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Eyes with jewels of fire

Sapphires, emeralds, bursting rubies and more radiate out

The joy that consumes a blended moment becomes Eternity

Shared laughter in fellowship as arms hold others closely

The brilliance of the “joy of salvation”

Seen in a vision of such pure delight that remains alive within me-

Those eyes of Holy Fire

Embracing us in such love with arms held out

Gladness incredibly shown in our Savior’s smiles

His Holy Presence complete in Glory robed in whitest white

His power and authority with kindness

So freely given, so openly shared

While His Temple Peace surrounds each one of us!

Spirit Life rests within the heart and soul,

Knowledge of the Father given to those who believe

Who are willing to receive

The powerful Gift of Faith from Heaven,

Redemption in the Divine Light of Messiah’s endless Love

Now glows in our lives as new creations, spirits reborn

From our majestic King of Splendor

From our Gentle Shepherd

Tenderness bathes us all in lasting Light of purity

Bursts forth in joyous Kingdom celebrations!




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A cup of coffee in hand

As I sit quietly

Welcome the early morning stillness

As faint sunshine begins to color the horizon

The Presence of Divine Peace wraps me in warmth

Body, soul and spirit clothed graciously,

The comforting Presence of the Lord my greatest pleasure

Deepest hope and assurance in true Spirit Light

Covers with “confidence from my youth” as written by King David;

So many days and years have passed on by my humble existence

Life “tasted and seen” is truly Life revealed

All the coming and going

Rising up and sitting down,

While a steady stream of people flows by as well

Countless human needs

Endless complexities in constant motion

Yet, Heaven’s majestic Peace in simplicity of Sovereignty

Always watching, always ready patiently waiting

Then a Divine touch of Messiah reaches out

The Savior, the Maker

The Redeemer, the Creator

Who knows each human being more than can now be understood

Until at last we stand naked before His Throne of Judgement

An innocent child of God, or not!



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With deepest sincerity

The heart reaches out

Bows in love and trust before the Throne of Holiness

The Sovereign One before us

High Priest Messiah Yeshua

Gentle Shepherd of my soul,

Daily needs, troubles and difficulties

Yearnings of the heart

Longing to grow closer in the Kingdom fellowship

Closer to the Glorious Father

Closer to Yeshua His Glorious Son

Holy Spirit desires well up

Hands and heart reach out towards Heaven

Even at times with tears

Cries for help from the only Kingdom Throne

To face this world, its beauty and its darkness

To face this new day;

Triumph soars on wings of faith

Melts the mountains of struggles into calm pools

As streams of Holy Spirit power flow

Yes, our Lord

You draw us near oh Lord

Draw us near to God our Father!




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To kneel before the Throne of God

The greatest pleasure of human existence

The High Priest upon his Throne of  Majesty

King of all Creation

King over His Earth.

Eternal treasures suddenly discovered

As revealed by our Father of Grace and Peace

In a heart and soul newly awakened

Once poor in spirit

But now very rich

Spirit rebirth as a cup of delight fully drank

Every drop of commitment experienced

Zeal and spiritual fervor the whitest robe of life and honor

True Spirit worship before the Throne of Glory;

Powerful angels surround

Historic patriarchs and prophets seated in humility

Crowned with leadership

Seth, Adam, Enoch, Noah, Shem, Abraham, and Moses with others

The Throne of Glory made widely known by Apostles of the Lamb

In the brilliance of rarest jewels and gemstones shown

Holy Spirit Light that is Life made more radiant

Beauty that glows in new hearts of belief and repentance

Fills the Universe with knowledge of Eternity

Enlightens the New heaven and Earth to come,

Even the New Jerusalem of true Jews with Spirit circumcised hearts

To descend one day from the Third Heaven in our Father’s Glory!



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In the Presence of God

While Messiah’s Peace indwells

Hope anchored Rock Solid

Confidence soars from Earth to Heaven

And then back again

What the world cannot give a man or a woman

Riches beyond human understanding

The wealth of Divine Wisdom freely shared

All purpose and meaning in human existence revealed

Once hidden by the “Dominion of Darkness”

Now made known in the Kingdom of Purest Light

The Living Words spoken by the “Word made flesh”

That will never pass away

Eternal Power and Authority by the Mouth of God

Holy Spirit anointed Truth a vast crystal river

Brings Life wherever it goes

Even beyond the Universe

Wraps all of Creation into the palm of One Hand

As the Holy One enthroned waits for all His children

Each soul chosen, just like my own

Each soul called like you

In the wonders of Salvation lived and worked out

Within and through another child of God

The Majestic Splendor of our Savior shown

Through endless loving kindness!





*usurp– take the place  of someone illegally;

supplant even by force and without right.



The United States of America has worked from the beginning to overthrow Israel from being the true nation chosen by God and Jerusalem the City, above all others to be His place of rest in His Kingdom Presence.  Jerusalem will be the location of His Eternal Temple from where He will rule the entire earth-world.  Nothing can stop that from happening in God’s plan and purpose, not even the anti-Christ possessed by Satan himself!  Messiah Yeshua will be enthroned in Jerusalem.  Eventually the Father will descend with the Glorious New Jerusalem upon the same place to be chosen as His Majesty is shown to all.


Men who early put together the original ideas to take over North America and establish their empire rule lusted for world control.  For many generations others lawless have worked and schemed for that end.  And now, we will begin to see Divine Justice from Heaven for all the acts of darkness embraced and exercised for that prideful, arrogant lustful desire to be fulfilled.  “Mystery Babylon the Great” America will drink the “cup of Justice” completely.  The Book of Revelation chapters 17 and 18 make this point clearly.



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As a true servant

A servant of Your Love, oh Lord,

As each day he walks along

This chosen path for him

Your blessings of knowledge and wisdom

Protection enclosed behind and in front

Angels unseen, yet always experienced;

The Kingdom before us

The world left behind,

Our High Priest has spoken

His Words of Power and Authority

Our hearts Spirit-filled

Carry vessels of Living Water

A humble cup ready for the thirsty

Bread in hand for the hungry

Comfort for any and all

Encouragement to “press on”,

The goal of our faith so close at hand;

Another servant of his Love walks in joyful obedience

As the Shepherd leads he follows,

Our Father honored

Our Heavenly Father given Glory!




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New Covenant fullness in Christ

Marriage of body, soul and spirit

Joined in rich blessings from above

Lived out daily in and through each of us

True believers foreknown, predestined and called by the Father

In oneness with His Son,

The pure crystal river of gifts from Heaven

Peace the world cannot give

A Love absent from most people,

Only made known by our Lord

Through His Love with generosity for many others,

And our compassion that freely flows out

From the Body of Messiah, the Church

Alive in our Shepherd’s abundance

Prayerfully revealed as we walk the Narrow Kingdom Road

The disciplined path set out for us this day

The Way of our heavenly destiny,

Triumph through the Cross

Victory in our faithfulness

Now wide awake, alert and watchful

Ready for our New Day!






Waves of darkness cover the  world

Evil, wicked clouds of lying deceit

Yet, the heavenly glow of God’s Truth remains

Untouched, radiant from the heart of Messiah

Yeshua’s Holy Spirit moves across the horizons of China

Through the mountains and Siberian plains of Russia

He penetrates the thickest jungles

Skips over oceans

Skims along the desert flats

And rises above the highest mountains

Nothing can contain or control the Living Word Gospel

Kingdom Truth of Heaven’s High Priest all powerful, all knowing

Ever present in His Creation.

The heart of a child sings a song with new joy,

An elderly man sits in awe at sudden revelation of his Savior,

An elderly woman with eternal beauty rests quietly as her body fades away.

Things far off

Things beyond this world

Revealed and made known

As faith comes alive in many others

In every nation, tribe and people

Every language speaks clearly of God’s wonder in mercy;

Soon those who destroy the earth will be destroyed,

Divine Judgment is coming soon

To cleanse the wickedness

And wash all the evil away!









We sail together

On the ship of our Lord

Believers gathered as family, as friends

Drawn together by His Love

Safe and secure in His Presence

More than survivors

Beyond the coming storms

Sure in Divine comfort

Confidence anchored in eternal trust;

The winds may blow hard

Waves crash across the bow

Yet we are untouched

Our goal of faith always in sight, though far off

A sheltered paradise in the midst of the darkest sky

Truly a refuge opened before each one of us

Kindness in generosity, gentleness

Gracious hands of tenderness

His goodness to celebrate

The brightest light in the night

In a new sunrise about to burst forth

The God who made heaven and earth

Who made us stands near by

Constant assurance and protection

As we sail on our journey

Through the darkness of the world, through the storms

With His Peace our constant Temple fortress

That encloses behind and in front,

Shepherd’s Hand upon us.