*(With encouragement from a strong and clear voice for the Lord, Pastor Mike Thompson)


Another day to live with Divine favor

To quietly walk in Messiah’s absolute authority

And to work fearlessly with Holy Spirit power;

Revelation falls upon us from above

As we know “we each stand on Holy Ground”

And bow with reverence before the Holy Presence.

Our prayers answered swiftly

Angelic involvement and ready help,

Our circumstances never at random

As the Shepherd leads and we follow!

The warm sun may shine brightly

Or the clouds gather and darken the sky

Thundering and lightning flashes to threaten the earth,

But Holy Spirit Light indwells us

The Peace of the Lord at rest in our spirits and souls,

His powerful Presence whether felt or not

Daily moves hearts along in trusted confidence;

I know I am never alone

Footsteps along my faithful path guarded,

Nothing left for chance

Purpose and meaning in life already revealed

Already fulfilled in Yeshua’s finished work

As I walk and live in the Sovereign Strength of My Lord!








Crumbs picked up

Often fall from the table onto the floor

From the mouths of children;

Little things, small acts with only a few words

In the lives of men and women

As humility bows to pick them up

To cleanse and purify,

For even animals search to eat and lick,

To satisfy a basic moment of need.

Often words spoken or even written

Seem to fall to the ground

As the reader, the listener simply shrugs a shoulder and moves on;

But these crumbs can become seeds that sprout

Plants that eventually grow

Turning a crumb into a sparkling jewel,

Good things freely shared often trail after the heart

Cling to the mind

Soon to stir thoughts

And turn into spiritual hunger of the soul;

Then, another precious one begins to seek

To reach out for truth in meaning and purpose,

The thirst of honest needs finally begins to be quenched

The hunger for real life starts to be satisfied!



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Your eyes will see Him,

The beauty of your own eyes will come fully alive

As you behold the Majesty of the Holy One

The Fire of Glory in His eyes

As the King, the Ruler of Creation looks upon you in purest love;

A trumpet sounds and time joyfully disappears

In the “blink of an eye”

While Zion’s Light floods outwards the Eternal Presence,

The Light of Truth within clouds of the redeemed clothed in whitest robes

Their new beauty rises above all creation bathed in songs of jubilation

Guided by the Holy Spirit and by many radiant angels

Into the Eternal Place

Heaven of Splendor, the beauty of our King!

Glowing angels of worship surround in magnifcence

The countless  men and women together in triumphant praise, endless celebration;

To stand at last before our Lord in worship

To see and hear our High Priest

Who is One in splendid Majesty with His Father of Glory,

Our Father in Heaven

Greatness forever unsearchable!







Broken hearts and crushed spirits,

Those forced into new lows during life’s long journey;

Daily troubles expected along the way

But things that stop you cold

Nearly dead in your tracks

Simply beyond human understanding;

Inner questions throb with pain

Answers only pierce the heart again and again,

Like an invisible sword thrusts out suddenly

And the delicate breath is gone,

Life thought lost, hangs in the fragile balance

And who can begin to see the true scale before us?

Often the unknown Lord of Mercy will quietly rise up

Stand in kindness hopefully begun to be revealed

Though tear and emotions somehow resist

And bitterness can hold back,

Even while winds rage along in a storm

And waves crash against the shore;

Personal needs will overwhelm

And only God can help us,

Cries and prayers and tears are seen and heard

And only the Resurrected God of the impossible

Can ever do anything real that lasts forever!




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Golden bowls of incense held,

Prayers touch those you love

In a moment and for a lifetime,

Kindness that reaches out from the Throne of Majesty

The One who answers our every prayer

As we cry out, as we never give up

And our hearts bow gladly before Him;

Our minds, our thoughts fully open

Our human being expressed in clear transparency

Complete honesty, the many sincere needs of others seen and met

Men and women, children deeply cared for

Neighbors and family known

Old friends from times and places past

Strangers met, strangers passed on the sidewalk

In a store, at the airport or the park

On a bus, at your school or college;

Endless needs that throb with compassion in your heart

Things you see, hear and feel with the Shepherd’s sensitivity,

Memories, experiences and changing circumstances;

We are truly present in ways to shine with the Light of God’s Spirit

And to work as clean vessels of Truth and Mercy

In step with the Shepherd who carries the infinite details always near,

Our own needs as well as those of countless others!






The singing birds awaken the dawn

As sunlight breaks through

Goodness of another day so openly, simply revealed to all,

Just as You hold my spirit in Your hands, my God

Lord of Truth, sunshine breaks through the darkness streaking with colors

Fills the earth with joy

Nurtures all the trees and plants

Rain falls on the grass for those creatures that feed upon it

And flowers for kisses of beauty

Fruit for all those You love in Words and deeds;

Your kindness flows in the countless streams of water

Your compassion in many lakes that dot the earth

Your sovereign Peace in the oceans that cover the horizons,

Spirit beauty and Truth clothe all those You love and who love You,

Forever we will stand in Your Presence

Our Faithful God of Holiness

Of Power and Authority;

We hold hands with one another and lift our voices, Your eternal family

In worship, in another song of praise like David

To awaken this new day of faith in Yeshua

In celebration of our Messiah!



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Always a melody of truth in my heart

His Peace that flows often as a song through my soul

Wonderful pleasing words and sounds

Even as I sleep and then wake up with a song trailing;

As I look upon others each day

I can only love

Though wisdom clearly sees and discerns

Mercy truly triumphs over judgement,

Steadfast love surely covers all!

Each person with one life to live out

Holy Spirit Truth held in the balance of faith given

Freedom rests in an honest hand held out,

Eternal choices of good over evil;

The Spirit of the Lord in constant celebration

Yeshua’s Spirit of everlasting freedom,

Empowers and makes able

As the Father draws us closer to His Son

And the Son to His Father, our Father.

The Ruler of all nations, Ruler of all Creation

Israel’s King and much, much more-

Our Savior who separated each one of us from death

And clothes us in purest white garments of life;

In the morning when I awake with a song of morning goodness within

Thoughts quicken to this day’s delight to walk in the Spirit,

Hand in hand with my Shepherd Lord

Throughout the day other songs of praise easily continue

With prayers and the Word of God meditated on,

Those creative songs by brothers and sisters of anointed talents

Plus a few given only to me!




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Like a thin cloud settles down upon you

Or a loose garment of clothing that unravels from your body

And suddenly the mind and will weaken

Distracted, even scattered about;

Anxiety, fear and anger, raw competition

The fruit of this world-

When to pick it

How and where

By your self or with help

Ripened on the vine or branch, or off;

Lots of people come and go

Many different things written or spoken

All directions pointed to

Thoughts only become more twisted

So many words just fall to the ground,

Very little remembered!

Eyes close at last

Tired hands cover the ears

The head turns upwards in surrender,

All seems lost, nothing found;

Then, a tiny “sparkle” appears

Nearly as a star

Far beyond the moon,

And the small light begins to grow

The hearts awakens a little

And seeks to draw closer

As this new light becomes brighter, much brighter

Something calms the soul within

Quiets the mind, clears the thoughts

And this Light only grows into a new path seen

Leads to a “narrow road” discovered

Comes at last to a Gate of Humility;

Another one gladly bows

And enters fully within the Shepherd’s arms.



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An Autumn leaf may fall to the ground

But the tree still stands near;

From a distance in time

Yet close with memories that linger near

Deeply rooted in the heart

Distinct pleasant thoughts, precise good thoughts

Things that happened in finest details

People who moved in and through your life,

Touches of God often later realized;

What lasts continues in the rhythm of peaceful sea waves

As you stand on the shoreline gazing beyond the horizon

Looking into the future

Unknown but embraced in confidence

Constant assurance past and present at rest deep within your spirit!

Memories highly valued

Holy Spirit experiences treasured,

Those you truly love remain always closer

In the Kingdom, in the Body of Messiah, in Marriage Covenant,

A Rock solid foundation forever secure;

The Light of Words spoken and written through the Ancient of Days

Never fades away

But always shines brightly upon and within your life

Much as His work in and through you

Is revealed in times and places

To you and to others both here and far away!








Sweat drips down

Trickles and runs as the scorching sun withers plants away

And seems to bake the body skin;

Work in the fields more difficult than ever, watering and planting seeds,

Few pay attention to the healing Words shared freely

Even less to the spoken prayers of forgiveness

Lifted high above the heavens;

Sadly tears blend in at times

As zeal becomes weariness

While spiritual fervor slowly wastes away!

“Oh Lord, revive us,

Bring us from strength to strength

As your love compels us onward

And faith endures throughout each new day!”

Men and women continue to move about, children of need at their sides,

Compassion rises up as time is so short;

Life is not always what it seems,

Greatness from above still remains Majestic

Mercy in Spirit revelation unchanged,

The kindness of Grace a much broader shade for refuge and comfort

Arms with true love will continue to reach out to save others

Even till the very end of mankind’s weakness and rebellion.