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Once so strong and simply clear

Eyes slowly drift away from Messiah’s Cross,

Most powerful display of eternal authority

The greatest sacrifice of love;

Hearts once fixed in joy on the Redeemer

Solid on the Rock foundation

Spirits and souls who looked only to their Lord;

Then, thoughts begin to drift away on the open seas,

A light breeze and warm sunshine carry a small raft steadily away.

Seeds of deception have sprouted

Weeds among the wheat

Too many souls not rooted deeply in Spirit Truth

The ark of Life anchored in the Living Hope of the Living Word;

These ones somehow distracted from purest golden reality

Turned from glowing colored jewels of Heaven reflected

In loving streams of goodness.

A gray cloud begins to cover

Stretches to the horizons

Daily life now fills with conflicts and confusion,

Surface beauty and worldly wealth;

So many constant worries

So many temptations at hand!

Darkness becomes light

Light becomes darkness,

Sunrise becomes vaguely colored

As even bright light appears shadowed,

Sunset passes with little notice

Stars above forgotten;

Imaginations wander

Fantasy embraces another one, another thing,

Even alien science fiction grows into a new reality

As foolish demonic thoughts begin to flood the mind,

Divine wisdom lifts away as a vapor

A temporary mist,

What was once seen and heard, tasted

Becomes almost an illusion;

A mountain that filled the Earth

Reached high into the heavens

Now is but a desert mirage.

A cleansing inner peace now absent,

A shield of faith for protection

Set aside as a burden

Helmet and armor too heavy to carry,

The Sword seldom ever used;

Some who bathed in pure waters of the Holy Spirit

Washed in the Savior’s blood

Are even seduced, worn down and discouraged

Turned, controlled to take hold of the great lie 

As the “father of lies” parades about

Arrogant and proud

With any and every deception at his fingertips

All but another dark cloak used to destroy human souls.

To Satan, life is death and death is life,

Evil is good, good is evil

A lie is strong, truth is weak;

To dirty the clear, clean waters is Lucifer’s victory-

To move the eyes, the heart and mind from the Cross

From the Holy Redeemer’s sacrifice

Slowly, surely, seductively,

To muddy the perceptions of a man and a woman

Away from Heaven’s finished work of salvation.







He stands on the brink of eternity

Much older and still with that sense of being alone

Numbness of will a constant veil that covers;

Truly untouched by the mystery of real life

Though for years artistry flared with an inner strength

Creative strides and prosperous bursts loosened the grip at times,

But have since faded;

Now, one last time in the stretch of this dark night sky

The stars draw him close again

Such depth in distance

Breadth of imagination in awe

Specks of light beyond all human understanding

The wonder of their contrasts in patterns,

Certainly science but a cloak of pride.

For a youthful moment the heart yearns

An old longing to truly know wraps about

And words in a new whisper come from the mouth-

“Lord of Creation, reveal Yourself to me!”

Eyes close

All is quiet

And then, powerful new light suddenly begins to surge forth

Creative beauty, colors of a new day slowly paint across the distant horizon

He senses the new day calling out to him

And hope is grasped at another time,

With a humble artist again on his knees

He reaches out one last time for Heaven,

Strangely huge clouds can be seen in shapes of fierce warrior angels

His mouth is wide open as are the eyes,

And he is drawn now to simply believe,

Almost as that small child remembered from so many years past

He is at last drawn near to believe in Him,

And to receive from far above.





From the only “Door to Life”, Gate of Peace

The Narrow Road of Truth moves outward

Absolute Truth stretches as a silver cord in a world of deceit

Where most people knowingly or unknowingly seek to live a lie,

And sleep the sleep of death;

“Self” rules where Satan controls

Uncaring, most without a hint

So many lost, never to be found.

The Judge stands as Shepherd

Calls out the Way to all sheep with compassion and in kindness

Each one repeatedly called

By the One above who seeks to save.

The sun rises daily and washes darkness away

Then, the sun sets and stars trumpet out ancient patterns

Star symbols of Creation

And new birth in redemption

Until final judgment,

Constellations cry out;

Angels stand day in and day out with each human being

In an atmosphere of love

To protect, help, guide and coax along the Narrow Way

Steadfast work with heavenly zeal,

Each person an eternal prize for their Savior!

At times the narrow path curves

Then suddenly dips down or surges up

Often a little bumpy

A bit rocky and rough

Anxiety presses near

Peace is tested,

Fear takes a step closer

But is wisely shaken off;

The sides of the road are brightly lined

Clearly displayed with inner brightness only the spirit can see

Also a fragrance and a worship music inner ears can sense,

From jasmine and radiant topaz and emerald rainbows

To golden yellow and an intuitive aroma,

Then, even the depth of the eyes of angels can be seen

Enclosing once more with protective fire and strength.

Prayers and shouts of praise adorn this Road

Along with Living Words, like a very sharp Sword,

Encouragement floods along as showers of flower petals fall

From the sacred place of unapproachable Light

Where True Kingdom children dwell.







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The heart so radiant

Love in beauty draws near

A desire to be closer than friendship,

The beauty of a True Artist sown into a woman

And into a man’s form

A supernatural work of majesty reflected

New Life of the Holy Spirit given

The Gift of Love from our Father through His Son

Foretaste of the promised Resurrection

With ears to hear

And new eyes to see

And a reborn human spirit to Know!

Oh, the Majesty of our Lord

To receive the Shepherd’s eternal touch and care

Each person,

One at a time chosen

All redeemed to taste and see

To experience the Kingdom joy of salvation;

Our Savior’s blood

Our Savior’s sacrifice of love poured out for each one

Each man and each woman clothed in purest white

In the greatest intimacy before Him,

Then, together with many, many millions of others

Our King of abundant mercy surrounds His Throne with us in Divine pleasure ,

Our King of Destiny

The One who chose us in foreknowledge

To be truly beautiful in His sight!

All of us with Messiah’s glow reflected

The Light of Heaven’s Glory

His Holy Spirit radiant

The Light of lasting beauty in splendor from deep within,

The work of the Greatest Artist

With power beyond human words

Yet, displayed in the language of Abraham and Isaac

Even Israel His covenant people from of old;

The Presence of His Life now within us

Human spirit and soul

And soon a glorified body,

Resurrection Life when the world, when each one of us had nothing.




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Faithful ones who bow in humility

Who stand to worship in Spirit and in Truth,

Who will stand strong till the end;

Obedience reigns in the sacrifice of thanksgiving

Hearts poured out in love

A stream of clear, clean water pours out from deep within,

True love compels more

Messiah’s love compels each servant to freely give,

So, hands reach out to the hungry

Hands reach out to the thirsty

As the poor in spirit seen at every side

Precious ones in need;

With many prayers and tears offered

The “good seed” longs to be planted

The sowers yearn to reap and sow and reap

In greatest honor

Always in honor of their Lord of harvest.

The sun rises once again

Another day set to unfold,

Though the body grows older

Weariness as a thick, heavy garment

Youthfulness in faith, vibrant and always ready;

Many others are watched, scurry about “doing works for the Lord”,

Yet, promote only themselves

Human effort at its worst.

This one, arm in arm with true brothers and sisters

Looks in patience, with understanding

A clear mind and self-control,

He walks forward in the Holy Spirit

In steadfast love

The foundation of Holy Words beneath his feet,

Inner human spirit eyes see clearly

Ears hear the Voice of Peace,

Most sensitive to his God

Most sensitive to the One he loves

The One above all

Who counsels and shepherds his own,

Another faithful believer

A servant who follows in step

Another faithful one guided

Led along his unique path in life.






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Hearts weighed in the most precise balance,

Another one steps on the scales

A pound comes and a pound goes

Kilograms just as the years slip by,

Ah, health and self-control

Self-control and health!

Each life is truly weighed in the balance

One breath, one heartbeat, one thought and one act at a time

Always before the Lord of Creation

Spirit and soul, known from the beginning

Body care as well

As complete justice flows in fire from beneath the Throne

Quality always comes before quantity

Like the new scent of a candle

And the brightness of its flame,

But who receives its light;

The beauty of a flower in amazed wonder

Its aroma on the wind in simple delight

Yet what becomes a fruit,

What will hang heavy on the branches?

We will all stand before the Judge

And the Eyes that penetrate our entire existence

In the quality of our faithfulness

Weighed on His scales of Truth and Justice,

The degree of Holy Spirit obedience in human sensitivity

Held firmly in His hand, tender and kind

The measure of lasting good fruit produced

In a human being destined to know eternal greatness

To show forth Messiah’s greatness to others

Magnified in the display of love given on the Cross,

Freely held out, freely received

The Way of Truth in Life seen crystal clear

As it flows beneath the Holy Throne  of New Jerusalem.

Living Words spoken long ago so pure and simple

The Gospel alive each moment of every day

Made known to every man and woman

Those chosen to share, to give as they received

With kind and gentle touches of care

A Shepherd’s heart of compassion shines brightly

Reflected from within EACH ON

Just as our God radiant,

Faith in action, Holy Spirit empowered

One prayerful step after another

Holy Spirit led.




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Each one of us

Eternal qualities

Eternal destiny,

Good seeds scattered by Noble Hands

Unique in time as flowers with rare scents

Unique in place and purpose

Every fruitful beauty and strength within and about

Miraculously woven together as DNA blossoms

Mystical genetic designs with a heavenly breath

Made as a special creature of God

Singular patterns blended into singular earthly circumstances

Even new Holy Spirit creations in Messiah Yeshua!

Just as nations newly birthed

With tribes and languages

All splendid in appearance

Qualities unmatched in all the Earth

Special purposes for existence expressed artfully from above

In the greatest knowledge of the Lord of Creation,

Each nation, each land, each person

Held up in new light

While the sun rises

Growth and development in wonder

Until the majestic sun sets for common rest.

New birth into new life

As vessels of highest honor

Meant for the One enthroned

A river of purifying fire that flows out

From beneath the Glory Throne,

Holy zeal consumes;

As countless new songs of beauty are heard

Music from the heart and soul of each one

Beauty of worship moves freely on the winds of power

Lifts the bodies and spirits of those who truly listen

Who can embrace spiritual pleasure, encouragement without end,

Nations as well meant to stand in harmony

In creative balance of oneness throughout the Earth

Each one giving their gifts freely to the other

Each one receiving with a thankful heart

And returning gifts multiplied

In perfect union, in perfect freedom together

All done in honor of our God of  love and peace

Eternity set before His Throne as a crystal sea

Everyone and everything seen clearly with fire eyes of jeweled purity

The Ancient of Days before whom the Universe and each one of us will stand.



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Closer to You, Lord

Today more and more

Closer to You;

Father, draw me with Your loving Spirit

Nearer, closer to Your Son

Messiah my Holy Shepherd

My “first love” forever,

Oh, King of my life

Peace of my inner  being from my youth

Your Presence my refuge,

Creator of all essence of human purpose

A woman’s life

And a man’s path.

Give encouragement I pray for  all the children in need

The homeless, the orphan and widow who wander alone,

All those who know they are lost in this world!

Savior, pluck us all from the fire

Ones even snared by dark spirits of lust

Pornographic delusions

And every self-destructive perversion;

Cause me to shine brightly with Heaven’s Light

My brothers and sisters, the strangers I see on the street as well,

And to walk fearlessly in faithful acts

By word of  mouth

Even things I’ve written in love

Gentle things, tender and sensitive things.

To touch another heart in need and a mind in knots

Those pulled at by the world and its evil prince,

Lord of my prayers keep me in step

Led by your Holy Spirit of power and authority

Equip all Your servants, enable them to see and hear

And to reach out in confidence, with assurance;

Lord Yeshua, Master of the Universe, Ruler of all Creation

As your humble disciples, keep us at Your side

Persevering, steadfast in love

Faithful to You, to and through the end.








Immersed into Life

The pure water that flows from beneath the Throne,

After the shadow life, a lost sheep spiritually dead

Washed clean, made new by Divine Hands;

The message from the wilderness of this world loud and clear

Words of the Living God for the barren desert earth-

New life offered the heart and soul,

Comfort for the body in transition proclaimed,

“Death to self, then rise again in Messiah”

Your spirit rebirth, washed clean in Sacred Blood;

“Repentance” the hardest choice ever-

Human nature finally overcome, from evil to good

Forever from wrong to right

From weak to strong, from darkness to Light

From falsehood to Truth,  from impure to pure

Things to now experience beyond the human realm,

A change for good that only God can bring!

In obedience John the Baptist showed the way

He helped make the rough road smooth, the crooked straight

Boldly, fearlessly pointed to the beginning path,

Then, God the Son came to do the work

And reveal the spiritual baptism of death into Life,

To finish only what He could do!

The sun continues to move in the galaxy

The Earth in our solar system,

Day becomes night

Night becomes another day

Majestic colors and patterns proclaim each in reflected beauty,

The warmth of light and the heart of a young woman yearns

The heart of a man longs

And the finger of God touches,

A fountain of forgiveness rises in the new born spirit.

Hope of a future celebrated in another

Proclaimed and confirmed in public display,

And this one too becomes a friend of God

A new child of the coming “new heaven and earth”

When the New Jerusalem settles down from high above

And God literally comes to live with us,

His eternal people.



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Countless others with expectations

As the trillions of stars beyond eye sight

Many so restless

In nations filled, struggling, tired and bored

Blown about by dry desert winds as sand,

They often stand alone in frustration

Stare at the setting sun

And wonder if it mirrors their own personal life;

Oh, the common human dilemma-

“Without God and without hope”

In this world of “Self” and fear and lust, pride and greed and confusion!

Yet, the fire of Israel’s Messiah, His Holy Spirit zeal burns powerfully

A holy fire of Love

Peacefully tempered, displayed with greatest Wisdom from Heaven;

All footsteps divinely ordered

Even those many knowingly established by their Lord of Truth.

Today a shout from Heaven shakes the Earth

And all that are on it-

Nothing by chance, luck a foolish notion;

There are no random circumstances!

Blazing eyes gaze within a Royal Robe of Compassion

Each soul seen as precious

Every human life of great value

“More than many sparrows”,

The death of the wicked not a delight of the Lord

But met with sadness at the eternal loss;

Male and female, young and old

Rich and poor, near and far away

All longed for, yearned to draw closer to Kingdom reality.

Their cost greater than all gold

Their price more than all silver

Highly valued gems and diamond stones as gravel compared to what God has “spent”!

The God of Love moves always among us,

Angels of power as well

Disciples of the Master walk in faithfulness

Selfless men and women discerned as true

Who know the price of salvation

Who carry their cross daily;

The weight of eternity for mankind upon our Savior’s shoulders

Carried daily for us all,

The billions seen or unseen far beyond digital screens

Each one with a flame of foreknowledge hanging over their heads;

We bow in prayerful honor,

Seek only good, pray only for peace

Then pick up our Sword of Truth

With Holy Spirit power of Living Words

And wage a Holy War for this our lost generation!