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The Book above all books

Words of Divine knowledge written in silver and gold

Jeweled heavenly stars highlight so many names

As the purest hands turn these pages of the Book of Life, and others,

Secrets on scrolls of every heart recorded

Names glow with richest mercy that covers all that is done

Days of lives lived out in human form,

So many details brushed by the dust of the Earth;

Great love and kindness shown to one

Deepest peace held out to another for eternal rest

Forgiveness worked between a brother and sister

Who embrace in lasting warmth,

Even a man and a woman once broken, now  transparent and healed,

In numerous others honest humility clothes once bitter enemies;

The Greatest Forgiveness sown as a Seed

Flows in melodic harmony of unique snowflakes that cover the sleeping ground,

Then, in a new springtime numberless flowers even cover hidden fields!

Children of Light dance about in joy

More angelic songs sweet on their lips

Creation always sprinkles as rain fresh abundance for all

New Life, joy and victories all in final triumph

Faith in the Holy One the Key, the Rock foundation

The Door to Heaven thrown wide open

In the highest honor to those who truly know Him,

So very many now drawn and gathered

Countless are victorious in wide circles of Love

That surround our Father’s radiant, glorious Throne of Majesty!






To stand at last in the Presence of Majesty

The Glory of the Throne radiant with Holiness

Unspeakable beauty in living jewels and gems and more

Described with words that fall short as I bow before Him

Splendor in Love and Kindness

The fire of consuming Justice and Compassion move out before Him

A river of crystal Waters of Life soon to follow,

The only personal Refuge from this world, only Refuge in eternity

Temple shelter, Divine tent filled with powerful angel wings

Zion’s covering Glory Light our most intimate Peace and Joy!


As the storm clouds gather in darkness about us now

Do we not see?

Do we not hear?

The Voice of our Lord has spoken about judgment

In our hearts and souls clear as His Spirit in the crystal pool before Him

All Creation observed at a glance from the Throne

Fire eyes that see infinite details;

With Love and Peace, the only Shepherd

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit always near

Comfort of the Shepherd’s hand in ours,

His staff we see whether close by or at a distance

Our confidence from our youth!


“The nations but dust on His scales, less than nothing.”

We have been given understanding to know what is coming

Though our land, our country bathed in deceit and propaganda

The endless lies from those who only seek to control;

One day to be overrun, violence will force submission

As internal conflict rages, external forces destroy

And in the end, a giant earthquake that divides the land forever!

There is only One who stands strong

Who is Lord over all He has made

Who sits on His Sovereign Throne of Judgment and knows His own,

Those of us who follow

And take eternal Refuge in Him alone!







In the Spirit seen-

A brilliance of Light that covers all

The eyes are overwhelmed

They bow in washed humility

And slowly draw closer to the Source,

The Kingdom of Zion a place of absolute purity on Earth

Ablaze in the Light of His Majesty

Powerful Mountain of the Lord;

As the eyes draw even nearer a human form becomes more clear

A woman aglow in resurrection beauty

Robe of whitest white with gold and silver threads inlaid

Skin of her form with platinum-like metallic radiance

A crown of delightful flowers on her head,

She kneels down in a wide field of other unique blossoms

Soft and elegant plants before unseen;

She picks and adds even more to an armful

A bouquet of fragrant love to set in honor and thanksgiving before her King

And His Throne of Splendor and Delight in her

And in all of His children

The many chosen to take lasting pleasure

In His Beauty and Glory,

As she now does, and always will!





The enlightened heart burns with compassion

A flame of kindness glows with discernment,

So many lost, spiritually dead

Everyone who wanders the earth without the touch of the Living God,

Deceived and deceiving as the “father of lies” laughs,

Stumble about their nation, countries and lands

Blown about by every gust of wind, frustrated selves weary, unsatisfied

Without Peace, hungry for deeper fulfillment while the “prince of darkness” scoffs

Thirsty for true lasting purpose in being alive as Satan mocks;

So many have given up

Resign themselves to empty lives that fall short

And their eventual physical death.

Yet, the Lord’s fishermen walk the narrow road of faithfulness

Guided along the paths of prayerful Peace in action, true Love compels,

Who seek only to fill their nets again and then again in Messiah’s honor

To pluck the lost from the snares set, pits and traps;

Godly zeal in healing power, steadfast love freely shown

Goes before, trails after,

Pure Words of Truth, clearly spoken and Holy Spirit confirmed

At times with tears of mercy shed;

Yes “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few!”

So many times many wait for rescue, for freedom, even deliverance

But the world is not perfect, the world is much less

As time falls short and hope is forever lost!





The new morning sun crowns the eastern red rock ridges once more

And yet, each time fascinates the very same

Intriguing beauty of new light

That spreads Heaven into a waiting heart

Living Light of the Holy Presence

Images given in a glimpse, in visions of the Eternal Throne

And our King who waits patiently, loves steadfastly

Melodies of delight leap forth from the sky as a young deer

Words unspoken, but messages incredibly clear,

A song of joyful salvation bursts forth from lips of beauty

It remains with satisfaction deeply within the soul

A day of perfection yearned for

Desire of the heart getting closer, almost fully in hand;

As layers of work upon work, many things always to do

Busy whether caring for children

Some times men who act like them,

Or loving her man first, more then herself;

Loving friends and relatives and neighbors

Always more needed from another of so many Godly ministers, servants of her Lord,

More to do, more given!

A longing for spring fragrances grows within,

Wildflowers, fruit trees, even things in the desert

New gardens freshly planted, seeds sown and much watered faithfully;

Oh, the aroma of star jasmine on the evening breeze!

Stars above, flowers below, eyes bright with radiant smiles,

A Majestic Lord to serve, to powerfully worship in Spirit and Truth,

A husband to truly know, closest companion to share with God;

Each day in striking revelations given

As Spirit gifts to always celebrate!

The struggles of early youth before enlightenment thought of,

A stiff rod of the Shepherd now  understood;

His staff now gently leads her

Perseverance wisely in life a pleasure

A shining example of endurance as birth pangs of hope move closer

The delight of fruitfulness in eternity the goal in constant sight,

This new day the Lord has made for her

And for all those she loves with supernatural clarity and strength!





As the sun rises faithfully

And dramatic colors streak across the sky

Eyes brighten as the day becomes suddenly richer and fuller,

A breath of fresh air fills the lungs

While a light breeze moves around the body,

New strength invigorates

The mind so much clearer

Creative thoughts easily move and dance

The New Wine of eternal gladness surges

Gives a refreshing taste of true goodness!

Things weren’t always so

But the former things are not remembered

Those that echo within become lesser,

Some even amplified by the enemy

Cut down quickly by the “sword of the Spirit”!

A flow of new languages of praise begins

Smooth, peaceful words of worship

Continual praise offered, arms uplifted

In the discipline of true thanksgiving

New Covenant gifts of love set before the High Priest

The Holy King on His Throne.

As one of many ministers, priests of the Lord

Another day given to eat “Living Bread” of the written Word

To drink “Living Sacred Water” of the Holy Spirit

A day to live out the life of love given

To plant and water seeds generously

To pray continuously as a delight

To reach into any mess of humanity

And return clean hands, healing offered to all,

The will to serve burns as a torch.

The eyes of a disciple

Fire eyes of a man of God,

He stands strong and confident

Fearless in battle,

He loves his woman more than himself

As his eyes see very far in wisdom

Deep, calm pools even with a crying baby

Cradled safely in his arms.




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Things of beauty, whether living or not

Both far and near

At every hand, far as the eyes can see

If you look, you will find some

Past the pain and past the sorrow,

Beyond the numbing despair

And the weight of depression,

Even past the cold hearts that would deaden,

Past the money foolish and all their deceptions.

Open to awesome wonders

And the Light in the eyes of joyful strangers

The songs they sing,

The Love they show;

Now take a deeper breath of real life

Bow on this humble earth

Discover the hidden treasures

Bow at the Majestic King’s footstool,

Through written and spoken Living Gospel Words

Look to the heavens again

And then back to where you stand

Hand in hand, never alone,

With Divine revelation of faith through belief in Him

In the finest Pearl ever to be found,

For if you look for true beauty

You will find some!



Blessed Christmas and stronger New Year





Sitting by a fire after a long and hard day

Easy rocking chair,

Soothing comfort of the cleansing flames that dance,

Much as a young boy on a swing gently pushed by a loving parent,

The quiet of evening calls.

Thoughts travel about

Of things to do,

Of things half done

People met, those needing a good touch of encouragement

And on and on in a merry-go-round

Of near confusion, some distractions, even challenged efforts

Until suddenly, the moment settles.

Stillness covers as time surrenders to the “eternal”

And greater prayerful things fill the mind and thoughts;

Like knowing God’s Presence

And to hold the hand of the Shepherd’s purpose for you.

To see Heavenly wonders and simple sublime Spirit pleasures

In resting and trusting in Him,

Quiet confidence renewed and strengthened.

Peace nestles inner peace

And my wife Carol also close by, our daughter asleep in her crib;

Savoring such a moment

That only grows!




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“Laughter” chases each other in circles when they run and jump

Wrestle and play, then cry, finally to sleep in a bed of innocence;

What really counts, what truly matters

The small children to be gathered

Drawn into the warmth of our Shepherd’s arms

“As lambs close to the heart”;

His Love always pours out, the greatest desire with the greatest care

All needs of the little children forever before the Throne;

The Sovereign One longs, He yearns for the children

To know Him and to taste His Bread

To drink from His cup.

He who watches over all

And meets the special needs of the “little ones”,

Angels sent to help when parents fall short

To wipe away tears when circumstances overwhelm,

Heaven comes even closer, eternal fulfillment stands ready at hand!

Pure delight with all the children demonstrates the Divine command-

“Unless you change and become like little children

You will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

We must simply believe and humbly receive as a small child

And Heaven’s Gifts and purest pleasures will be ours

As one of God’s children!


*Christmas blessings to you and your family!




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One kiss given in love begins

Covers the heart in tenderness

Bathes and soothes the soul in Peace

Comforts the spirit with gentle assurance;

What was always meant to be

Fellowship in friendship and more

So much more in covenant love

An unbroken flow of the Crystal River of Life

From beneath the Throne of Holiness;

Even two created to be one

As a marriage of stars joined together

Heaven’s Temple tapestry

Purest golden drapery stretched over lives of delight,

Robed treasures of wonder uncovered

Revealed to eyes that can pour forth Eternal Light

The things of God just too great to simply hold,

Too wonderful to even fully imagine

Now clearly held closer to the heart

While more is becoming known

With even more to “taste and see”

The Kingdom of Glory set before us all who call upon His Name

Who call upon His Name with the kiss of Truth

The Gate, a path, a narrow road, a journey, the endless walk of His Love

Our Savior’s kiss of salvation

Sealed upon our foreheads!