I WEEP (Hint of Bio.)

I WEEP (Hint of Bio.)


For my generation,

Caught up in wave after wave of new music in youth

The deafening voices of song lyrics and guitars

Lost in simple drama woven into confusion;

True Love always meant to be freely, clearly shown

The greatest Spirit revelation of heavenly Life to be received;

Yet, self-serving, money hungry talents longed only for fame and wealth,

Ego driven competition only for more

To be seen and heard by countless young boys and girls

Soon to become young men and women

Flooded by artist musicians, brushed aside by politicians

And some even used and abused by the military.

So many deceived, lost in time

Lives ruined, even wasted;

And here I stand strong at age 70 with a broad memory of endless details

The people I grew up with in a small town setting

Then in college, and in the military;

From one side of the country to the other

Even briefly standing before the D.C. “Nam” Memorial full of names…

And the self-serving music and entertainment goes on and on.

The Motown, Stones, Beatles, Who, Moody B., CSNY, others,

Musical genius in talents and business savvy;

In preteen, Bobby Vinton and the Everly Bros. seen with small audiences,

Later as a young adult, Beautiful Day then Black Sabbath seen with huge crowds.

At last, with Mercy and Truth finally revealed to my heart and soul

Rich songs of deliverance and worship carried into endless beautiful Peace

New innocence in faith expressed honoring Messiah Yeshua’s Greatness

Even through many such as a friend Phill McHugh, Maranatha singles/groups, Dallas H.!

Times of Grace and Peace, Love with Hope took hold of my heart

As I began to weep in prayers for a lost generation,

My generation of lost sheep, many of whom are forever lost.







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A new day in the Lord as Hope fills all expectations,

What has been clearly shown with understanding

What has been deeply revealed in knowledge,

A Life of Mystery truly becomes a path of joy

Satisfaction even in troubles and difficulties

While the hand of our Shepherd holds us close

Keeps each one near to Him

Our refuge and strength King David wrote about,

True understanding shelters in trust always given

To see clearly through new circumstances

To discern what is true and what is not in an ungodly nation

Filled with so many deceitful people

Lucifer’s atmosphere of lies a dark cloud that covers

A thick blanket that blocks out the light of the Sun

For all those who cannot see in the Spirit

And are blinded from Messiah’s Kingdom of Truth.

Yes, our God is more than able in triumph

Already as angels rejoice and celebrate the timeless victory,

Authority above all reigns Supreme

Words spoken, Words written long ago became alive in eternity

Lived out today in steadfast Love before our own eyes,

The Light of Zion so brilliant even in Israel’s destiny;

We rest in trust with majestic fields of new flowers before us,

Hope stands strong in confidence as a great tower of faith in His Name!







The only true Jewel

On a pure Crown of Love

A golden crown given us to  wear

Given freely that we might live,

A gifted life of Love, the narrow path of Peace we walk

“Small the gate, narrow the road” in this body life;

The world, this place often of distractions and confusion

Where darkness tries to rule, and then destroy.

But sparkles of Living Light radiate from that Jewel

Penetrate our hearts and souls

Now filled with His Peace, Holy Spirit Presence of our Lord

Our King who rules in us and through us;

Eternal Beauty revealed from His Heavenly Throne

Our God of Creation who is Love

Reigns supreme in Sovereign Power

Compassion in kindness poured forth with Majesty

Gentleness that clothes our being in whitest white;

Holy Spirit transition

The human body meant as a vessel of faith

Overflows  with goodness in Love for all others

Living Light from the greatest King, the Jewel of Splendor

Even the Majestic King of Jacob, of Israel in Eternal Jerusalem

Our only King who abundantly cares for each of us

Always the Shepherd, our Eternal Shepherd-King!




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       *Love builds up.*


“Take heart, your sins are forgiven.”

And the Words spoken resound

Wrap about the Earth

Shake the World, our world

Bring us to our knees

Hands raised in praise

Voices lifted in songs of thanksgiving,

From the depths of all Creation

Worship rises in the Spirit before His Throne of Holiness

The mercy of our Maker covers with purest white

The Love of our Redeemer a crystal stream of Living Water

Flows on forever and ever in our new Kingdom Life

In fellowship with the Shepherd

United as one with all the followers

Disciples, Apostles, prophets and true believers

The Church, His Church

Jews and Gentiles, men and women the same in step with His Holy Spirit

Joined as one Body Resurrected;

Now we stand as the Holy Angels do

Before the Majestic Greatness of our Father

In the Name of His Son

Eternity the air we breath

Glory the Light in our eyes

The Life in our complete being!




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A young woman lost in her youth

Confused, easily distracted in her vibrant beauty

Her image, her strengths

Thoughts of greatness and stimulating adventures always

Challenges desired, challenges accomplished only in search for more;

Loving prayers of a brother or sister spoken often

That she would one day turn

As a delightful flower to the new morning sunshine

The glow of Light in new beauty within,

Beauty that does not fade with years that pass like a breath

But only grows deeper and more radiant!

True prayers from the heart follow her footsteps

As eyes once nearby now watch from a distance;

What was close and longed for drifted away,

But a greater desire remained

In those who look to their Lord of Destiny,

Fix their thoughts on their Eternal Living Hope revealed!

Soon the day will come when the body wears out

And outward beauty is gone

Yet, many prayers as angel wings soar high above

Before the One, the only Sovereign Powerful Throne

Heavenly Love welcomed in a sacrifice of thanksgiving at last!



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As we walk this desert Earth-World

In thirst for what is real and lasting

The heart dry from what cannot satisfy

Our inner being struggles

Our mouths and souls parched by the merciless sun

Often scorched within,

All who honestly travel this spiritual wasteland;

But a Fountain of Living Water does exist, towers above

What can soothe and calm the body, soul and spirit,

Fully meet the needs of any and everyone!

Glorious radiant Light from this Fountain of Majesty

Abundance of beautiful clear water that can fill

And then overflow to many others

The Glorious Fountain of Eternal Truth

Where children can freely play in delight

At rest in the Peace of the Son of God

His Peace that is graciously given

To any who seek it, who seek His Living Truth

Who search and seek to know Him

And to experience His Sovereign Reality;

Purpose and meaning in human existence

Showers down as rain upon the countless ones so blessed

Whose inner thirst brought them near,

Baptism in the cool, crystal Living Waters of Messiah Yeshua

The Glorious Fountain of Truth

Who has revealed His Father to us!




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An open door

Before the “eyes of faith”,

Inner eyes of our spirit

At rest in the Light of our Lord

As the Remnant Church

Even as the Remnant Israel soon to be revealed;

The Plan of God steadfastly unfolds

Before our hearts and souls, enlightened minds

Hopes to be fulfilled, longings to come true!

We are obedient to “keep His command to endure patiently”

In the face of much deceit and orchestrated confusion

The fallen ones at every side, even as false prophets-

One hand lifted towards the clouds

While the other tightly grips this world

And its fear and greed, self-consuming;

We walk in the strength of His Holy Spirit in “Sabbath Rest”

Glimpses of Heaven’s Majesty at times intimately given

Visions and dreams, Scriptures alive within

“Written on our hearts and within our minds” as Jeremiah shared.

Messiah will return

But first love compels us to do Kingdom work

As much that we know in Scripture Words

Is yet to be lived out on Earth!





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A life shaken into repentance

As a man’s heart and soul soften, open to humility at last,

Just enough to receive a Holy Touch from far above this Earth;

Personal needs can help awaken a human to a different dimension

A new reality not thought of

Something apart from mere human effort

And human desires in the natural self,

Beyond this world

From a mysterious, majestic place where Splendor dwells;

Words spoken, Scripture often heard always fell to the ground

Eaten by birds of darkness,

The dominion of Satan who rules with most powerful deception.

But emptiness gnaws at the will

The sense of nothing begins to numb the brain

Meaning in life becomes only a fantasy

Misplaced emotions, wasted efforts

New heights that challenge only fall flat!

The “impossible” begins to swallow whole

Little or no hope in purpose seen;

Then, from the place still unknown

Mercy reaches out in breathtaking kindness

From the top of an unreachable invisible mountain of Peace

One crowned with blinding Light,

The heavenly touch becomes the gracious Gift of Love.

This man believes and bows in surrender as humility clothes his naked being,

What was completely unknown

The greatest price paid beyond human understanding

Suddenly becomes “all in all” before the Throne of God!

More treasures, more pearls to be discovered in an endless field of true freedom

While the Earth only trembles at Salvation

And mountains shake and melt at our Lord’s Holy Presence

As the new life given in Messiah Yeshua rises forever from the “dead world”!





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Faith in our Faithful One,

It flows in the Kingdom’s full crystal stream of Living Water

Most precious Gift of heavenly Life

From Adam and Eve to the present day, current generation

In the new strength given to believe in Messiah the Savior

Through the Spirit power to receive Faith

Joined to the Father and the Son by the Holy Spirit

Grace breathed into the depth of our being and Faith rises up in Knowledge

Grows as that small good seed sown in Wisdom

Until God brings us to our feet, even as a young child learns to walk

Later runs with the wind in many directions, hope and trust in the Lord anchored

While we climb hills, then mountains, then learn patience

With confidence we hold the Shepherd’s hand through life’s journey

Our Lord and Savior who lives in our hearts with His Peace

Daily renews our minds as we eat the Living Bread of His Word

Unfolds a prayerful path of victory in another human life

Triumphant Love the small gate seen from the beginning

Becomes a giant radiant pearl entrance into  the City of God

With every faithful step Holy Spirit discipline guides

Our eternal joy of being truly alive in Messiah Yeshua

Believed, then received from the Father

Faith in Messiah our heavenly food and drink, Glorious air we breathe

Greater than large diamonds set in purest gold,

Faith in our Faithful One!



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Come together in love and peace

Where kindness and compassion rule

Even tearful Fellowship of hearts that really care

Where gentleness and tenderness meet every honest need

A glowing tent of fragrant goodness covers all

Reaches out to draw more and more

Beneath the hands of protection

Heaven’s Temple of Beauty in Grace

Wide and long, and very high

The Light of Purity radiant from within

Pulses with music of worship

Shines from every spirit and soul who enters

The Name above all given to mankind

As “Mercy triumphs over judgment”

And at last the World, the Earth

Becomes a place of rest and trust

Where Divine Love covers all in whitest, white

Where true Peace of the High Priest rules

And men and women walk and sing as children in joyfulness

One hand always reaches out to another in Love

Every need is fully met

Complete satisfaction in fulfillment

The Gift of True Life made known

Revealed in the Creator

Made known in the Son our King

One with the Father

Who lives within each of us,

Songs of gladness as we bear good fruit that truly lasts!