Another cup of kindness given

As heavy weights made lighter

Branches that drink energy without bearing any fruit

Are cut off!

What is practical and useful in meaning

What is committed in Truth to Kingdom efficiency

Focused on the goals of the Holy Spirit

Clearly designed for this present purpose,

Fully engaged in what honestly works

In step, led easily in mature growth

Made ready to carry a good load

Ready to bear lasting good fruit,

These stand favored, secure

Blessed from above in harvest

Blessed with new vibrant strength

New Kingdom qualities

Honor with power displayed

Everything working together as one

Character streamlined, efficient for ripened goodness

All majestic character qualities

Lifted very high above the world

In this chosen fruit,

This abundance promised.





These weeds always near

Somehow sprout up

Never planted, but always there;

Diligence reaches out

Perseverance pulls them out by the roots

Endurance tosses them into a trash pile

New strength burns them with “Holy Fire”;

Weeds as dark, pesky spirit flies

Or demonic gnats that seek to ruin

Spoil at any picnic,

Like deer flies that annoy at the lake!

The garden is finally cleansed

Daily the garden is watched over

Guarded carefully

Alert eyes and quickened hands,

Nothing impure is sprinkled or sprayed,

And the garden is kept truly clean.

Only what belongs is left

What does not belong is tossed out

And remains far outside,

Gone from what the heart of the true gardener

Fully embraces.





The soil is worked by invisible hands

A heart prepared in precise details

Circumstances foreknown

Circumstances predestined

Seemingly endless contingencies for good

As divine arrows strike each target

Angelic powers and authority delegated,

Each person chosen even before birth

Before understanding, before any choices taken;

Optimum conditions on the inside

In spite of things that change on the outside.

Truth nourishes with honesty

New fertilizers clean and pure

As the natural experiences become supernatural,

Heavenly treasures that blend into the earth

And are discovered,

Like beautiful oak trees that sprout up

Tower high, reach out wide

Certainly a planting of the Master Gardener

Who works from above

As Royal Sovereignty is revealed below.




The joy of planting good seeds

As Truth spoken in love

Truth in times “as a kiss on the lips”.

Much delight in expectations

Such pleasure in practical purposes,

Hope wrapped about in love for another;

This seed placed in special nourished soil

Growth already seen in Spirit visions,

A glimpse or two of the end from the beginning

Healthy wheat, healthy corn

Healthy grains and beautiful fruit!

So many from just One

A new life birthed given freely for others

Even as the early Apostles

And the many disciples with purest loyalty

Rough hands, strong hands often covered with dirt,

Faithful human spirits at work in the richest soil;

Harvest done always in honor of the Master Gardener,

Today, the only fulfilling detail we can know!







He waters in peacefulness

Glad servant of the Master Gardener

Encouragement given that flows daily

Within, then without;

The ground about is often dry

The ground is hard again

Sun so harsh, withering all life,

But this one walks the chosen path

From plant to plant

Up and down each row

Around each flower bed

Even scattered plants in the fields as well.

At times tears mix with the water,

These plants cared for, tenderly day after day

Many days that go on for years

And yet, little fruit on the stem,

No lasting fruit on the vine!

Tireless prayers are spoken from the heart without ceasing

Then, “Mercy and Love” says to water them all one more time;

So he steadfastly waters on

Led by the Master’s strength

Led by the Master’s Spirit of Love!



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Images and perceptions and activities

Always with the yearning for more,

Base hunger and thirst of the body and soul

Longing for what intrigues, captivates or satisfies

Even spiritual mysteries blended with religious spirits

Held out just beyond our fingertips,

Lustful desires that draw near.

The sun and the moon call out, and a crescent moon as well,

Some look to the stars

Specks of light at distances beyond imagination

Yet, so many from ancient days grasped at fantasies of enlightenment

A daily surrender to demons of seduction

To be joined, to become one with a stronger urge,

A lawless, controlling passion to believe in something greater

And to celebrate in rituals with others

Including even base sexual appetites

Impossible to truly satisfy!

The “evil one” parades about in arrogance

Slinks as the serpent when needed

Lucifer the god of all corruption

The father of lies who delights in destroying another man

And ruining another woman,

Children of any age;

Most powerful deceiver

Manipulator and controller

Who delights in destroying any person

Kept from the true knowledge of God;

The veil of darkness is thick and vulgar

A rotten smell hangs about,

The stench of death his only pleasure.

The Lord of Heaven and Earth watches over all,

After crushing the fallen one

He continually pulls many out of fires

Gracious hands of the Shepherd know His own

From every tribe and language

Many more to be pulled out of the floods;

His Kingdom of Truth reveals Life to those who seek Him

Who turn with open hearts in repentance and healing change

All who are drawn by the Father from the enemy’s snare

And discover the Majesty of Israel’s Messiah

Sovereign One of Splendor;

We learn to look to Him continually, pray without ceasing

Our disciplined thoughts fixed on our Savior Yeshua

No distractions of any kind to pull from the Living Light,

Purity of Spirit Truth our warrior’s sword

And the Good Shepherd’s staff that guides, a rod of authority that covers.






This day given

Placed joyfully in your hands

A gift by the Hand of the Lord,

Today as the sun rises in beauty

Captivating streaks of color move in from the East

Early birds sound their wake up calls,

Goodness showers down

Freely, abundantly upon your head;

All shadows of struggles flee the coming light

Darkness shrinks away,

Even depression that lingers

Discouragement that weighs down

Disappointment that mixes with distractions,

And every anxious thought,

All melts and shrinks away.

Another day to draw a good breath

To celebrate life fully

Watchful, alert and wide awake

All the youthful wonders of being alive

More than just a body

Yes, much more!

Surrounded by things unseen

The wonders of angelic goodness

All beginning to understand In the Light of Heaven

And the watchful eyes of the Holy One,

His eyes of blazing fire upon your every breath

Your every heartbeat

Your every step in your complex, beautiful body

Each new steadfast desire of your soul

Every good thought of your renewed mind

Truth of the ancient Scripture discovered,

The Holy Spirit’s secret knowledge at new rest in your spirit;

All thoughts of the mind that come and go as wind

Now sorted out with discipline

As intuition weighs in the intricate balance of Truth

While emotions are filtered clean and pure;

New steps learned,taken daily toward perfection

The zealous work of our Savior within and without

As His salvation daily worked out.

Another precious one gets up from morning prayer

Fellowship tasted in God’s Book of Truth

Written through men led by His Spirit

Understanding through the Spirit alone;

This man or this woman rises again to more fully live,

Another day to hold closely to the heart

To love God and to love all others.





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“I raised my eyes toward Heaven and my sanity was restored.”-ancient Babylonian king

-as written by Prophet Daniel…


This day and in this place

Where you are, where you live

An intricate woven carpet of circumstances and people

So many varieties of each come and go, in all directions

Tightly woven with strong threads, uniquely together in greatest detail

All colors in patterns with shapes and sizes;

Mysteriously, often quietly, the needs of all mankind are met by God.

Needs of one person seemingly met by another person

Developed into a community where caring and honesty rule;

A noble goal hangs over heads like bright clouds

Like an image of greatness soon to come

A spiritual message repeated often

Trumpeted in open celebration

Peace always on the tiptoes of expectation

While reaching towards Messiah’s triumph.

Yet, most of the city people wait in chosen confusion

And then wait some more in growing anger

As a dirty secret kept in bitterness.

Your city, where Satan rules

Where a throne of apostate religious evil was established long ago;

A hidden war has raged constantly

And will only continue-

Good versus evil

Darkness against Light

Chaos versus Peace

Pretenders against true believers

Lies against Living Truth!

One question looms tallest, towers over your city-

Will humility in repentance unfold

And a wave of Godly healing follow

For body, soul and spirit?

Will chosen ones become so,

Separate from the selfish enslaved world

And join with the heavenly Kingdom

To “come out from among them…”;

The dawning Light will tell

Even the New Day with the ancient Morning Star

Soon to rise upon us all in Heaven’s Splendor.





Understanding stands before us all

Like a wall

Imposing, defining, intimidating

A high wall, unclear heights

A thick wall, almost impossible to penetrate

A hard wall, with harsh demands,

It stretches from horizon to horizon

Sunrise to sunset;

Yet, another man rises up to challenge, to grasp,

In awe he quietly stares in troubled amazement;

While so many others just walk back and forth

And just ignore the ominous presence

Willfully blinded by the grip of invisible darkness,

Human nature fallen into its secure snare,

Treated as an inconvenience at worst.

But for this awakening soul now is the time

Today is the day

As written, as read and as heard spoken;

Spiritual revelation rains down from above

Enters the spirit, ascends to the mind and emotions

Hands learn to lift in prayer

To simply talk to the “Greatness” that listens

Needs of hunger, thirst, emptiness, freedom

Then, a single door opens along this wall,

One man, one woman at a time walk through it

And, what can be said?

What can be done but learn to worship the Lord of all Creation

To begin to offer a life of thanksgiving

Through the sacrifice of self,

The discovery of greater treasures in life

Things unheard of before

Not even imagined as a child,

As wisdom descends from Heaven and settles in a new heart

The Spirit of Life overcomes common human nature, base human effort,

New Life in all its beauty and divine essence, captivating aroma

Rich understanding grows, soars above earthly barriers as good seed

Becomes the first fruit of Heavenly knowledge

Rises up high as a towering, powerful tree,

Many will begin to seek refuge beneath its branches

Shade from the merciless sun

Comfort from the struggles and conflicts of humanity;

These ones now are poised on Heavenly tiptoes

For greater revelations still to come

In a new heaven and a new earth

And to see the face of our Lord and King,

To look upon the Holy One in our eternal peace.





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A child skips through the flowers

Innocent children run through fields of tall grass

Laughter and shouting surround

Even fun songs trumpet from their mouths,

The enthusiasm of God’s children rules this lush garden

A sensitive place of kindness and assurance

An “oasis of peace” in the desert world;

Seen by too few as a good stretch of caring

Where tenderness expresses a gentle touch;

Love reigns supreme here

Just as New Jerusalem one day to be revealed

Just as the radiant Spirit of Messiah atop Mount Zion

Sovereign in power and authority!

The unshakeable destiny of our God, unstoppable,

All rebels, all the stubborn ones who resist

Given to foolishness and dark appetites

Will be swept away like dust

Carried away in the swift winds of sudden judgment

Cast as refuse into a pile of waste

The tragedy of mankind

Those who forever reject the “Hand of Truth”,

The spike-pierced “Hand of Love” held out from above!

The Anointed One walked the Earth to save

To deliver, to gather all His own like a flock,

And to crush the enemy of life;

And, even now-

Who will follow this Shepherd of Eternal Peace?

Who will walk the radiant narrow road of Truth

That leads to God’s Temple of living jewels,

His “Forever Garden” of Majesty,

His flowers of unspoken everlasting beauty?