We saints, as servants all “fight the good fight”,

We believers as followers of Messiah put on the “full armor of God”

To keep separate from the crude worldly balance of love and hatred

Played out by the children of darkness willingly or unknowingly

In the places where priceless souls waste away,

Small children and their parents

Adult men and women who should know better

Who long ago could have bowed before Heaven’s Seat of Mercy,

Yet, go about their lives unaware of eternal goodness

Adrift on the dark sea of fear, pride and self-satisfaction;

In large cities the faint stars of dim night skies rarely looked at,

Stars of heavenly beauty seen at best with a vague glance

By those who fully embrace the comforts of the world

Content by what is held in  hand

At rest in possessions and the hunger of desire only for more!

And what of their children

Groomed to be with the same appetites,

While the “father of lies” moves steadily in his evil powers, warmongering

He who forces control over nations, how much more those who love the world,

And ignore the shortfalls, the short comings of endless suffering and poverty

Even close ears to the growing sounds of deadly wars and the rumor of more!

Evil men and women, rulers who wickedly stir the pots that constantly boil,

Overflow in all directions with pain, death and grief,

Yet, these ones celebrate their own wickedness

Deceitful leaders who smile and wave,

To them peace is but a wasted opportunity!

Then, they only conspire to destroy more;

These “war hawks” live out Satan’s lies,

Warmongers who celebrate their lives of greed and arrogance

Join willingly with the seductive fallen angel-

Lucifer who at last has been cast down to the earth from the heavens;

All of these persons are destined to be thrown into cold, dark prisons,

Then, after final judgment

The raging fires of eternal torment wait

As Justice from the One above all heaven and earth,

The God of Peace and Love Sovereign over all His Creation!



*Among others, contemporary prophecies of Dumitru Duduman are relevant and

compliment the Scriptures.  What he shared is worth reading!





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Wings of prayer

Carry us high and near

To the very Presence of the Throne,

The Throne of our Father of Glory;

Prayers in the Spirit mixed with incense

Offered from the hands of angels

Rise before the Presence of the Holy One of Israel

“Our Redeemer, whose Name is the Lord of Hosts”,

The Aroma of Messiah Yeshua, the Fragrance of Life!

The innocence of a small child

Is met only with gentle love and tender kindness

The Father’s will

Always at work even as His Son, our Lord,

Nothing is wasted

Everything we say and do, even our thoughts

All Kingdom efforts at true obedience

To care for another as ourselves

To reach out for family and friends

To love the strangers while cloaked in wisdom

Discernment in the Holy Spirit

As we act out, live our faith daily, fully

In step, led and guided by our Shepherd,

Such wings of innocence rise up

Carry us even closer to our God!



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Compelled by His Love

Just as the angels who serve You,

We are fellow servants of the God of Love;

Our greatest joy

To know You and serve You

The Royal fruit of praise and worship,

The Life Father, You willed

Then, our Yeshua spoke it, and it became!

Messiah commanded and it appeared

Even His Redemption as He shouted- “It is finished!”

In the beginning the Holy Spirit moved powerfully across the waters

The formless Earth

And all came from Your Love

Through Your will and Holy Words through Your Son,

Glorious existence only in Your Presence!

Holiness and crystal clear purity

While Your eyes of consuming mystery

Look with a penetrating fiery glow into all Creation

That stands within a widened pool as water before Your Throne!

Your greatness our Lord beyond understanding

Yet revealed in the Anointed One

The “Joy of Salvation” made known;

We bow in humility as Your children of mercy

Blessed beyond all earthly riches

Showered by treasured Grace and Messiah’s Peace

Eternal wealth sealed upon our hearts and souls

The Name of our King written on our foreheads,

Predestined in foreknowledge, chosen and purchased in Redemption-

The Sacred Blood of the Lamb

The “price” only the Father Truly understands,

While His Son hung from the Cross, tortured to death

By pagan Romans, as those who loved Him were kept at a distance.




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We hunger and we thirst

For our Daily Bread from Heaven-

“The Word made flesh”,

The Anointed Man who walked in the limitless Holy Spirit

A Savior, as salvation for all generations past, present and future!

The Living Word is the “Gospel”

The “Gospel” message is the Living Word;

Life found in Him alone

The Son who is and was and is to come

The Resurrected One who destroyed death

And freed all mankind from the fear of death

With enlightened minds of Spirit revelation of forgiveness,

To Adam and Eve and all their descendants

To Noah and his family and all their descendants

To Abraham and Sarah and all their descendants;

The sun shines warmth upon us all

Rain falls upon our heads, runs down our faces onto our land

Colorful flowers of beauty with aromas sprout forth,

Gracious Love covers the many who walk this earth;

The goodness of our God is shown clearly to be impartial and generous.

He who satisfied “eternal justice” upon the Cross

With the impossible made possible

As He opened the gate of freedom for the sheep,

Opened the door of deliverance for any and all to walk through,

Sins of human nature, sinfulness met with Sacred Holy Lifeblood Sacrifice;

Redemption and forgiveness poured forth with Grace and Peace

New Life from the Living Word who spoke all out of nothing.

The Voice of God now written on ancient scrolls with Spirit power,

The Faithful One justified what we now experience in treasured richness!

From the fallen kingdom of mankind to the new Kingdom of Messiah

No eagle can soar so high

No storm can dim the Light that shines

As we each meditate on Written Spirit Truth

And glow from within to His Joy and Glory

While we absorb the Living Light through the “Word made flesh”!



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Facing death

While holding the Shepherd’s Hand of Life,

All fear driven off

By the Redeemer who always stands at our side,

Holy Shepherd of Peace who overcame the world

The Faithful One who triumphed over all darkness

Who crushed all the power of Lucifer beneath His heel!

The Savior of mankind shown in the Father’s Love

Revealed through ancient chosen Israel

Made known as John the Baptist prepared hearts

At the Jordan River that still flows today,

Repentance and turning from the world and its self-destructive ways

Death to self and sin nature by human spirit rebirth

Joined to our God of Love whose Cross towers above Creation;

Messiah of the True Kingdom sealed the future of Peace by Resurrection,

His display of absolute authority and Sovereignty!

Arms of the Lord open wide to each one of us

Greater joy than when the angels sang with shouts of joy at Creation

As the Earth was formed in greatest detail

The new home for humans to live and reflect heaven’s Glory

Seen now in the eyes of our Savior

His joy of salvation radiant to all of His own.

The Holy Spirit gives us Life

Eternal revelations of Messiah Yeshua our Life, our Kingdom Way

Clean and pure, vibrant and Majestic with splendor like the Third Heaven,

Brought home to men and women,

His servants, children who live on His new earth with a new heaven above

Promised by the Father!



***”Death” is the eternal separation from God.  “Life” is to be joined by God’s Holy Spirit to our King Messiah Yeshua.  The present body is destined to return to the original source.  Without the Lord’s Spirit, the human soul and spirit are lost.  A second death waits for their final judgment when they each stand before Messiah’s Eternal Throne- The tragic fate for all who seek to live apart from the Creator.





The Day is coming

The Day is almost here

When all the seeds,

When all the “trees the heavenly Father has not planted

Will be pulled up by the roots.”

All the false believers, pretend Christians of the nations

Liars, deceivers and schemers

Fake pastors and leaders, false prophets and prophetesses

Will be exposed by Heaven’s Light,

Consuming fire in the Holy Eyes of the High Priest

Piercing looks from the Sword of the King of Jerusalem,

All will be seen for what it is!

Whether stomping about an executive office

Or the realm of a bully financial leader

Central Banks, governmental pyramids,

Those blowing loud horns to manipulate with endless propaganda

Or the cunning shrewdness of intelligence agencies worldwide,

And  the ruthless arms of various military octopuses

That hold and strangle nations;

All the deceivers will fall flat before the Throne of Truth!

The many who drink from the cup of their Savior

Are risen very high in wisdom and discernment

As servants of Love and Peace

They wonderfully know the Spirit of Truth;

Though long suffering and endurance in perseverance

They “do not delight in the death of anyone who dies”

But take great pleasure in those who seek the Lord and find Him,

Though He is always near!

Countless prayers for the lost souls rise with incense before the Throne of Mercy;

But we know sadly, not all will be saved,

From themselves or others, from the world and its “dark prince”,

Not all “will taste and see” the goodness of Messiah Yeshua

But will be forgotten in our Eternity.




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DELIVERANCE / (Psalm 70)


All who call upon the Name of the Lord have faith,

And all with faith seek their Lord

To walk as He walked

In the Holy Spirit power of Truth

Living Words upon the heart and soul,

The world of darkness overcome

The strength of the enemy becomes weakness,

Vulnerability of self, experiences the Cross of Messiah daily

Each new creation clothed in the “Armor of Light “;

Demon spirits, fallen angels who sought only to destroy

To drown in depression and despair, fear and loneliness,

Are cast off as worn out clothes, worn out thoughts of the mind

The waste of this earth returned to the dust of the earth.

The Father of Grace and Mercy

Draws another and another

Even more men and women into the arms of Love and freedom

Yeshua who gives rich treasures of Peace and Wisdom

The “Joy of Salvation” in His Joy!

The Holy Spirit from the Throne of God indwells

Enables and empowers another human to follow the Shepherd through His Gate

Into the pastures of Divine Presence

The sheep who clearly hear His Voice

And follow their Messiah alone!


*”Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is

there is freedom.”






“GRACE and PEACE in foreknowledge”,

The Greatness of our Father

Sovereignty of our Lord Messiah Yeshua

In whom all needs are truly met by the Hand of God,

Inner most desires revealed to our selves

What the heart longs for discovered;

The mind painfully yearns

While Mercy looks down from Heaven

And Love touches with final healing

Awakens the human spirit from a death sleep,

The only One who cares embraces the needs

Even things misunderstood

Blinded by human confusion over existence

And all the work of the fallen angel,

Darkness that covers the body and soul

The preyed upon spirit of a man or woman dormant

In a sleep smothered by a veil of  lies,

Corruption the ugly fruit of ancient rebellion against Truth

And the Sovereign God of Creation;

Rebellion and stubbornness against a righteous life

Honesty flees as a startled bird

From the True Way of Life by a Savior, the only Redeemer.

The world swirls about with worry and anxiety

Even anger and hatred with violence,

False riches and quickly fading wealth

As real eternal treasures wait for the man who desires them

The woman who chooses to reach out with innocence, as a child of God

Another who delights in what is pure

A Love that never fails

A Savior, the Shepherd of compassion and kindness,

And our Father who never gives up

Our Father who never gives up on you

Or your neighbor!




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A STILL, SMALL VOICE (Prophetic Word) 


A simple, small Voice of powerful Truth

Calm and soothing

Yet, new strength rises within,

The Spirit of the Lord speaks

Comforting Words, Words of encouragement

As the God of Love shares

And guides, counsels along your unique path;

The Shepherd calls and who answers,

Very few, but your heart thrills

The Light of  Life glows in your mind and heart,

Tears of longing well up

Yearning to be closer to Him

At His side, before His Throne;

But the “Workers are few” as He proclaimed

The time is short, the needs and the work great!

Your spirit, soul and body stand tall and strong

And answers- “Here I am Lord, send me.”

Peace speaks once more within, of details and timing

About the tribulation years now upon us,

Lucifer and his army cast down upon the earth,

Israel and Jerusalem the focus of all conflicts to come,

America suddenly, quickly to be ruined,

The Beast kingdom to rise up,

And before the final wrath of God

The fruit of His Earth is harvested in the mystery of the Father’s timing

By Messiah’s all-powerful Command;

Then, the march towards Armageddon will develop

And be completed with our Lord Yeshua victorious

Triumphant as High Priest and Eternal King

Glorious in His Temple, His Jerusalem,

Him and all His armies that follow Him!






A peaceful wind blowing this day

Upon those who know Him

In the midst of songs of rest and trust

With Kingdom melodies

Most simple, most pure

New strength to lift a heart

Renew a mind

Fearless courage to carry along a difficult path,

Tears met with kindness and comfort

Stress melted away by a tender caring touch

Divine Holy Love dwells in the most secret place

The secret temple within the unseen human spirit

A place of timelessness within a soul

Domain of creation by the Creator,

The true mystery that only Holy Spirit revelation unfolds!

Our Shepherd stands at the shoreline of time

Prayers received as sweet incense

Fragrant light wind across the waters,

Gentle soothing waves lap the clean white sands

Rhythm in a moment of ecstatic beauty that lingers

Deepest and most beautiful drink of eternal calm

Peace in Truth that is Him

Quiet and rest even as clouds boil in the distance;

Destructive race of mankind,

A whirlwind soon upon us all.

The sheltering Spirit of our Messiah

The covering Peace, a refuge we now know

The Living Peace we trust

The confident Peace that carries us all

As strongest arms full of small children

Safe on a dark stormy night!