Humbly in constant reverence,

To bow in prayers and adoration

Then kneel before our Lord of Holiness

In endless thanksgiving and gladness.

Praises flow out from another heart

One of numberless anointed humans chosen to know Eternal Life

And destined to live a true life of love faithfully;

Humility clothes our heart and soul

We become more sensitive in purity

As Wisdom and understanding grow with Grace

“We know whom we have believed!”

His trust is ours, Rock Solid Perfection forever,

His Hand of deliverance keeps evil at bay, in control.

We always speak the Truth in Love

And walk the Earth in Shepherd Messiah’s Peace,

We do not serve for money or simple common wealth,

Heaven is our Home of Beauty

Yeshua our Teacher-Shepherd guides our path

He meets all of His children’s needs as we hold His Hand in Love

He alone is our present Hope and our future fulfillment

The Living One we love and honor,

Our Savior who gave His Life for us

That we might walk the “Narrow Road to Heaven”

Until we kneel and bow before His Throne at last

Surrounded by Angels and the true believers fellowship!


Awesome wonders of Holy Spirit revelations

Truth of Eternal Goodness from the Throne

Revelations of Majesty in Glory Light

Enlightened minds and hearts

Forever delivered from “darkness of the evil prince”

Kingdom splendor of joy always celebrates freedom

As a Voice shouts out loud- “Let the Peace of Yeshua rule!”

Then, everything becomes silence

A soothing quiet and calm settles down from above

The vision of a large mountainous hilltop seen

As brilliant Light radiates powerfully about

Even a blinding Light at first, until eyes can see

The Temple Splendor of Zion from Jerusalem!

On his knees, this one bows overwhelmed

Then the Voice again speaks “Come up here!”

In the Spirit he suddenly draws near and bows once more

Until a Hand touches him in kindness

He stands upright and somehow looks-

The Joy of Salvation is the Savior

Who rejoices in all His disciples, delights in His followers;

The “Word made flesh” who Truly Loves His own

The King of Kings, the King of Ages in His Beauty gently says-

“Welcome to your Eternal Home, My son.”


To run barefoot through the fields

On a nice summer day

Beautiful clouds settled high above

The sunlight soothes with warmth

A light breeze calms the day;

A country-side of pleasant wide open space.

You move about as if alone, but never really so

Laughter and gladness follow along

The joy of being alive in youthfulness,

Freedom energy to embrace this new day

An Angel or two certainly stand nearby

The Lord of Hosts certainly at your back and front,

You know He takes pleasure in your creation, heart and soul

Another man He made to celebrate being alive

A new person wrapped in the comfort of Eternity

Peace from within streams as a pure spring of water

Love begins the day and ends the day the same

Then carries throughout the night,

The Lord who sustains, the Shepherd who guides

Our Lord who pours out the oil of anointing

Upon a man’s and a woman’s head and heart

Blessings from Heaven that will continue on and on,

And never end!


In faithful confidence

An inner calm of assurance in Peace

The pleasant stream of encouragement through our faith

Grace and Peace at rest in Trust!

Separated from the ways of the world

Nations off and on into the threshold of chaos

Economies but a step away from ruin;

But the men and women who know the Sovereign Lord

Who are “shielded by Messiah’s Favor”

Understand the realities of our existence

We have learned to know the differences-

What True Life in Kingdom Light is

And what darkness of the “father of lies” means for mankind;

God’s enlightenment overcomes all evil

Holy Spirit Truth covers the Universe

Flows out from Heaven

Floods the Earth and clothes the children of God,

“Love covers all transgressions”

“Mercy triumphs over judgment”;

Messiah the Lord has spoken and commanded-

“To be still and know that I am your God!”


The Lord of Mercy

Our God of Compassion and Kindness

Generous in Your Goodness

Abundance of bread for the hungry

Along with fish protein for the thousands

All the families that come before You, hungry in so many ways

As You reached Lord, up into Heaven

And satisfied all the needs of the children and adults

Men and women alike given assurance in True Rest

Trust and Your Peace endures forever

Unending confidence in Your ready Comfort

Gifts from Heaven, treasures overflow

Healing Power and deliverance;

Israel’s only Hope made known to believers

Revealed to them in Holy Spirit Truth!

From day to day our many prayers rise up

Mixed with incense before the Throne of Holiness

Our needs draw us near to Your Love our God

The longing of all humanity comes true

Prophetic Words in Divine enlightenment

Lived out before the eyes of a generation

Shared step by step, day by day

As we walk the chosen path given,

Our existence, our creation

With the pure essence of meaning and purpose for our being!


The Life of Messiah our Savior given fully for us

Priceless Love beyond human understanding

Yet, as we begin to experience the Cross of Faithful Obedience

We begin to know and understand as His chosen ones

Truly the depth of God’s Love fills the Universe

Then even goes beyond without limits;

Many millions of Angels rejoice always

Celebrate continually in honor and pleasures of their blessed existence,

Eyes see the Throne of Glory radiant in Majestic Light!

Another enlightened woman came forth, bowed and showed her love,

She poured the richest perfume on Messiah’s feet

Mixed with her tears that ran down cheeks,

The Lord who had raised her brother from the dead

Now ready to sacrifice His Life for all mankind;

Bowed in humility and thankfulness, she embraced His feet

In reverence she wiped His feet with her long beautiful hair;

Her tears of honest love had purely overwhelmed!

As more and more we each begin to experience our redemption

We can only offer our own tears of love and praise to our Lord

Perfection seated before us in Splendor

Sacred, fragrant moments when we can truly look, see and hear

And joyfully receive the Eternal Aroma of Beautiful Eternal Life!


A good soldier of the Lord

Faithful in separation from the world

Steadfast, joined in Kingdom Love

Alert and watchful in service and “active duty” work,

Another one who “carries his own cross”

And follows only his Shepherd!

Good works assigned by true Authority, given to encourage others

Hands that often get soiled in fields of dirt

But are Holy Spirit cleansed;

Even demons avoid and flee the anointing displayed in such strength

Weapons powerful against the real enemies of mankind!

In this life commands are given

Obedience seizes the opportunity to do good

And to honor our Maker in Kingdom Service

Zealous work among the “poor in spirit”

Steadfast love clearly in step with the Ways of the Ruler of Kings;

The battles daily go on and then on

Though final victory long ago established and assured,

Foreknown triumph through blood shed

By our Savior and Redeemer Messiah

Who brought the fight to the “evil one” and his armies,

And the destroyer’s authority was completely destroyed!


Yeshua’s Peace indwells His chosen ones

His treasured Favor rests upon them in His Presence

Men and women called to believe

Separated from the world to receive Heaven’s Grace

New Spirit Life in Messiah who paid the Redemption price

Who drank the impossible “cup of Eternal Justice”

What only God could do;

The endless work of the Father to draw each one in kindness

His compassion for the lost sheep, especially the little ones,

The Holy Shepherd who gives true food and drink

As He tenderly guides the flock homeward bound.

The highest tower, the Cross raised above all Creation

Complete humility in faithful sacrifice,

To rescue all those he Loves;

All those foreknown to believe and receive and follow

The “few” predestined, who experience new spirit birth by the Holy Spirit

In the “Name above all names”, the Son of God,

Glorious before His Father’s Throne.

His Favor given in the richest oil of anointing,

“His Favor a shield about us”

Kept and protected, safe forever in His most powerful Presence,

Messiah’s Peace is now our own Peace

As we walk an enlightened path of confidence in forgiveness

The Way of Truth in a Life of Love

His Holiness grows within, until one day complete in His finished work!


“Now is the time of God’s Favor.”

As moments slip by in a human life

The “small gate” remains open

Our Redeemer then knocks on the door of our existence

He offers His Peace in True fellowship

Friendship given with endless kindness

Goodness to always flow through your new life, and heart,

A “shield of protection” rules His steadfast generous Favor!

Yet, most do not listen or even try to grasp

They reject and refuse to hear God’s Truth

Their life is egocentric, bitterly selfish and foolish

A struggle only to “get ahead” and to stay there;

Meanwhile years flood by with only fatigue

And then, the last breath is taken, the heart stops,

The end of their body life means judgment from above!

Our Holy God of Perfection is true to His Divine Living Words

Steadfast in Love as Angels fully know by awesome experience,

Merciful with compassion shown in generations of Israel, His inheritance

“Lovingkindness and Justice that flow from beneath the Throne”;

Messiah was violently persecuted and remained faithful through His Cross

The seeds of Favor our God sows in Love grow, blossom and bear fruit,

Kingdom Glory is revealed, made known by and in His Holy Spirit

When the Throne of His Majesty is purely shown to us who believe.


Gathered often before the Kingdom Throne of Glory

Angels our friends in Spirit Truth

Fellow servants of the Lord of Hosts

Power, strength and authority lived in joyful Wisdom

Consumed by zeal in Holiness

Forever faithful to their Creator God

Clothed in purity of Heaven’s Perfect Light

Constantly before the Sovereign Throne of their Almighty God!

They keep in step with their Lord to minister comfort and protection

For men and women chosen and called, foreknown

Children their delight, to encourage and give care

As they brush away fallen angels of deepest darkness called demons

Who take perverse pleasure in hatred of innocent human beings;

Michael leads the Warriors in protection of Israel plus all Jews scattered

He constantly faces down Lucifer the evil one

And drives him off into a corner

Until the day he forces Satan from all the heavens

To be kept on earth until the final pit opens its mouth to the “dark one”!

The battle in the world, on the earth continues fiercely

While heavenly blessings are poured forth by the God of Love,

As the Holy Angels delight in worship of their God

Each reflect and radiate the Beauty of Heaven

With eyes that truly see treasures,

Ears that hear songs of Majestic praise.