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True desires of the heart and soul

Wealth beyond imagination

Rich in the abundance of Heaven,

Never spoils or fades away as a moment of sunshine;

We walk in supernatural power

The strength of the Lord surrounds

Destiny is ours to hold

Knowledge of God the greatest treasures

At rest in our humble spirits;

The Gift of God

Our Savior, our Lord,

Our Holy Shepherd

Always at our side!

There is no fear of man

No loneliness

No anxiety concerning this world

Or our place in it,

Our lives are as a clean flowing stream of peace

Clear, clean and pure water

Soothing to the touch

Cool and refreshing to the body and soul

Brings soothing encouragement as well to all we touch,

Enlightenment, lifting up the needy

Lifts up the poor in spirit;

Yes, compassion burns within

A warmth that reaches out daily

To all who cross our paths

All footsteps ordered by the only Sovereign Lord,

Fragrant prayers rise continually

Incense comes before the Holy Throne

An aroma, the joy and privilege of all,

Men and women, young and old the same

Each one who calls upon the Name

Who call upon the Name in Truth,

The King of Compassion

Whose Name is Love!



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Faithful ones who sow good seeds

And prayerfully reap a joyful harvest,

Victorious in loving confidence from the beginning

Fearlessly triumphant to the final end

Invincible from start to finish,

With the first Holy Spirit breath drawn

To the body’s last;

Steadfast in love,

Faithful in perseverance,

Fearless in endurance.

Abundant weapons given from Heaven

The Spirit of Israel’s Messiah indwells

With unspeakable power;

The One who is the “First and the Last”

The “Beginning and the End”

“Alpha and Omega”,

All powerful God above all!

He who stood as the final warrior

When all else failed

When no other could stand firm, strong in faithfulness on Earth

No one to be  found with true eyes, clear ears, clean hands

No one blameless, with a pure heart,

One Savior stood tall and strong

Became a “Mountain that fills the Earth”;

The only Faithful Witness, Firstborn Son

One Redeemer as the Most Holy Warrior

Faced the cunning, ruthless dark lord

And crushed him beneath His heel,

The Captain of our army, His army.

Today, every fraud imagined played out in the world

Every possible lie imagined fraudulently lived out

Many cloaks of deceit within the shield of Lucifer

Lies and cheating with arrogance

Schemes and murders in raw pride,

Done through pathetic slaves and puppets of the fallen angel

Soon to be cast headlong

Into the raging fire of Divine justice

Place of destiny along with their vicious master,

Place of all stubborn rebels and usurpers

Countless, godless humans who worship themselves

And bow willingly before Satan.

Yet, the purest wisdom and knowledge carry God’s Army

With jeweled wings of gold and silver,

Radiant wings of Truth

With brilliant consuming wings of the Holy Spirit

They carry in strength, swiftly through all life’s struggles and battles

Then settle calmly much as His flock of turtle doves

Confidently at His side,

Each lamb still held closely

As children of His delight

At eternal peace and rest before the Majestic Throne.



The steady flow of a stream

Rises into a river’s torrent

As an army moves in total disciplined confidence,

Soldiers with constant assurance

As a steady inner strength,

Warriors with a ready vision of victory;

A favorite melody of clear trumpets sounds

Thunders along with songs of triumph,

Unshakeable stillness settled calmly within the many hearts

Quieted, disciplined strengths learned as revealed thoughts of Divine plans

Secret works of God made known,

True works of lasting purpose shown

In Holy Spirit Words of power unmatched

Kingdom parables revealed to the willing, those chosen,

Worthy vessels of trust, vessels of Truth

Rich men and women who see by Heaven’s Light

The radiant beauty of their King of Creation;

Reality burns brightly before them

Carries above and beyond every mountain!

They all rise up in clearest freedom, Spirit led

They sit and rest, Holy Spirit led

They speak and write and act, Spirit led;

We all come together in step, led individually by our Shepherd Messiah

Controlled by greater love, in greatest peace,

Greater wisdom washes down from above

Cleanses as Light purely moves through Earth’s prism,

A truly colorful fountain of life flows from beneath the Holy Throne;

Guided by the sharpest Sword of eternal purpose- “the Word made flesh”,

Filled by the abundant revelation of victory through the Cross

And the holy fire of love that compels us as His Body, His children

The fearless holy fire of zeal that consumes each one of us!



The price willingly paid so long ago

In prayerful youth

In early zeal and conviction tasted

The bright cup of Life from the hand of the Lord taken in love,

Selfless commitment known early by so many as Job and Abraham

Their  drink of death to self a bitter-sweet experience,

To know His Cross is to know Him;

A Gate gladly followed through

As the gift of a share in eternal reality

Selflessness always a ready door to Heaven.

How truly great the cost

How pure Messiah’s heart

The blood that flowed

Down, deeply upon the newest reborn heart and spirit;

Body, soul and spirit,

A man, a woman as a little bird in a snare

While blinding death encloses

Human eyes unable to see, ears unable to hear,

But that snare is broken

The small bird flies free

Sense of well-being and good purpose soar on the wing

Suddenly become fully alive

Humanity made able to bask in purest enlightenment

As darkness and all fear flee.

Lies and deception no longer rule these ones,

Though the body destined to die

As the Baptist, as Paul, as Peter and James

And so many others gone before, death to self already fully experienced;

Whether sooner or later

A sword, a guillotine, a bullet, inverted cross

Starvation or worse,

In brief moments fully tasted,

Painful sips of that most bitter cup!

Many even led naked in chains with nameless others into a forgotten forest

Tortured, abused and martyred by dark forces,

Bodies left as filth and earthly waste;

Holy angels quickly lifted the spirits and souls away

Even before the bodies fell as red and yellow or brown leaves

Blown from trees by a cold autumn wind, drift to the ground,

Down to the common ground from which they once came.



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As Mary often did

She comes before Him, in humble reverence,

As Martha learned,

Sits in quiet worship,

At other times she would kneel with tears

The One who always loves, who knows her

Who knows the heart of every woman,

With power to change all to good

With true authority that covers

Like the fine Tent of His calming presence,

Comforting Temple sanctuary of His heart and will,

Always protects

A door thrown open, the same for all sheep

Gate of Heaven’s Peace for her once troubled life

The door of Truth and compassionate deliverance was finally opened

Kingdom of Light radiant in His eyes

Spiritual power that lifted a cloud of depression, discouragement and more

Removed the cold grip of darkness

Anxiety, insecurity, fear, all the confused male relationships,

Her mind made clear, body made clean and youthfully beautiful;

Washed in the purity of His Words

Kingdom of the Heavenly Father now seen

In the God of Israel, Sovereign of Truth,

Eternal purpose of a nation, of a tribe

Good purpose of a new generation

Lasting meaning for one woman once lost

Now found in her Messiah’s love.



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The joy of being alive

Within a body, within the world

At this time and place

Your soul and spirit in your body

Whether flowers are brightly blooming

Or the ground is frozen over,

The beauty of simple existence far exceeds all;

Gifts of eternal reality from above

These flow steadily into our lives

From our Heavenly Father’s hand;

Peace the world cannot give

To breathe freedom with every breath

No matter the circumstances or surroundings,

To embrace a life of love with a clear mind and self-control.

The winds of Heaven flutter about with wings of gold,

Jeweled colors and shapes and sounds

Things human ears cannot naturally hear

Nor human eyes naturally see;

But we are able

Children of Light enabled by the Savior’s hands

To be filled with true abundance, knowledge and understanding

Spirit wisdom that soars high above the clouds

And walks with strength on rock solid ground,

New wine to dance in continual celebration

New Bread of Life to sing melodies of new songs

Constantly upon the lips,

Pleasures of refreshing Living Water that flows up from our reborn hearts.

The joy of our Savior we taste

The joy of salvation we experience

The joy of hope in Kingdom Glory soon fulfilled,

Now ours

Yes, eternally now ours!



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As a drink of cool water

On a hot desert world day,

To reach out from your own hard

And simply ask,

Living Water in a prayerful cup of the Spirit

Is lifted to your dry lips;

The God of Love waits

Longs to give so very many a drink

His abundance of flowing spring water

Pure and clean water

Living Water freely given to the thirsty

Always ready as an angel who soars from above

Skipping past time to serve and protect one more on Earth below,

Faster than the blink of an eye

As compassionate words are spoken

Like sharp silver-tipped arrows that fly

In less than an instant from strong golden bows,

Another “woman at the well”

Takes the humble cup from the hand that reaches out,

A pure drink from Heaven flows within

And the Holy Spirit becomes that “living spring”,

Salvation from the Jews

Through the King of the Jews

Now welling up

To eternal life.



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Eyes of the human spirit pierce the far horizons

Eyes of the body and soul also see clearly very far

And then penetrate the depths of what is near

All that crosses the path

What is face to face

What lurks in the distant fog and clouds,

Beneath the surface charm and smiles

And the slippery, smooth oily words spoken;

Wisdom discerns the true needs of men and women

Compassion grips the moments

And holds them dear, near to the heart,

Understanding from above is carried as most precious

More than silver or gold

Sweeter than the drippings of the honey comb;

Some riches to be quickly, openly shared

Others too sensitive, highly valued

Wait for their precise moment to be set free

On the wings of doves, the power of peace that carries knowledge,

Intimate discernment, heavenly knowledge to be guarded

Then, cast as coals of fire from the Throne,

Things honored more than life in the body.


The Spirit of the Holy One speaks

And the nations tremble,

Though many stiffen in rebellion

And completely break apart;

A clear trumpet sounds from Heaven as a blast from a powerful angel

And the faithful watchmen hear, and echo the call,

They sound their trumpets the same,

With any price ready to be paid

In humble obedient service of “Truth and Justice”;

Tears are often shed for the many innocent children

Victims of tyrants and bullies, police state and martial law,

Prayers without ceasing for the lost souls,

And the trumpets sound again

With every breath of life that remains

Until God’s purpose is faithfully served

Compelled by deepest love.

And a heart is left bruised and nearly broken

By all the human suffering

All the foolish winds blowing about with lies and scheming

Selfishness worshiped by the arrogant few;

Yet, long suffering love triumphs

Steadfast love overcomes

Victory is taken hold of with greatest satisfaction

The race won from the beginning

With honor brought before the King,

Praise and thanksgiving the fruit of these true Kingdom servants.



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A bright image, shaped like the glow of a hand

A mysterious presence now sensed drawing near;

Without any fear the head slowly turns

And eyes begin to search as the touch draws very near,

Kindness radiates and gentleness surrounds

A sudden refreshing warmth settles,

The heart flutters like a small sparrow

Until the most tender hand of love touches

And eyes meet those all-knowing eyes

An unearthly fire floods within

From the blazing eyes on the brilliant face

Set off by purest white, majestic flowing hair,

A Voice also rushes within the spirit and mind saying-

“Awake my beloved, in whom I delight,

Heaven’s treasures of Kingdom revelation are now yours.”



Walking in the Presence of the Lord,

I have learned to seek Him with all my heart

His Way of peace always before me

His Way of love always beside me,

As the Holy Spirit leads, the pleasant Wind of Heaven

The powerful Spirit of my Shepherd leads

And I can only follow;

The obedience of true love guides

Through fields of scented flowers

Such aromas to embrace

Such captivating beauty

Satisfaction at every step,

Fulfillment in walking in faithfulness like Him

Our Shepherd who has gone before us

Each step of the Way as a Living Sacrifice,

The Gate, the Door

The Narrow Road on wonderfully open display

Lined with everlasting majesty

Covered with mercy and kindness,

Fruitfulness seen through  Heaven’s eyes

The same Light that rest within us now,

Lamp of God always surrounds;

Sometimes we see at a great distance

Sometimes the day consumes and encloses for awhile

Yet, true freedom always soars

High above on wings of delightful destiny

Winds that carry with complete ease

Each hope filled moment

Each rich day of discovery

Each step closer to Kingdom fulfillment.

The joy of such knowledge carries in strong arms

Lifts the heart and soul

Rock solid encouragement near from the Hand of Holiness

Our King of Compassion who knows each of our experiences as they unfold,

The Hand of trust that we so confidently hold.


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