The entire Earth shakes

Every creature trembles!

God stands in judgment

The King who came once in the humility of peace

Carries a sharp sword now as Judge.

Most powerful Words spoken

Echo forever throughout the Universe

They enclose His sheep

Protect His own with arms outstretched

These ones now rest in eternity beyond any threat

Even in our bodies enclosed behind

And in front

Hand of the Lord gently upon our spirits.

The enemy often comes near to us

But only sees “the lake of fire” that waits for him

And for all his many slaves like-minded!

More than a wall of fire,

The fire in Messiah’s eyes

The fire in Yeshua’s Words

The fire in zeal for His own who He loves;

The fire in His gaze devours His enemies

Then settles calmly upon His Kingdom children,

Eyes of blazing fire.



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The beauty of youth glows

Zeal in brightest eyes

Eager to reach out for favor

For acknowledgement and success

Just to love and be loved,

Or some for attention and fame and wealth.

A woman seemingly fresh from childhood

Held once as a baby,

The same hands guided her first footsteps

Then, on she ran to physical and emotional maturity;

But then, some  offered themselves as a bold step into artificial light.

Modeling photographs, videos, movies and worse

Prostituting her outward beauty in shame

Even promoted as art;

A tragedy for parents

Sadness for true siblings.

Yet, how can these few turn back

After taking the cold hand

Embracing the coldest heart,

To become a willing tool

As a shining, shooting star quickly to fade.

The flesh grows older

And the luster lifts like morning dew in the hot sun,

Still the hand of her Maker remains held out

Freedom the gift that patiently waits

True beauty from Heaven the lasting prize,

Eyes filled with Holy Spirit brightness

Innocence restored that sees the King

The One who highly values each of us,

The King in His beauty now before her

With kindness and mercy that washes, cleanses

And clothes with purest whiteness.

A young child gives a bouquet of dandelions to her mommy,

A Kingdom child in radiance picks flowers of delight

From a vast garden of brilliant, living colors

To give to honor her Lord!