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Your Greatness our Lord Yeshua, is unsearchable,

We can only receive what You have given us

Enabled in all Wisdom of Majesty

Experienced in Holy Spirit Knowledge

In the Splendor of understanding in Your Presence;

Peace and Love, the Kingdom we “taste and see”,

Your Sovereignty now revealed through endless works of Salvation

In Your Eternal Kingdom

As angels bow in endless worship, then move on in obedience,

Holiness through and through!

Things too wonderful for us

For we can only stand in awe, beyond amazement,

The Light of Your Glory Father

Shown in our Creator, our Redeemer, Your Son the Faithful One

Our Savior, our Salvation, our Lord and Shepherd

Messiah and the Body of Christ, the true Church

The Oneness we all begin to share

While still in our bodies- vessels of incredibly intricate human form,

With Holy Spirit Living Water

Your Words written on our hearts

Deeply within our minds

Our joy can only overflow

While we stand before Your Splendid Throne

Our Father’s Majestic Presence in unapproachable Light!





Always another prayer spoken

As we bow down

In our constant need of You;

Oh, Lord of our life

You made us to know You

And Your Love and Kindness,

To freely share Your Love with others

To reach out often as You do

Touching many others who need You Lord;

The world was enslaved by darkness

But Your Light in Love and Mercy triumphed

As Adam and Eve lived out their long lives

In constant prayer for their children

And their children’s children

Mysteriously, in ways from generation to generation.

A remnant always looks to You

Hearts lifted in prayers, hands in praises

Shown through the Ancient Patriarchs

Who now encircle Your Throne of Holiness;

Your purposes in Creation lived out through Your own children

Even in Israel, centuries of blessings, centuries of struggles

All in movements towards fulfillment of Your Holy Words;

Much yet to be completed!

From the Cross- “It is finished.” proclaimed in Eternal Victory;

Soon, from the Throne- “It is done.” will shake the entire world free at last!

Our Lord knows those who are His own

And His own know Him;

We worship daily through constant prayers

And praises with steadfast love!




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After we fell, down so far, out of sight

Lost in complete darkness, blinded even from the sun;

Mercy, before truly unknown

Without even thoughts or any sense of understanding,

Mysterious kindness in Heaven’s Grace reached down from above

And, lifted us each high upon a towering Rock!

Our hunger and thirst to climb difficult, unreachable heights

To scale impossible cliffs

To surge upwards onto great mountains

Paths and trails rising sharply to look into the face of the sun,

Even peaks looming high above the earth

Impossible hikes and climbs that most quickly fail,

And in the end all have failed

As these heights too great, more than impossible!

But then our Redeemer is revealed

Salvation made known by Love seemingly hidden for so long,

A Savior much more than lost treasure

Greater than that priceless pearl

Reality in meaning of Life that is Eternal

Love and Peace in Divine Light

Israel’s Messiah who rescued all mankind

Through the unending Sacrifice of Love and Life on the Cross

The depth, width and height of we now only seek and search for,

To know, to experience Him, His Word

With all of our being, body and soul and spirit!





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The Kingdom Path we walk

Close to those we love in purity of hearts,

We desire only Peace in Your Presence

To look always to You, Lord

Disciplined to fix our thoughts on You alone

Your Shepherd’s Voice speaks within, and we hear

As the Light of Your Spirit indwells

Living Words of Truth the brightest treasure in our life

Your Way of Holiness we constantly seek

As we often bow in prayer

Then raise our hands towards Heaven

And reach out to worship as we see glimpses of the Throne,

Temple wonders our present and our future!

Each day on the earth from sunrise to sunset

Troubles rise and troubles fall in weakness to the ground

Temptations flutter, and sometimes streak about

Yet fade, and fade some more,

But surface strength or beauty or wealth

Eclipsed by true Beauty of the King and lasting strength and riches,

Knowledge of God encloses our being with protection and Spirit power

The world and those who love it, and religious legalism

Tremble when His Presence indwells our hearts and souls

Kingdom Ways along the Kingdom Path most refined and narrow,

Pretenders do us no harm

And we see the fiery end of all the wicked;

The innocence of Your Confidence wraps about us in Trust

Pure and clean our new clothing

With Your warmth in the bitter face of cold,

Even in the deceitful face of perverse persecution delight

Zeal and spiritual fervor our constant comfort!



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To desire love, and to be loved;

From the depths of our being

Our very existence cries out

The need to walk in God’s Love

And to live out His Love in our natural bodies

On His Earth, in His World,

The New Kingdom that rises up

Even as the Lord of His Kingdom Resurrected

To lead and guide us all along the Path,

The Way of Holiness and Purity!

Human marriage, a path of faithfulness

A never ending commitment to healing righteousness

The Divine pleasure given of two who become one

The bodies of a man and a woman joined to refresh and renew Covenant love

All in a taste of what was made, what was meant to be,

Passion of innocence in caresses,

Rich kisses of love’s blessings to each one

As a foretaste of Oneness to be revealed from Heaven’s goodness,

To honor God sexually with our hearts and bodies in marriage oneness

Bearing fruit with one another, even new children;

As faithfulness to our Creator

Just as early Adam and Eve in naked honesty

Transparent confidence fully shown and seen,

More than a clean and clear lake of dreams to be fulfilled

But a “crystal river of Spirit Life” carries through the moments to new heights

Into Kingdom Eternity, hand in hand as two look as one to their Shepherd Lord!



“Flee sexual immorality.”- Paul



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For the few who “stand strong till the end”,

Grace always sufficient

Knowledge and courage deepened

Fearless Love joined with Holy Spirit Wisdom

Eyes that have seen the end from the beginning

Now rest in Eternal Peace,

Still and quiet in the Presence of the Holy One

The Shepherd whose confidence radiates onto His own

Even as His hand reaches out to take hold of another;

As we face down the enemy of Truth and Goodness

And “take every thought captive”

Discernment glows bright from within

For “we know Him whom we have believed”,

His Kingdom warriors are at every side

Whether invisible or seen!

Though many stumble and fall

With many times many already lost in thick deception of lies

Stubborn rebellion in nothingness lived out,

Yet, the relative few forever stand in Kingdom Light

With jeweled radiance of the Lord’s Throne

As we honor and worship His Messiah Yeshua

Our Eternal King and High Priest!



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To do my small part in prayerful humility

My priestly duties as a servant

Faithful in Kingdom work on Earth

Steadfast in love in the Church-

The Living Body of Messiah Yeshua;

Many seeds are planted in fields

Many more are watered as we walk in the Spirit;

Though “the workers are few and the harvest so great”

We who walk in the Holy Spirit will persevere and endure,

Our Shepherd of Love guides

He who is our Peace empowers

Strengthens from day to day!

The elders, all of our brothers and sisters in the past

Did the hard work,

Peter and John, all the Twelve,

James, Jude, Simeon and Joses, their parents Joseph and Mary,

Paul and the seventy times seventy across the nations.

Foundations were set and expanded

A Solid Rock foundation on which we can now stand!

The ruthless enemy and his vicious armies come against, fight us

But they always fall short

As the Master, the Eternal Judge has already triumphed

The Light of His victory glows from us, disciples and true believers,

His Heavenly Glory we already see and know!



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On the tiptoes of awakening to a new day

Revived with comforting sleep lingering

Inner eyes still open to dreamland

Often the pleasant oasis to the mind

Pleasures of rest at a height of goodness;

Then another melody settles like dew upon spring flowers

Radiant colors and peaceful scents along with rich sounds

With gentle words of child-like enthusiasm heard while still asleep-

“Hallelujah, hallelujah

Praise Him, praise Him

Hallelujah, praise Him

Hallelujah, praise Him

Amen, Amen, Amen.”

This was repeated as a chorus that flowed like a heavenly stream!

Certainly the voices of angels in a Gift,

Beautiful sounds awakened my spirit

Kingdom wealth wonderfully shared within my heart

As this new day begins with a special greeting,

Servants of Holiness generous

Servants of Love so tender in touches of kindness;

That began my new day, eyes now open, inner ears fully awake!

Yes, His Name alone is to be praised

The Amen who begins, fills and will finish my new day

And continues on as this morning blessing has happened before,

And now happens more often!






A day like today

The early morning routine

Pets fed and watered

Familiar music on Pandora

Waking up to a casual struggle

Whether someone ready for school or work, or not;

Just another new day in this world

Little else thought of but the common needs and cares

Sometimes boring, sometimes unique.

Then, the ground shudders

The earth suddenly shakes

All electricity shuts down

And no cell phone reception at all;

The heart begins to turn over

And the hands tremble as you look out the window to early darkness!

Silence grips the “self”

All alone, even helpless for the moments

That go on and on;

Thoughts in growing turmoil-

Maybe the Big Quake,

Maybe martial law

And the civil war talked about “to death”,

Maybe the invasion at last from Asia-Russia

Or even aliens from the depths of unknown outer space.

Screams of terror jump out in the neighborhood

Fear floods the landscape of the heart and soul;

Vague things spoken by those foolish Christians

Of a God, a Lord and judgment to come

Easily mocked, cast off and ignored;

Yet, mysteries swallow whole

Only new shock the face of terror and destruction to follow!




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A. Heal me I pray

Oh Lord, heal me

You’re the only One I have

Heal me, I pray

Oh please do heal me now

Look on me from above!


Your healing touch

Given from Heaven above

Gift of God our only One

Love we can see

His Love we know

Healing touch from above!

B. The sun rises

And the sun sets

The Earth turns around and ’round

All that, You do,

You’re the True One I have

Thank you Lord, do heal me!

C. Ocean waves move

Just carry on

Water washes in, then out

New people come, and go

Oh my Lord I do pray

Only You can heal me!