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By grace, settling onto the Rock that fills the Earth

And towers high above as the “greatest mountain”,

Even the Universe is filled to overflowing

And beyond,

Far more than all imagination;

Infinity displays, expresses the impossible

What our God has done

What our Lord is able to do

Sovereign control by “eyes that beheld our unformed substance”

Within our own beautiful mother’s womb,

All of our days foreknown

The end from the beginning.

The One who lovingly predestines our footsteps

From day to day

Person after person

Circumstances that flow from one into another

Even in the streets of New York City or San Francisco,

As we grow

As we mature

Hopefully become men and women who experience Faith  

Who believe in the Messiah, Israel’s King of the Jews,

Who discover true riches in His Holy Spirit

And “taste and see” the abundance of hidden Kingdom wealth,

Become God’s eternal children

Each of us a minister, a priest of the Holy Lord.


Our days on Earth as a long, drawn out walk at times

A difficult walk

Full of dangers and distraction,

Temptations flood upon us

Tempting thoughts trickle into our minds as well from unclean spirits;

But our Shepherd cares for each of us

Watches over His flock with zeal as written

Establishes our footsteps,

Brings “this one” into our lives

And then, “that one”;

Many people and places come and go

Some people as friends, most as strangers,

Some remain always close to the heart

And then we move on in obedient faith

Along our own personal stepping stones

Across the narrow stream

Across the widest river

Over a puddle or a lake

Even at times across the impossible divide,

Then at last, move on from this Earth, this body

Safely into the “arms of Heaven”

As God’s infinite plan continues to unfold.




While asleep or not, in a dream or a vision or something else,

A bright image, shaped like the glow of a hand

A mysterious presence now sensed drawing near;

Without any fear the head slowly turns,

And eyes begin to search as the touch draws very near

Kindness radiates and gentleness surrounds

A sudden refreshing warmth settles within,

The heart flutters like a small excited sparrow

Until the most tender hand of love touches

And eyes meet those all-knowing eyes…

An unearthly fire floods the soul

From the blazing eyes on the brilliant face

Set off by purest white, majestic flowing hair;

A Voice also rushes within the spirit and mind saying-

“Awake my beloved, in whom I delight,

Heaven’s treasures of Kingdom revelation are now yours.”



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Do you hear a sweet melody

A tender whisper carried on the wind,

Even your name spoken in purest love?

Oh, to reach out in most personal discovery

To touch a rainbow

And take hold of newly found splendid fruit

In the garden of revelation suddenly before you

Somehow made known in your life

All true freedom at your fingertips,

The human spirit on rich, “Rock” solid ground at last;

Yet, simultaneously soars above the clouds

And bows joyfully before the Kingdom Throne

Basking in the Majestic Presence of Israel’s eternal Messiah.

From now on every new day a celebration of triumph

Victory in a life of everlasting spiritual fellowship

Friendship with Adam’s Creator

In worship of Eve’s Maker;

On Earth our true life often hidden by our human nature

The hand of God unseen by fallen, blinded bodies, souls and dead spirits,

Confused by lying fallen angels who empower false religions and worse.

Yet, our God is able

Yeshua the Son of Man is more than able,

Shown with Divine Love and wisdom in the Redeemer’s Cross

The only true Shepherd is more than able;

Our Father draws a soul to His Holy Son

Our Lord then embraces each in covenant spirit rebirth,

True lasting beauty revealed in new Light

As the One who fills the Universe

And our hearts.

Each one, each man and woman chosen to become a new creation

By the flaming eyes of Messiah’s Holy Spirit;

Life from above truly becomes Life in another one

And there is joy of salvation,

Of rescue from the world

Joy of true freedom from the invisible snare

Vulnerable human nature, the natural self exposed

Trapped in ancient lies and falsehood

In the common earthly life covered with heavy cloaks of deception,

Delusions and illusions,

Fear of every color and flavor

Crowned with selfish pride.

As bright stars scattered widely in the heavens

Good seeds of eternal Life are generously sown,

While one servant of Love sows

Another harvests,

Kingdom children forever birthed

Matured as disciples

Joined to life that is true life in their King,

A life of love

A life of peace

A life of brilliant adventure in fulfillment

A life of abundance in satisfaction

A life of continual revelation of glorious splendor in majesty,

A life far beyond the reach of the “Second Death”!



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Peace in the strength of our Lord

Most powerful Presence in the Universe

His Spirit of Peace the divine Presence within

Given as the most precious Gift from above

Kingdom jewel that crowns the born again human spirit

Kingdom gift, Kingdom proof and assurance;

The wise and the watchful

Those alert, always ready who pray without ceasing,

Our eyes look continually to the Lord

Thoughts fixed, drip with persevering oil of endurance

Holy Spirit anointing upon the intimate Heavenly call,

Steadfast in purpose of consuming love;

Oil lamps always lit and ready

Abundance of oil at hand,

“Wise virgins” who faithfully await their beloved One

Who look to their Savior, their coming bridegroom

Covenant love already experienced;

The greatest commitment possible through the Cross

Bread of Life, Words of the Spirit in the purest stream

Living Water that flows from the Throne of Love

While the Risen King watches each man and woman

His children that belong

Secure within the temple tent of the Redeemer,

Shepherd of His chosen flock.



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A peaceful, lazy boat ride on a Minnesota lake

The deep bottom seen easily, rocks and sand and fish

Clean, cool waters

A soothing pleasure on an early summer day;

Truth is absolute purity

Seen in the most beautiful “blazing eyes”,

Just as spring water flows in a hidden valley

Waiting to be discovered,

A serene and most beautiful place of abundance

Clean blue sky above

Clean, healthy earth below

Untainted by man

Untouched by the common human litter and filth.

A trumpet sounds high above the white clouds

Precise, delightful notes heard within the soul

Unfiltered, music of inner pleasure

As so much ready to be revealed,

God’s Eternal Truth in visions shown,

More than dreams that guide along a quiet path

Visions seen birthed into reality by men’s, by women’s eyes,

The Kingdom of “spirit rebirth” prepared by our King

With a clear Way made known, new angelic songs to lead;

Footsteps powerfully ordered

Prayerfully grasped, Spirit written

Protected by many angels

Guarded by unseen hosts

Yes, specially prepared for us,

Uniquely, wisely in a large glowing jewel with many facets

Even the soon coming of a new heaven and earth.



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Her beauty comforts me

From deep within the well of her soul

A sweet stream flows

A pure spring,

A gentle, tender stream

Becomes a sensitive fountain with kindness

A quiet, confident sensual beauty flows unhindered

With strength of mind, a brilliant intellect

As she easily carries divine assurance about

With inner eternal beauty;

From the beginning I was captivated

Arms and heart open fully to her

Willingly, freely drawn into those loving arms

Deepest caring shown,

Honesty of character seen in those light green eyes,

Beyond mere senses

A heart and spirit often proven true

Where naked trust is completely held out,

Offered so freely in true love.

Eternal spiritual beauty

Yes, even seen in an early vision from Heaven given

Of her in her royal white gown with radiance from the King brightly shown

As her glorified body enjoys a field of elegant flowers

Aroma of Messiah all about, scent of His beauty,

In unending joy she picks an armful to give, as a pleasure to share

To set before the Throne;

A daughter of Eve

My wife,

A daughter of Jerusalem.



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1.Another day

   Another day

   Another day to live and pray

   Another day to love and sing away

   Another good day, another fun day!


                  I walk this path

                  His peace my way

                  I walk this path

                  Another bright day to say-

                  Thank you, Lord

                  Thank you, Lord!

2. Another day

    Another day

    To hold such shining beauty

    Freely now within my heart

    The ones I love, to hold them close!

3. Another day

    Another day

    To see Your majestic face

    To draw near wonderfully

    Your Spirit Gift, within my heart!



Warriors of the Lord

Stand together in triumph

Life over death,

Love over hatred, good over evil;

All done as the sun slowly sets on the old Earth

In the long season of fallen mankind,

A victorious glow remains on their faces

Much as the radiance of the sharp Spirit blades of their swords,

Sword of Spirit power and authority comfortably in hand,

Harder than diamond, sharper than light

The Word of God rests peacefully within.

Courage faces the bitter soup of war that thickens daily

A most bitter brew

A crude and vulgar brew

Mix of darkened lies and lustful violence

Most awful blend of deceit and raw wickedness

Championed by the “Lawless one”

Carried forth by numberless lawless ones,

Blood thirsty slaves of the “evil one”;

Enemies of all the good

Enemies destined for eternal fire

A bed of torment ready for each one of them

In their endless “agony of defeat”.

Soldiers of Messiah daily put on the armor of Light

Vast invincible army

Men and women, soldiers clothed with true power and authority

Who wield weapons of warfare before unseen, unknown

Unheard precision and deadly accuracy

Massive blows given to the enemy’s head,

Death blows that sweep the battlefields clean.


A Captain of captains leads them

Astride a muscular horse snorting smoke and fire

Sounds of its hooves as Heaven’s thunder

Greater than earthquakes, the entire world shakes

Every mountain brought low

Islands moved

Every valley brought high,

Fearless armies of disciples trample the battlefields

They charge ahead

More than locusts as Joel wrote

Tear through dark defenses of the enemy

Crush the evil arrogance and pride

Push aside the wicked as mere waste,

Gather the fragrant spoils of victory

Harvest of souls

With tears perfumed in continual prayer,

Yes, and return in joyful abundance of gardens of delight

Clothed with the aroma of Christ

Many armfuls of sheaves

To set before the King of Justice

The Eternal King of Honor,

All gained, all given in the greatest acts of sacrificial love

And purest worship of their God.



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“In the twinkling of an eye”

Most precious “jeweled” Gift

Revelation comes within

To know You, Lord

To know You more and more,

Always more;

The majestic delight of angels

Caught up in purest reverence

In the power and unspeakable beauty of Your Holy Presence my God!

Spirit revelation comes upon a man

Spirit revelation comes upon a woman

And, “suddenly” an awakening by the hand of the Father

Circumstances unfold, people met

Inner hunger, inner thirst drawn out in humble honesty

Then, they prayerfully come to the Son in thanksgiving and worship;

In the amazing, miraculous rebirth of a human spirit,

Faith clothes the soul

And Kingdom reality surrounds with favor

And fills to overflowing with true life.

We all begin to grow

To mature as children of our Heavenly Father

To love our Father

To Love His Son

Messiah through whom all things were made

By the creative will of the Father

Shown brilliantly to us in Yeshua

As the “Word made flesh”;

In the humility of the Faithful One lived out before us

Peace beyond all human understanding flows out

Covers His flock of the  Church of Faith,

Even as war rages on around us

Satan the rebel, the destroyer

Soon to be swept into a darker prison

And then into the “Lake of Fire”

With all the faceless slaves who served him.



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True desires of the heart and soul

Wealth beyond imagination

Rich in the abundance of Heaven,

Never spoils or fades away as a moment of sunshine;

We walk in supernatural power

The strength of the Lord surrounds

Destiny is ours to hold

Knowledge of God the greatest treasures

At rest in our humble spirits;

The Gift of God

Our Savior, our Lord,

Our Holy Shepherd

Always at our side!

There is no fear of man

No loneliness

No anxiety concerning this world

Or our place in it,

Our lives are as a clean flowing stream of peace

Clear, clean and pure water

Soothing to the touch

Cool and refreshing to the body and soul

Brings soothing encouragement as well to all we touch,

Enlightenment, lifting up the needy

Lifts up the poor in spirit;

Yes, compassion burns within

A warmth that reaches out daily

To all who cross our paths

All footsteps ordered by the only Sovereign Lord,

Fragrant prayers rise continually

Incense comes before the Holy Throne

An aroma, the joy and privilege of all,

Men and women, young and old the same

Each one who calls upon the Name

Who call upon the Name in Truth,

The King of Compassion

Whose Name is Love!