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They walk in faithfulness

Light of eternity beautiful in their eyes

Covered with Messiah’s peace in heavenly trust on earth

Clothed finely in confidence while in this world

Filled with assurance

Secure in abundance.

A Father’s pure and jealous love watches over each step

Each breath, each heartbeat,

Absolute Divine Sovereignty rules

No detail left for worldly chance

Or Lucifer’s game players

Dark pretenders who spin false control.

Precious in His sight, priceless in His blazing fire eyes;

Mountains melt like wax

The entire Earth trembles with a mere glance

All winds and ocean currents made silent and still

As one daughter takes a first step, then another new step

One child of the King moves out in steadfast faith

Now led in life by the Holy Spirit of God

In love, in relationships, in work, in business, in family matters

In all growth and maturity

An attractive tower of strength sculpted in lasting inner beauty

Body, soul and spirit made complete

Raised up in the sight of all

An example for many others, even on this very day!



The path of Kingdom peace we now walk

Kingdom of mercy as a living revelation trailing through time,

Gone once before with strides of power and authority

Redeemer clearly visible to all

Seen by all nations

Salvation in a Savior on constant display;

Absolute, triumphant in obedience,

Faithful love, conqueror of death!

Honesty looks into our eyes

A sword pierces the soul

Floods the spirit, nothing hidden

Everything put on open display in every realm;

Truth exulted in such a humble way

Meant for little children to grasp in innocence

To hold tightly with small hands

Ones that clutch onto toys

And small blankets at night,

Hold cookies and treats with flashes of pure joy,

Who hold on tightly with a trust lost by most every adult,

Discovered again by only a few.

A man walks in quiet confidence, a woman does so the same

With her lasting beauty at rest within

Tried and tested, a proven disciple of the only worthy Teacher,

Holy Spirit of Messiah most intimate

Precise and delicate and timely

Living Words lived out in another so precious

Rare treasure discovered in a field

Tender pruning of her life

Kind touches of guidance, forgiveness sown and reaped,

Heavenly wisdom pours out from these lips freely as healing balm

As ancient scribed Words come forcefully alive in one more;

They walk in confident peace

Complete trust settled into rest,

Bathed often in aromatic oils and fragrant perfumes

Clothed in glowing beauty more than Esther

Whitest robe embroidered with silver and gold

Radiantly colorful flowers gathered and formed into a crown worn

Her true beauty beyond earthly breath.



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Aroma of Messiah all about

Fragrance of Life a far reaching bright cloud before and trailing after

Richest atmosphere of revelation of Divine knowledge

Light gives birth to more Light

In Heaven’s righteous law of abundance,

Lovingly draws near another child so chosen

One who believed and received

Mysterious Tree of Life a longing come true

Continual feast at the richly scented table of delight

Bowed as Miriam at the Master’s feet those early days

Greatest pleasure of inner being,

Its perfumed essence revealed, carried along in gentle Spirit winds.

Once the Glory Light on the face of most humble Moses

Divine Words carried, written on stone,

Now eternal glory of the Holy Spirit

Written on this yearning youthful heart,

She moves in triumphal procession in Yeshua

Small gate of His Cross, our cross

Controlling grip of blind fallen human nature broken at last;

Now the narrow road of perseverance and endurance made known

Along with Heaven’s joy a gift fully received,

Fragrance of Life carries to distant shores

Covers mountains, things too wonderful

Described without human words

Greatness revealed in the greatness of our God;

A royal train follows royalty into the golden Temple of His Love

Gemstones, jewels sparkle all about, jewels that sing,

Even “Jewish Jewels ” sing as angels.

Thundering songs of worship rumble with voices of praise,

Hushed reverence as she enters

Another daughter of Eve, faithful as many others

From a remote part of the forgotten earth,

This daughter of Jerusalem offers the sacrifice of thanksgiving

Another woman brings pure honor before the Throne

“Seat of Authority”,  One who dwells with the aroma of approachable  Light.




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As the light waves of energy of a new day

Begin to wash down in rhythm

A good flow with a Divine gentle breeze,

My hands reach for the “Written Word”

Holy Spirit written through the hands of men so long ago

Holy Spirit anointing now given freely to read and to understand,

The “Daily Bread” spoken of so often

Clearly in the prayers of those who hunger and thirst for Truth!

Though men at times have muddied the clear waters

Changing words and phrases, coloring with fickle human colors,

The pure scrolls have been kept pure

Spirit discernment reigns, given by the One above all;

For the only Way of Life to be now revealed,

Made known to the humble men and women of generations

The poor in human spirit who embrace the Gospel

As spoken, as shared and as often read,

Children of the Holy Father enlightened

With radiance from His Majestic Throne.

The written Word reaches very far

Golden arrows, silver tips with keen sharpness

Fly from the Third Heaven

Always hit their target at the proper time

In the proper circumstances;

The radiance of the Holy Name reaches very far

Enters  many hearts and lives

Pierces with purest heavenly Light throughout the selfish world,

Then indwells, raises up all who are bowed in graceful humility

Chosen ones from every language and nation

All who walk the Narrow Road as Messiah showed and taught as recorded,

Even Israel’s eternal Prince of Peace.

We stand with Him at the shoreline of eternity

Shown much of the end from the beginning,

Great oceans flood over the land,

But we are like the endless grains of sand

And the numberless stars of galaxies.

We daily celebrate our oneness with the Bread of Life from Heaven

The “Word made flesh”,

His written Word in hand our delight

Prayers in fellowship flow upwards

His Holy Spirit within our hearts,

We are enabled and empowered to stand strong and free

Equipped to walk this world

For another day of wonder and beauty

With our Savior near, our salvation in hands of confidence,

Holy Words on our hearts

Holy Words on our tongue, from  our lips

Holy Words held in our hands!



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The honesty of true love

As crystal clear liquid flows freely

Like the bold message written across the heavens

Throughout the Milky Way on a dazzling night of awe,

Stars seem to throb with truth

To pulse with the single message dramatically shown

In the purest motives of all creation

Made by Holy Hands of Peace,

All meant to give and receive the same

To more than reflect as a mirror

But to carry the measure given to us close to the heart

Even sacrificial love,

Then to offer it freely as it was received;

The simple beauty of the majesty of being alive

To walk a His vessels in the Light of God’s reality,

Living Light revealed through His Son

For all to see

All to know

All to believe and experience

Then to live each day in true love of life

Planting and sowing good seeds

Seeds of God’s Spirit of giving and receiving,

To move joyfully in the streams of all creation

To celebrate the abundant steam of the Shepherd’s love

To reach out and touch the very hands

Of our Maker and eternal Friend,

Our King with the glitter of stars about His Throne.



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Drawn into the arms of true love

As one who wandered, who often stumbled

Who drifted with earthly winds

Blown about here and there

Year after year after year;

Insignificant, lost, superficial and alone.

The will to live, inner sense of eternity nearly gone

Yet, the hand of great tenderness reached out

A touch of mercy came from beyond the Universe

Beyond the natural, a gentleness revealed

Kindness from a place far outside this world

Intimate caring from the Throne of all power

Real authority given creative expression in another human life;

Another object of mercy stands free

Suddenly caught up in comforting revelation

Our God who cares, who makes Himself known

Peace and always, always more.

Messiah who shows us the Father of Glory

Gives life and hope and purpose;

Meaning flows in a clear stream of eternal Spirit rest.

Eyes that can see in and through

Timeless eyes that wept in compassion

Even over a friend, Lazarus and those who mourned with unbelief

Eyes of purest love that compels

The Light of those eyes of beauty

That draws us near to Him

His flock, drawn together as one.



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Child of the “father of lies”

Corrupted from before birth,

A fatal wound healed

Raised into consuming darkness;

Chosen to lay a seductive blanket of deceit

Over a  most willing world,

Just as that falling star crashes to the earth

Destined as well for eternal torment prepared,

The quickened sharp sword, fires made ready.

Lake of fire, for eternal justice

Where self and everything corrupt and rotten

Most naked darkness clothed in lies

Falsehood that arrogantly paraded about as enlightened truth

Every last bit of evil nature, of fallen angels to be displayed,

As they languish forever on their bed of suffering,

So eagerly, so naturally chosen.

The world of nations in orchestrated turmoil

Swept up in poverty of body and soul

So many desperate for comfort, any comfort

Doors to households and entire countries thrown wide open

Defenseless hearts and minds cling, cleave in delight

To what forcefully eats from within

Consumes the very soul

And then destroys the spirit.

The “lawless one” struts in pride

Arrogant words flow out in sublime intellect,

Even an image, an idol raised in the mountain temple;

As Satan pulls his many strings

More controlling words pour forth,

Nations and languages in reverent submission.

Religions all bow, celebrate with a seal of  a false rebirth

Human effort the ready slave;

The few who resist, driven out

Chased down by a destroyer’s hand,

Guillotines wait just out of sight.

A kingdom with ten horns as Prophet Daniel wrote,

Ten dominions folded into one new kingdom;

All the human machinery of earthly power and digital control celebrated

Layer upon layer of greedy players

Bowed before pulsing darkness pretending as light;

Mighty Lucifer, prince of deceit

The king of lawlessness and his lawless one,

With all his lawless ones as a vast royal entourage spread far and wide

Rampage about the earth for a short season of self-destruction

A window of three and a half long years

Until all the Holy Words are fulfilled

And the Earth is finally cleansed!

Hell simply enlarges its mouth and throat

Waits and then welcomes the gorging on endless human flesh.



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From abstract wings

To reality

Time experienced in an Earth day

As the sun rises

As the sun sets

The Earth in constant rotation

The Earth steadily moves about the sun.

The Spirit of the Lord has spoken-

“A day as a thousand years;

A thousand years as a day”.

Mystery, a moment to a human soul can stretch out forever,

Yet days and years can fly away

Like startled doves!

Only a prayerful life can carry a moment

Bring through a cold winter

Revive us in springtime

Set forth a good summer path

And lead into a restful autumn.

Prayer in the Spirit of the Lord is timeless,

Worship of the Name above all as tastes of the “honey of eternity”.

What becomes an illusion

Flower petals once radiant with color

Scented uniquely

Wither and quickly fade,

Fall to the common ground

Lost to the eyes and sensitive touch of aroma;

But forever the Lord stands near to His  own

Wakes them from the deep sleep

Alerts them to the timeless realm of Living Truth

Eternal Life in the Way of the Holy Spirit,

A man’s good taste in the beginning

And a woman’s rich feast without end.



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Rain falls upon the dry earth

As deep groans of thirst reach high above

Hunger cries out as well without any tears left

Vessels aimlessly wait

As the bodies slowly whither,

Loneliness pains the heart

Confusion torments the mind

Winds from all directions come against,

Then, the sun begins once more to bake and scorch;

Insane wars in the distance

Futile war close to home

And the battle of the mind rages on,

Hopelessness is crushed by greater despair.

And nothing is left,

Depressing emptiness numbs the soul

The very end seems to scrape away at your flesh;

Unheard footsteps approach

Suddenly, a warm hand touches a cold heart

A hand of unknown mercy in kindness draws near

And the God of Compassion moves once more.

Useful human needs rise always from the four corners of the world,

The Earth drowns with a new flood,

A flood of unbelief

Waves of stubborn rebellion

And yet, the Hand of Grace still reaches out

And takes hold of one child here

Another few over there

Humans near and humans far away,

Our Maker moves across a land, across a nation

Across the seas and oceans into all the places

Mountains and islands alike,

Cities where human needs steadily waste away.

A remnant is pulled out of the depths

Gathered together, cleaned, fed

Useful servants clothed with Truth

Disciples  established by the Light of a New Day,

A New Day, an eternally rich Day

When the Way of Truth in Life is fully revealed,

To each and every child

Messiah’s Holy Spirit abundantly made known.



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Our needs grow beyond self

As the soul searches for a way,

The heart nearly breaking

Reaches out for help

Tears and anguish

Often inner turmoil,

Love grasped, then lost

Comfort so fragile, collapses in a heap

Sometimes in quiet, lonely desperation,

Longing and yeaning just worn out!

A woman finally bows to the Way

A man humbles himself in quiet, simple prayer,

After stumbling and mumbling along

As a small child in tears

Life in this world simply too overwhelming,

Like a flood that nearly covers

Or flames of fire ready to consume.

The God of Sovereignty watches

Lord of Mercy listens fully

Even the One who sees the end from the beginning,

He always reaches out in compassion

“Knows what we are made of”

And “remembers we are but dust”;

Messiah feels the pain and suffering that washes about

The constant torment of humanity.

Long ago He stepped from His Throne

To embrace His Cross for us,

To “swallow death for all time”;

His hands are more than able

Power  ready to raise a man from the thick mud

Authority to free a woman from an impossible snare.

Human needs of every kind the reason

An earthly catalyst, a gracious push

The Shepherd’s eternal mercy with kindness in action

Intimate revelation given of personal worth in His sight,

Each precious one

No child ever forgotten.