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After all is gone

With nothing, no one left,

The eyes just water

As I sit and stare

With every difficult breath;

This heart is broken

This heart is beyond sadness,

Much good was trampled in the streets,

A once great city, a beautiful house

A home now empty and ruined.

Sweet fellowship of family, of Church cut off

Those so loved now lost in a violent storm;

But His true love remains

Peace still rains down from above

Soaks deep within the heart and soul,

This cold heart is warmed again

Such memories, good thoughts renew

Seem very much alive;

The Lord is the same

“Yesterday, today and forever”,

The Shepherd  remains very close

From the beginning to the end

My all in all,

Through all gains, all loss

Everything thought once valued, taken away;

But always Messiah’s love remains,

I will stand strong till the end!



Our life in the desert

Water to drink where there was none

Food always in hand

A body kept healthy

A healthy soul as well,

Human spirit that always stands true;

In simplicity, in purity

In confident assurance.

The Lord our Temple

The Lord our Tent, our Shelter

Nearby shade of the greatest mountain that rises high,

Miracles shower down from Heaven

Hands of prayer lift often in praise,

The Lord of Life sustains us

We will stand strong till the end!

The stars of angels dance about

Their strengths bring heavenly comfort as well

From full moon to full moon,

Always warmth in the night

Guidance and protection all the  day long,

With my Lord, our Lord

And His constant flame of delight!



Miracles of our God lived out

Truth- Presence within where there was none,

Peace within when there was none

Love within where there was fear and hate

Light instead of darkness

Good instead of evil;

We know our past

Remember well where we once stood,

Who we thought we were!

But now a supernatural, miracle  life lived out

As the Shepherd guides us

A human life transformed

Even in impossible circumstances,

But the Lord was there doing His work of love;

Two becoming one in lasting beauty.

What the mind could not believe

The soul longed for,

The intuitive spirit knew the lack,

Then the Lord of Hosts worked all things out;

Our Savior did!

Much later more challenges to face

Hurdles to soar over, pitfalls to overcome

People to love, people to avoid

Encouragement to give out

Times to draw near, times to reach out

Hope always to deepen as an anchor

Even in times of persecution

From those thought of as friends;

But in heartache we are not alone,

You are always near

Our glorious end seen from the beginning.




Prayerful communion

All hearts and souls laid bare before the Lord,

Carried on tender steams of His Spirit,

Incense of peace radiates from within us, from His hands,

A celebration in a feast of love breaks out

Tables of thanksgiving set with the Best

Each stunning Gift from above lived out

Placed as a living sacrifice before our Holy One;

All that has become, by the hands of the Shepherd’s love,

From rich green pastures

To clear, clean waters.

A calming , light breeze moves steadily

As soothing aroma of His kindness in the air

Delight in the Lord from the very beginning

Has grown into lasting worship as a fountain of joy,

Prayers always heard by the Father

Prayers of faith always answered;

Love has won this New Day

A race we have long run in His perfecting Way!

The finish line long ago crossed

As His Bride

We celebrate our King, our eternal marriage

This Day without a setting sun

This day without fading beauty.



The miracle salve of anointing

Heaven’s Gift of healing balm comes upon us

Saturates our heart and mind

True food for our souls

Holy Spirit drink for our spirits,

As His Peace is sought in prayerful yearning

Deepest longing of our hearts,

His Peace is found!

Daily we now taste and see

Experience His Presence within and about us

Our Eternal Healer who love us

More than we yet know;

Who would have thought

Who would have even considered

The Holy One stands among us

His Kingdom realm where we live out each day!

Our hearts are fully turned

Bodies, souls and spirits

All the strength of our being

Bowed in reverence,

He who reaches out in kindness

And touches our earthly, worldly wounds with His hand.



A Voice resounds throughout the Earth-

“Come out of her, my people!”

And the very Universe trembles

All that was made

By the will and hands of our Creator.

One step out of the world

Then another step in growing freedom

The heart is steadily more enlightened

As the Breath of God continues to reveal,

An enlightened mind looks with amazement

What was, what thought embraced in confidence,

Entwined within the soul,

Unravels and falls to the ground;

They turn more toward heavenly good and purity

They simply walk away and into the arms of complete freedom;

A shelter provided

Every true need, every care possible

Even as remnant Israel;

Temple of the Lord

Radiant with grace and power

Brilliance of majestic Living Light,

With all the love experienced, once thought not possible.



All the little ones

Carried as lambs in the arms

Close to the heart,

Pure love has no limits

No boundaries to confine

But as the sheep wander freely

Walk in confident comfort through the boundless pastures

So Psalm 23 comes alive in us, too.

Beautiful  Words of the Spirit written by Israel’s King David

Embraced by tens of millions,

By tens of tens of millions, then ten times more,

The peaceful flock of our Lord

Nourished and content

Drinks of cool, clean waters always near;

Our Shepherd Yeshua who watches over us

Most intimately involved

With a staff very powerful

And a rod of authority above all.



Death is swallowed forever by Life

Salvation in eternity by the power of Yeshua’s authority alone;

Satan crushed, Lucifer broken

The dark veil of the father of lies torn apart, shredded

The evil one destined for fire;

Heaven’s absolute rule over all creation

Stands true from the beginning of time,

The future only His to give

Every created soul, a unique spirit breathed into a unique body

From strong and beautiful Adam and Eve on.

Oh, the glorious triumph of the Cross

Servant of all Jews to fulfill the Law and promises to Patriarchs

Lamb of Redemption for all gentiles,

Most powerful victory ever resounds

Trumpeted as dead saints came to life celebrating that very moment,

Walked from tombs in honor of their Savior,

Days later they walked among faithful ones in villages and cities

In thunderous and dynamic display

A holy witness for the Holy One.

Those with eyes to see and ears to hear

Stood speechless as something beyond words had happened

They did not understand

But later worshiped in Spirit and in Truth,

As we do today

Their Savior, our Savior

Their Messiah and Shepherd

Our Messiah and Shepherd

All in a foretaste for the world of what is to come!



The depth of love

Barely touched

Waters of a pool so refreshing

Lightly touched

As a skipping stone bounces away

Hardly touched,

Maybe with a finger

Or a toe dipped in gently.

Deep calls to deep

The depth of commitment of our Savior

And His Cross,

His sacrifice of love calls out to our hearts

To take one step closer

Then another

And always more,

To be immersed in the Spirit of His Peace

Then to rise up from baptism

As a new creation in His eyes

To hold the vision of the Universe and beyond,

Gift of Life that soars with angels

And comes to eternal rest

In His loving Presence, before His glorious Throne.



Again hearts turn more towards the “Light of the World”

Truth of being, Rock solid

Only lasting Way of existence

The Path that works,

As personal needs overwhelm

Daily work of the Lord within and without.

The Door of kindness remains open

To bathe the soul in purity

To drink the clean, clear waters of Truth

Just as the ‘woman at the well”

When compassion from Heaven was fully made known

The personal revelation of a Savior

Worship of One who always cares

Powerful in love and authority

He who touches with absolute healing.

Draw ever closer my friends

Grow stronger in the Lord,

Now, even closer dear brother

Even closer each day dear sister,

For the “Name of the Lord is a strong tower”

Our only refuge during these coming life storms!