Enlightened revelations from above

Even beyond the sunlight and other stars,

The Ruler of the Universe

Our Creator who sits upon His Throne

The Glorious Third Heaven

Home of countless beautiful angels

Who love and serve their Lord of Hosts;

Chosen before birth, predestined by our God of Love

The Ancient Leaders from Adam and Seth on,

Patriarchs of Jacob’s Israel

Abraham the “Covenant Father” of our faith experienced

The true Prophets and disciples of our Redeemer

Real Apostles Spirit filled and Holy Spirit led-

Kingdom brothers who followed the Holy Shepherd

In steadfast love they served countless men and women

As anointed vessels of Truth and Power and Holiness!

Their inner Light has shined brightly

Chasing off, driving away all darkness

Helping to lead all true seekers, believers closer to God,

Towards the “new heaven and earth”

To prepare us for the radiant Light

And the Eternal Brilliance of Mount Zion

Of the New Jerusalem!


The True Beauty of honor given before our God

Set before Him with all our heart,

Merciful beyond our understanding

Yet held so close to our inner being,

The needs of a man or woman on earth overwhelm

As the dark world seems to swallow life away

Treated as waste to be cleansed and tossed in another pile;

But at the moment of bowing with honor in thanksgiving

Before the Throne of the True King of Justice

A powerful surge of Peace and fulfillment

Brings deepest rest and more

As faith and trust only rise up more in new strength!

The Royal Tower of the greatest Name above all

Is our only refuge and our real Eternal Strength

As Scripture presents clearly and purely;

Humility draws a golden crown upon our anointed heads.

Salvation experienced is the true lasting joy in living now

The wonder of being created to know our Savior

And to honor our Father of Glory and His Glorious Son as One

They are the God of Love in Holy Spirit Power

All through His Son of Sacrifice who carried our sins into death

Along with the guilt, shame and sickness of human nature

Faithful to His Father upon the Cross of Divine Destiny

Foreknown before Adam and Eve, and their “forever children” to follow;

We all have been given back a future

Our Eternal Hope will not be cut off,

For this and more we forever bow in honor

Praise and worship before the King and the Throne of True Eternal Beauty!


Victory in life much more than a game played

Competition quickly fades away

As Love and true Peace fill a man’s spirit and soul

Then, poured out impartially to a friend and even a stranger,

Wisdom wraps about as a pure, clean robe of knowledge

Understanding clearly laid out before our eyes

The striking beauty of crystal radiates about,

“Living Water” to freely drink

The “Bread of Life” to joyfully eat

While many angels certainly surround in heavenly praises

Those invisible to the natural human eyes,

Nevertheless, Grace trumpets through the Faith we live by;

Angels always present-

With songs of victory to be shared widely

Like in early Bethlehem,

As in diligence to care for their Lord of Hosts in troubled fasting as a man

And in preparation for the final Act of Redemption!

Victory of another human delivered from the kingdom of darkness

Is a chance to celebrate once more,

To the Shepherd King of Glory

To honor the Father of Love

Joyfully victorious in a faithful life that endures

The wonderful life of so many that will never end!

The Heavenly Banquet to come

The awe of watching Messiah walk the Jerusalem way up to His Temple

Renewed and revived for a thousand years to unfold;

The Marriage Feast of King Yeshua and His Bride soon to come-

His Church, the Body of Messiah our Lord

All those who share in His Triumphant Victory

His finished Kingdom work on the Cross,

The Resurrection Victory shared that never will end!


A true moment spent with the Lord Yeshua

Becomes Eternity;

In the brilliant Face of the Lord

Radiant with Heaven’s Glory,

Eyes of blazing fire in Splendor

Jeweled Brilliance of Majestic Light of the “First and the Last”,

The “Beginning and the End”,

“Alpha and Omega of the Word made flesh”,

Holy Spirit Truth revealed to each child of God

Found in the Joy of Salvation

His Love floods over Creation;

Angels who bask in purest Light

Men and women who are covered, clothed in whitest white

And carried in their Shepherd’s Favor

Hands of gentleness and kindness ever present!

The struggles of human need, timeless troubles of the world

At last come face to face with Holy Spirit enlightenment of God

Just as Scripturally taught in early youth

Or in a sudden rescue of Mercy at old age,

Grace of Messiah wraps Peace about all His chosen ones;

Though numberless as Angels of Holiness,

Each man, each woman caught up in King Messiah’s constant Presence;

All powerful, the God who is Love,

All knowing, the Son of God who is Love,

Who fills each heavenly moment

With Eternal Joy and gladness;

Words of Holiness touch the human minds and hearts

Even before spoken!


At rest before the Lord of Heaven and Earth

Who delights in the prayers of all His children,

Messiah’s Love compels me, too

Just as written on the Ancient Scroll,

And now in the Book of Living Truth wisely, purely translated;

The Spirit of the Lord who speaks through men and women

Expresses Truth in its clearest honest way

True love that builds up others

And never tears a person down;

Encouragement settles steadily from above

Brighter than any Northern Lights

Upon the open hearts and minds of many;

Found in the King’s Hands of Compassion the needs of all are held

Then with the heavenly winds of the Holy Spirit in kindness

Soothing comforts and guidance, healing and deliverance and more

Are spread out, carried forth precisely in Divine Authority

Even often through beautiful, Holy Angels who serve with gladness

And Messiah’s Peace in richest abundance is displayed in Heaven’s Treasure!

A new way to step forward in life made known clearly

The clean, smooth path of faithful victory brightly shown

Heaven’s Light poured out generously

As Sovereign Authority reveals a narrow road

And gives new strength to all to endure.

He pours out a crystal stream of Love and understanding-

What really counts in a human life,

What truly matters in an ongoing string of life circumstances;

Salvation is lived out daily in fine details

The jewels of Divine Spirit Power of eternal qualities

In our purpose and meaning for existence,

All flow as clear, healthy waters of the healing “River of Life”,

Good growth in our lasting goals from our God’s Throne to us!


Though a greater multitude is desired

The many times many given birth and growth,

Men and women meant to honor life given,

To honor God with their bodies

And so bless their Creator;

When a Voice from Above speaks with thunder

Lightning flashes from the Throne

Even the ground quakes powerfully;

But only few look and listen

The ones who bow their hearts and offer praise in thanksgiving;

Most others only shake off the dust

And simply walk away

As if little or nothing has happened,

These continue to feed only themselves

To drink full glasses of wine,

Then crave for more!

Kindness to those in need fades away

A tender heart to ones who hunger is rare

Gentleness to any who thirst lacking

Compassion to embrace even strangers ignored;

The humans with hearts of true love always sensitive in touch

Alert and fully awake to love and serve

To bring honor to their Holy One

As they reach out with abundant care for the weak and poor.

Neighbors in need embraced with Wisdom in kindness

Friends and families held closer with understanding in rich generosity

For they truly see and hear

The enlightened ones look far and near the same

A pure passion to help and serve any impartially;

All done in the Name of their Lord Messiah Yeshua

Who watches intently

Whose Hands enable His own, His children with renewed strength

To much more than just survive,

But to serve and care always

With hands of Spirit led kindness that love and give,

With bodies and souls that work freely, tirelessly!


It is better to always love

Even when anger begins to churn

Whether within or against you,

Restless frustrations often stir within the mind and soul,

Bitterness can easily challenge forgiveness;

It is much better to sincerely love in any circumstance!

What the Lord Messiah has taught us repeatedly

And shown us completely on the Cross of Redemption

Where Eternal Justice was fulfilled for all,

Divine Mercy called out to the Father

To even forgive those near who did not understand

While the work of the “evil one” played out to its end

In the foreknown Sacrifice of the God of Love!

It is now better to love others even with tears shed

For Heaven spoke- “Love covers all transgressions”;

Grace in mercy has forever triumphed

As in our own personal experiences

Even as our hands tenderly reach out to friends and strangers alike,

Maybe also enemies in the face of persecutions,

And the arrogant and proud ones who strut about

Who cause joy and happiness to sail away in sudden gusts of cold winds

Just as a startled bird suddenly flies away.

Though emptiness grits its teeth at us

Inner Peace alone can fill the moment

Happiness founded upon heavenly Wisdom overcomes-

To forgive a brother or sister “seven times seventy” times in a day.

We seek our God to always draw near

The pleasures of life given freely

With innocence of a child founded on endless trust,

Our God who is Love will never forsake us

As we walk as our Holy Spirit- filled Messiah did in obedience,

Faithfully to His Father in an endlessly troubled world.


Father, my prayers

Bring me and my family before Your Throne of Mercy

Clothed in purest white

Clothed in Mercy and Love

As we bow before You;

Messiah has given us true purpose and meaning

Our existence now rests before You

You are our Creator,

Your Son of Holiness our High Priest and King;

Eternity is now before us

A most beautiful River of Life flows in Love and Peace and Joy,

We stand as servants

As ministers in Your Kingdom of Compassion

Our Gentle High Priest of Forgiveness reigns as Lord before You,

Your Son, our Lord, our God

Oneness in Glory before our eyes

Your Majesty treasured beyond our understanding

As trust overflows from each heart

Holy Spirit Truth has anointed each one chosen

Your foreknowledge has predestined us

And we give You honor always

Thanksgiving offered is our pleasure and delight,

As Wisdom begins to reveal Your Greatness!

In a thousand years that become a day

We love You forever as we marvel with awe in Your Eternity

Messiah Yeshua in us, the Living One

The first and last in Resurrection

Whose Cross has brought us Kingdom Light

In and through our hearts and lives!


Emptiness echoes even silence away

With nothing, nothing and nothing,

Then the sound within fades

A new silence becomes painful

Inner struggles wrestle with being lost

Loneliness again wraps about

As thoughts trip and stumble,

Things that could be done

Things that should be done,

But people briefly met offer little

Some simply take,

And then walk away down the city street.

A thin shell encloses with a chill

Weakness causes a sense of wilting

Like a wildflower old and withering

No scent, no hint of any aroma;

He works up some strength to carry on

To walk the trail of habits

And go about, do what needs to be done

But always seems to fall short;

Finally at night, dark and sleepless

No rest at all

Desperation begins to grip

To squeeze tighter and tighter

Until finally he must be at the end

No other choices, no other options

No other men or women with voices,

And finally, at last he surrenders to the floor on his knees,

Closes his dry eyes and mumbles a weak prayer-

“God, if You’re there, if You’re real

Show Yourself to me.”

Then, later in a brief dream, God does!


A shadow moves across the land

The sun becomes dim

Even the moon and stars seem to fade,

The brightness of a nation once strong in leadership

Glowed powerfully in economic wealth,

A good defensive caretaker for other nations,

But that has changed;

The Hand of Judgment has now begun to move swiftly

And continues after greed and lust for power and control

Drools from the mouth gasping for breath,

Corruption once sophisticated now bares its teeth

As the once land of beauty becomes a “home for demons”!

Though moral in early days, now openly immoral and lawless

Though generous in open kindness, now simply godless;

But truly a “selfish bully” to the entire world.

Generations ago conflicts over Native Americans a blemish,

A wound that seemed to heal;

Then slavery of dark skinned humans abused became more and more shameful

A process partially solved, but lingering in ways!

The rich always became richer; the poor always became poorer

From the beginning minorities were juggled

As a perverse pleasure for the “arrogant masters of control”

Who look upon other countries the same!

But now Divine Patience has run out

The God of Justice has reached His limits

Even the Living One who remembers every detail of injustice

Done to every single person over the generations by this towering nation

Lifted high in pride, weighed down by ruthlessness seen or hidden;

Now the True Hands of Justice will not hold back

His Sovereign Authority will be revealed

As “Mystery Babylon the Great”

Will drink its bitter cup without end.